Chakal : Death Is a Lonely Business

Thrash Metal / Brazil
(1993 - Cogumelo Records)
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My peace drowns in a sea of problems
Although my wounds still bleed
And the confession of my eternal suffer
Do not seek for mercy but for salvation

My fear is my assurance
My flesh is the flame
My soul’s the fear
In my past I was not myself

Darkness torments me
And my universe keeps bringin' on surprises
... Like death... Like life...
Just like Death

How could I be so blind
How could I take it so long
Thousands years of sufferin'
Absurd Dogmas

Names don't bother me anymore
Even without proof we all know
Even without horns, paws or tail

Narrow limits do not help
I deny my subtleness
As my so admired poise
Fade away as my past life

Names don't bother me anymore
Even without proof we all know
Even without horns, paws or tail
I can't see the difference, can you?

My subtleness denies it’s existence!

Drown yourself in your sea of unhappiness
And fear your inevitable future
Don't worry with the winds but with directions
And take your first step before it's too late

Or pay the price for your commitment
Or pay your price: with your life.


Extreme brain activity
Hot gray stuff
Accelerated at it’s most
Red flooded gray

‘Can’t believe I'm so complex
‘Can’t believe we’re so complex
Can’t we find the X’s
Before we kill ourselves with axes?

Fighting hell
Emotion spell
I can’t tell
I wish you well

Hot/cold relationships
Not better than
Love/hate relationships
Faith or fear?

Situation critical
Critical mass fusion
Gotta have an emergency plan
Escape alive from the confusion

Fighting hell / Emotion spell
I can’t tell / I wish you well


We're a bunch of normal people
Tired of eatin' rice with beans
I can’t cook like the “Burger Man”
Or smile like the ladies there


A strange man comes kickin' the door
This strange man starts looking around
Madness - I have a feelin’ of a deja vu
This crazy man starts shootin' around

Panic in the Fast Food Chain
Few knows what's going on
Smoke blocks my vision
Screams echoes in the dark


A strange man starts lookin' around
T his crazy man starts shooting around
Madness - I’m sure l've seen this before on T.V.
For fifteen minutes we’ll be all on the screen

Mama always told me that Fast Food would end killing me
ls this blood or is it catchup am I hurt or am I just spicy?

Killer / Terrorist / Assassin
Or just a good Gourmet?

Fear still in the air
Killer are you still there?
Now we're all facing death
Here I won't be back


A strange man starts shooting around
This crazy man starts shooting around
Madness - Hey man, we're all on T.V.
I'm sure you’ll have your fuckin' fifteen

Panic in my messed up mind
I’m missing my old rice with beans
This is no catchup filth
Now time to die!


Why so much fear of death?
For sure you can't avoid it
Insurance is stupidity
You’ll fight what can’t be fought

Watch that man, now dead
You’ll say : “He was great"
Coz' now you put his qualities
Before his defects

Your final time is coming through
That bridge we all must pass
You are not the first, for sure you won't be the Iast
The ones who cry today will surely be the next
(When) They see their inheritage that is made of depths

Whenever comes my time / I will be prepared
About the ones close to me / I’ve got to accept it


Talkin' in other terms / How bad death can be?
I like to think that when life ends
Something must begin


Take my hand and you'll feel no pain
Come with me canalize this hate
Let me help with your emptiness
Or live without me and you'll be just like the rest
Same... Wick... Rest

Look around tell me what you see
Pained disgrace, fear and misery
Preachers with their false morality
To refuse me is live here for eternity
...Lifetime boy...

What;s the point in living with mediocrity?

Dark powers, evil spirits, way for demons
(Pray) to me
I can save you from here
What will you say to me

I'll live with my ignorance
What I have must be what I deserve
I won't try to deceive destiny
Doesn't matter what wrong or right, I'll be me
Thanks anyway

I can do better without you!!!

Fight the Power!!!




Locked inside my room
Choked in my own world
I fell me wall tightening
Purple is my roof

My thoughts confuse me
They confuse themselves
Between my body'n'soul
The unknown takes control
A life at it's own

I see in the mirror all the shit I've done
But there's a light in the deep
And deeper I see, my destiny

My mind won't go beyond my imagination
My imagination doesn't go beyond my vision
This morbid purple buries all
I live a choked life


Would you mind ?
Death will come easy as you close your eyes
Will you try ?
Violent times
Rape rips you easy and shut your cries

A man is on the corner, begging for some help
He seems like human waste, not better, than dead
I wish I could do something, about this tragic scene
But I'm just a simple citizen
And there's millions on the streets

I put my fingers in my ears
I hear the bombs dropped
Through all these years
I listen to my fears

I put my fingers in my ears
I hear the jet of death
Getting closer to the drop of tears
I hear the world of leaders

We try to speak of life
But words are getting lost
Confused times arrive
Describe with my thoughts

I put my fingers in my ears
And I can clearly see
The ones we can blame
The ones that are a shame

I put my fingers in my ears
It's only me and my boiling blood
In the middle of the burst
Can things get worst, ha ?


I put my fingers in my ears
I hear the bombs dropped
Through all these years
I listen to my fears

There goes my fingers in my ears
My legs go other way
I listen to the blood shed
How things can be so bad ?


Media brainwashers
Citizens are controlled

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