Charon (FIN) : Sorrowburn

Gothic Metal / Finland
(1998 - RRS)
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Las palabras


My love in you
Purified in holy flesh
Our shape blurred
By the frame of hate
Fly out from the edge of time...

White, white
Goddes i sleep in you

Reach me
To the winter's calm

White, white
Goddes i sleep in you

Thy darkest trip
Ends in the seasons change


In the heart of night
We spend the rest of our life's
No voices no cry
Wortex taking each by time
Roams with a burning candles
Faces without traces
Inside of you i feel comfort
When i'm not born.

Feel my heart is not beating
I swallow pain
And crave for darkness

In this sweat design of nature
Deviance only by good
From the body of angels
To the infinite recurrence
Rain shall replace my birth
That will devour the love
Inside of you i feel comfort
...when i'm not born



Scream out the word you hurt yourself
I stand behind your lies
Free all the false disguise
That opens path behind your back

Crawl down religious mind
Crawl in my hate esteem
Smile face to face with death
Cry your weakness out in scaffold

White seeps are killing black
It won't desetve his head to keep
Night resolves, night resolves
The light will shine so dark

Finally you realise that water drowns you
Wood can burst you
Bleed in my arms, bleed in my arms
Another night and i'm coming after you


I'm rain that falls.
I'm wind that breezes.
I'm shadow in your night.
I'm weak.


Two of a kind for seven mary's
Awaking darkest joys of pain
Breath by a cold reaching the ecstacy

Drown me with a blackended lust
Reach for up to the 7th moon
Blessed pleasure for several souls
Serenity roams...

Dream for the lust
Serenity roams
Breath by a cold
Reaching the ecstasy.

Grace open the secrects through visions
Pouring lastly her wasted time
Filth covered under a pure white silk
...throne bleeds her last piece of a grace...

Drown me with a blackended lust
Reach for up to the 7th moon
Blessed pleasure for several souls
Serenity roams...

Gods trial begins for her gate... Of a death
Breath by a lust, by a lust
Seeds opens (take me) full of the flesh
Her body cold as she rests...


For the love of the dark
Her body will burn
For the lust she obey
A frost in the heart she'll serve
Feel the cold atmosphere...
She was taken away
With no one to grief
One rose in her cheek
As crow had croak.

Stream flows inside
With full of gain
Repeating grief
Ascending the throne... (to serve you)


Silent setting the nebulousness
Ebon allurement a hint for fulfillment to come

Tempting seduction
And the empress whispers
"rush o son of drayen for our guest
Is infinite
Fly the night has fallen, emerge in dark
For our time is short (so short)
Let the wind carry thee on thy wings
To find the light (nondivine)
Search the blackrose of truth
Flovers of knowledge for me to come

I run, i crawl, i haste, i prowl
Crawl in filth son of skies
That night (oh) so dark, the glimmer
That arches over my soul where it dies

Pouring the blood of the winged of light
Inside my heart rages a radiant fire

So i dance in twilight
In the dimlight of morningstar
Her dark eyes that glares so bright
The mistress of my midnight


She's like a star for me,
Burning leafs burning me
She's just a drop in the sea,
And her eyes what i can't believe
I think she's watching me
With her eyes of seventeen
Back to the shape of my shadow
I use my skill to live

Darkness my only friend,
She must be slippin' away
Closing me like a beam
Shadows begin to fade,
They're like a night and day
She watch me slowly by
Her spirit stronger than mine
Oh lord, how bored i am...

She sucked me end to the end
And way she speak was so...was so grand
For that i ever represent
Dies with shadow of the dead.

Then killed her best i can
For the love i hate
I rape my will to be
No longer hate no grief.

Back to the shape of my shadow
I shall once return
And everything of me
Was never aim to be...
And everything of me
Was never aim to be...

[repeat chorus]


Internal night - i see your stars
A blackended light - eternal scars
Extinguished sky - storm arise

Aeon of aiyn

Swirling winds greeds my end
Time no more, cyclic vortex
Around us

So it has always been
The undone and deceased
Never was and never
The will and the faith

So i have seen the gate is closed
The region of soul for no one to know
Behead the minions let the liquid life flow

For what is a salvation for the wicked
Samhains dew the blood of a slain god
Spring from the fountain of knowledge

Coronation when the moon is full with blood
Ordainer from ebon crown
Wields the sceptre of the proud


White dreams of sour relish
Four candles in virgins nest
Sweet rhyme of brook flows in our minds... We fly.
Words in a cold frost eve,
Taken by the form of breeze
Falling down before they get to known... The sough

Drunken by a fierce of night
And some who reclaimed my mind
The dark is longer than we thought, so cold.
Black snow shall fade our shapes
Roots of the oak embrace
Sweet rhyme of brook flows through our times, alive.

A quiet pray, another day
For the words that never said.
November's eve, four of a breeze
For the words that never feels,
Forever we die, forever disdain
In white dreams of sour relish.
Forever white, forever night
Loose love cleaves to a dark.


Hear them calling again
I'm shedding no fear
A roll of the dice
Hear you calling just twice...

In the surface of pond
Believes and thoughts,
Dreams in the circle of light
The truth will defame.

Pride can defame
Possession is name
The name of your life
The same as your child.

Will we come again
From the dust at last
A roll of the dice
Hear you breathing just twice...

...tomorrow we die...

The poem so neat
So pure and weak
Beloved by a breeze,
Singed through a tree

...shall i love thee like
Death loved me?
In greed we fall,
Amorous soul...

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