Chthonic : Seediq Bale

Folk Death / Taiwan
(2005 - Spinefarm Records / Trinity Records / TRA Music)
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Sacred mountain of white,
Spiritual habitat, birthplace of all
Where great Father tree towers
Beacons for lightning, the catalyst for life

Sprung from vast grove, gestated by sacred rock
A million generations' hope, Chiliad gods applaud
Benah su babaw Khoni. Wu hai su musa genga
Emrax bi sejeg. A-na Bidax gnuwan
E-na menehx haya ga Nenugenna na

Sacred mountain of white,
Spiritual habitat, birthplace of all
Where great father tree towers
Beacons for lightning, the catalyst for life
Avalanche of rock, shattering, splintering
Shapes the inauguration of the Warrior
Bedesan ga glax su, gina duwa beoda gaya Utex
Bedesan ga glax su, gina duwa beoda gaya Utex

Birth prophesized, destined for sublimity
The Seal is broken, the way is laid cleared, Mona comes


Winter years, four centuries
Ceaseless foreign invasion
Sukuladan, ever still mighty
Rivers weep unceasingly
Alien rule exacts hefty
Tribute, scar-pits motherlands
Lineages of honor-marked faces
Fade like wilting cherry blossoms recite
Fog wounds, surrounds serrated peaks
crowning the axis of the Motherlands
Nigh sky, the Mountains tru sons
Seediq, scattered petals on wind
Winter, years, four centuries
Ceaseless foreign invasion
Sukulada, ever still mighty
Weeps for despoiled forests

Bunohon mountains endured centuries of pillage
Patterned faces blanch under suffering, consumed by
Impotence in defending the Holy Land, evanesce
Bunohon mountains endured centuries of pillage
Patterned faces blanch under suffering, consumed by
Impotence in defending the holy Land, evanesce
Paso Kofuni great woods,
Ancient advice hangs ragged amidst outgrowth
Seediq spirit, downtrodden slaves under the Red Sun Empire

Valor makrs evaporate in
Smoke, extinction nears




Festive day, celebrated by high-ranks
Unaware of danger approaching
Autumn winds starts
Icy omen
Seediq wrath gros, unjust oppression
Clan brothers meet, plotting rebellion
Colony flag flies
Mocking beacon
Sons of the Rmdax tasing
Silenced voices, inner clamor
Accumulations of crippling hate
Impossible to forgive
Dawn, greets the rising red sun
Led by the Elder Rudao Mona
Stealth, six clans united
To slake their thirst for revenge
Breaths cut off, as their heads fall
Shades formed as shodows shorten
Hunting knives hew down
Harvesting deaths
Woods shroud warrior attacks
Gun smoke marks their hurried passing
Breeze sweeps away sadness
Clearing the road to fiery hell
War Cries signaling the cleansing of enemies
Headless bodies
Litter the ground
Wrath-filled eyes scoured
Enemy base of former despots
Arrogance tarnished
Splattered by red
Wushe shaken, red sun flags fallen
Umbrage rises from dead comrades
Opposing wind seethe
Outraged, Provoked
Seediq, with unbridled fury
Blades stabbing holes, bleeding life
Colony flag torn
Broken beacon
Sons of the Rmdax Tasing
Dying gurgles glut their bloodlust
Seasons of scorn and derision
Freed by their actions


Ululation, wushe city lay in ruins
Soldiers gather, death to be apportioned

Uniforms trekked streams to primitive territory
Encircling, enveloping, cutting off all escape
Hemugan ga dala dunexu (dunu)
Mam sa su embunu ga gaya babow Teghen
Valley nooks, trees crannies, hidden tribal arrows emerges
Illusions into shadows, formless decapitation
Holding strategic placements
Masks devastate uniforms
Heavy reinforcements called for
Not in vain shall their platoons fall
Toda, Tuluku clans, old blood, feuds reminded,
Shifts in their alliance fall in rank and file
But treachery's only reward is death in
The fore-charge of battle
Blood lust fed by putrid winds, death stench rife
Wilts growth and mutates cherry blossoms
Snow capped peaks stains with fatality
Red covers white
Opposing masks, vendetta killing
The gods weep
War-hounds at bay, the sacred Land rank
With Spilled blood of all vileness, desecration
Battle songs distinct in the skies
Their beats exposing the outlanders' artifice


Parturient grove
Bodies swing amidst fallen green
Wives, Sciens mass felo-de-se
Blows unbridled, Warriors sans blood kin
Cocytus awaits
Freshly dead drifts from prior lives
Yet link to Seediq holds
Warriors sans conscience, death machines
Immersed souls in
Nether stew seethe restlessly
Ghostly motion
Hindered by malodorousness
Primeval woods blaze
Souls drop onto netherworld whle
Their corpses hang, rain-whipped
Hell's doors open, gladly waiting
Barren wind robs memory
Whereabouts for burial in Hell
Spirits gathered, Face emblems gleaming,
Urged by force unseen
Septic river boils
Specters swims along
Mutant creatures
Decayed limbs and bloated flesh
Entrapped, alone, hurried, aimless
Confounded to mind, disassembled
Spirits, mindless, decived, chopped off
Consumed as corporeal disintegrates
Ancestors' Bridge spans
Betwixt this world and the next
Souls journey in its
Shadow, steps resolute
Tribe masks gleam red-wet
Skin illuminations
Seediq Bale
A race apart, eternally brave
Skies breath rivers fan out, unfurls
Faraway call for Seediq souls
Winds blow, swirling souls loose,
Staying dreams, Ancient canopy shelters


Poso Kofuni's woods witness
Countless ca'davers in tragic WuShe autumn
Toppling in-to river Acheron
Float away from rived memories
Death comes! Battle rages on
No doubts in warriors' heart
The end immaterial, All
Hearts set on honor once more
Poso Kofuni's woods bends with
Desiccated corpses in dark WuShe autumn
Slides in-to River Acheron
Relinquishing their mortal hold
Forth ward! Cowardly Surrendering
Far from their hearts and minds
The end immaterial, All
Hearts set on honor once more
Hbalaw Khoni yahen su na megena ga emnu
To war! The end approaches
Fate tied to justice regained
Flags fly, beckoning the worthy
Souls to Rainbow bridge


Clans destroyed, and broken,
Motherland ravaged
Survivors hunted to the last
Painful history recast
Exiled misery
War-lust unquenced, spew forth much ire
Victorious army gloats and plunders
Tragic history recurs
Fractured homeland

Battle hath consumed the warriors
Those left behind merely flesh shells
Chuan Isle, new home of the banished
Ancestors wait for the laggard souls


Seasons cycles, though the ill winds
Bitingly strong, Seediq spirit diminish not
Ever changing colors of invaders
Affects not the permanent gloom
Of souls manifesting on mountain peaks
The bridge waits, native eternality beyond
Mountain zephyrs rides into the forest
A hunting pipe heard over burbling springs
Reminding of ancient warnings puissant
The roar of warrior-God Rudao Mona
Blizzard winds howl, cycles pass, winters cold,
Death cools not the fervent Seediq passion
Ever changing colors of foreign flags
Affects not the whitened evergreen trees
Souls twine with falling leaf petals
Carpets Ancestors' bridge in preparation
Mahe cliffs towers thousand-height high,
Resting place of Rudao Mona
Mehogem balau dolax
Siaw Tengaw ni
Ana Mehogeni heya
Ena mueh haya ga Utux na
Musa SgrLum Babaw xkoni
Eni SubuLaw ga hey na
Sbanai na yama
Seleuda Anam yama cibaw

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