Chakal : Demon King

Thrash Metal / Brazil
(2004 - Cogumelo Records)
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Cruel world, seen through glasses
Grotesque world, unfair world
Buried that they can not see us
Flowers that grow from black blood
Morlocks will rise

The ugly ones, the outsiders
The fat ones, the skinny ones,
the nerds
Morlocks will rise

From the darkness,
From the cocoons
Hackers will save the world
The underground is the surface
The front door is kicked down
Flesh barbarity, brutality of war
Nasty bodies lie in common grave

The eyes close as light shines
Teethless smiles and bounding knees
The ground shakes
An earthquake of misery
Morlocks will rise

A million shout in one voice
A new order in the world
Grunted words
The morlocks shout
Morlocks will rise


The master of vengeance, the architect of pain
The fallen angel, unspoken name
You face evil, it embraces you
Walk on earth stealing souls
He smiles as he drains all your blood
Now you are another
Slave in hell
You know he's
The king of pain
Our god is king in hell
Plague and destruction
Are on his trail
Taking lives, slavering souls
The messenger of darkness left a sign
The sign of the ascension of the king
And when the last pope of the old century dies,
it will start the age of the demon king
Eyes that can see all the truth so clear
Our god is king in hell
He smiles, drains all your blood
Demon, demon king


The king has taken my soul
And he has set it free
I can see the pain of the damned ones, in glory
My proscribed soul has finally found redemption
Down-headed women pray
They saw christ in hell
Pierce the flesh, take off the eyes
I paint a picture with blood,
Your blood, my blood, our blood
Laughing at his words, my water is your vinager
His head on a tray decorates my banquet

Christ in hell

Marking foreheads as
I take your thoughts away
Give me the other side of your face,
Though I hit you down your waist

Christ in hell

I give you my blood, so quench your thirst
I give you my words that you can learn the way
I hear your scream and I hit your the face,
You smile


When I find myself among the crowd
Don't let the scum get close
Give the kids some little flags
'cause they like that shit
Cover me with the flag
Flashes when I raise my arms
Make me wise
Make me your redemption
Mirror-made tricks

Make me smile mercifully
Show them my family and my dog
Cover me with the flag
Flashes when I raise my arms
Make me wise
Make me your redemption
Mirror-made tricks

Raise the dead
Make them vote for
I've created them
I've made them dignified
Men and heroes
Count them up

Pick up the pieces
Get the bodies together like a puzzle
Make them look patriots
Stuff their families's asses with money
Show them my Limo when I ribe by
Pick up the pieces
Send them back to their folks,
That they and all this shit can be buried and soon forgotten
Mirror-made tricks


Trapped inside a life which is not yours
Spirits within causing terror, fear and darkness

Evil dead, evil dead

Voice speaks out, all will die tonight
Insanity fills your mind, you hear them calling

Evil dead, evil dead

Covered in blood, all hope is lost
Forever to rot, controlled by the powers of the

Evil dead, evil dead


Cripple families feed, with their dead sons,
The pride of a nation of shame
Faceless soldiers, faceless soldier
Marching uniforms, flags, borders and pain!
Bloody war!
The sky burns when the assault starts
Missiles of ignorance adding up the evil score
Civilians die, noboby cares. A different culture has no place in a slaved world

Bloody war, I deny it
How can you clean your hands? How can you sleep with this noise on?
Oil and blood!!!
Damned in our death mosh, death mosh!!

No peace for your soul, when you die of a terrible cancer!
Civilians die! War drums, war drums!


Here I am, standing on your grave. Feeling great for having you under my feet
I can feel you around, your lost soul moving among the graves
I smile as I throw flowers on your grave. I firnly step on the ground which you lie under
A light rain makes everything even colder. When the night comes, I'm still here.
So I step and smash the flowers on your grave
Your cold flesh, flowers on the grave...
Nothing will grow on this soil, flowers on your grave,
Your friends in life, are like the worms that eat you up now your cold flesh
Life is so brief, an air blow that's gone, your cold soul
Flowers on your grave, your cold flesh, flowers on your grave


I spit my convictions on your face, you fool!
You thought that the domain were yours
and we were your slaves
Be welcome, it's the human remains banquet

I take off your eyes
So that you can see through mine.
Betrayers die! Bury them all in salt soil
Be welcome, it's the human remains banquet

Your time is up
Through the windows the sky is on fire
Your flag burns. Our army slands next to your carcass

Evil comes... I feel its presence

We raise our cups to salute a new order.
Tirants, Hell calls them
A new order is born from your failed system


You better put on your best desguise but everybody knows that's you
'cause you need your best suit tonight
we'll look at you as if we didn't know you very well
I approach you, I can smell you, you are mine
And we'll pretend to believe in that sweet pretty face of yours
Blood and gore are my pleasure
when we see your charming walk, we'll hear your hooves hit the ground
when you smile mercifully at us, we'll get scared about the size of your fangs
I endeavor to keep the bloos away from me, though my hands are never clean
I twist the knife to set you free
I and my knife are your only choice
I sing on your ears as I set you free you innocently stare at the sky
at something I can't see...
Blood and gore, blood and gore. Gory pleasure




Here's Mr. Fear standing at your door
Forever in fear you dorks
Blind like bats, touching in the darkness
Happy latin guys please your wives
Mastered dogs-Fobia-mastered dogs
You're like the hangedman
Who tries to reach the ground
Swallow your arrogance
Shut the fuck up
Praying to a larded god
The American express god
Mastered dogs-Fobia-mastered dogs
Bang! You're dead
Dyed in red
Blow your read
Mastered dogs
Mastered dogs
Your kids blast their School-mates to get daddy proud
Your kids
Lie dead
On the ground

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