Chakal : Abominable Anno Domini

Thrash Metal / Brazil
(1987 - Cogumelo Records)
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My phantoms are my hangmen
My soul is a lost city... foresaken
Some shit is on the way but it's time to go
Wild and unknown is the night
It makes my demons real

Chained with their greed, ignore me
You-infectious cancer of the universe
Agonizing while I hit their faces against the wall
May not the mankind suffer
The betrayers are praying
Through the mist-I watch you decline

Black flags
Fighting against the strong wind
Black gods
Concrete images on the sky
(See it or die!!!)
May not the mankind suffer
The betrayers are praying
Through the mist-I watch you decline
Kneel down-show your pain-cry out you
Stupid agony
You're living through pieces
Destroyed is your castle of lies
Suicidal winds inside your mind
Your own nightmares-now they trap you
Your own demons-now they eat you slowly
Breath your guilty, mankind
Show me our bowels

And in the middle of nuclear hell
Fire and cancer hit your flesh
From my eyes the blood flows
My hands fucked by wounds
Rise towards the sky
I fall down among the desolation
Lifeless bodies on my feet
(They will never feel the pain again)
The horizons in extermination
You'll never see it again
You'll never hear the bells toll again
How we were wrong...


Dirty politicians spewing lies
Suits and ties-dummy disguises
Growing fat with the hunger-breathing lust
Bastards governors of the world
The planet is dead
Abusing on power-the sky is the limit
Tyrants of the world-full of tricks
Playing with nations-pretending to be god
The planet is dead
We dying in planet death!
We are dead soldiers
Unfair patriotism that kill us on the war!
We are slaves of ourselves
Stupid militaries whipping our backs!

Borders to separate us from other nations
Religions to restrict the thoughts of the simpletons
Loathsome racists dividing the races
Different languages to make communication difficult
We dying in planet death!

The dead soldiers: gilberto, korg, wiz, mark,
Destroyer, laranja, pepeu e gauguim


I live or die
Alone I am-with my disgrace
Looking at mirror-looking at my cadaverous face
Convulsion-this kills my brain
Forever enslaved-forever I'll be

Nothing to hide-when darkness covers you
Nothing to hide-when you confess your sins
You've always known-that bible defecate lies
But you, fool, have to believe in something
You are forever enslaved

Terminal brain-I'm a bastard son of god
Terminal brain-I'm a bastard son of bitch

Crucified by my insanity
Without choice-without sense-live to die?
Terminal brain
Terminal man
Paranoid-agony and pain
My brain is forcing me...
Telling me to kill myself
Aaargh! bastard world
We were born almost in ruin
Before you were born, the mankind was already ready to
Destroy you

Past is only shadows
Caves that I'm through on each dream
Caves terrorized in deep of my soul


Children... behold macabre vision
Your white and cold skin
Looks like they're made of wax
There's no life anymore
They don't mind...

Dead children...
Eyes fix the unknown
Frozen tears...
Beyond life-beyond grave
They call me again
Children-before they get rotten
On their little coffins
They go slowly to their grave
They don't mind...

The acid rain corroding my flesh-dead
Children... they're all mine
Their evil eyes look my terror
Their little cold hands take mine

But they don't want me to feel scared
The cemetery has became a big playground
Mother death embrace her children

You can hear them playing on the garden
They're all dead

I'm telling you the last story
Their dreams don't mind anymore
While I sleep-I feel their presence
At night they call me again

I see their eyes watching me through the window
Covered by their white shrouds
Smiling at me through their dead lips


Crystal lake now is his crypt
Crystal lake now is his domain
Jason lives!

The divine anxiety of life-he doesn't know
Jason steps-trails of death
His figure walks through the night
And the air has a strange energy
As if death is on the wait
While they sleep-he gets up
His brain at war haunting his spirit
The night has a morbid shine
The mask hide his agony...his rotten face
Your rotten face, jason
A hate out of control corrodes his bowels
A voice from the past forces him to slay
Signs from the past torment his insane mind
Jason lives


Mutilated corpses spreaded in everywhere
Faces covered by blood and wounds
A dagger striking without stopping
Flesh opens up and blood floods
Jason lives!
Screams echo in the vastness
His due will never be paid
His thirst will never be quenched

Jason lives-and his inhuman force shows no mercy
Jason lives-death congratulates his slave
Jason lives!!!


Exploding in the crowd
Devastating nations
Fucking this world
Nations crushed without mercy
Troops marching out to the slaughter

Satan the monarch of evil and lust
Taking the world in his hands
Mankind pays his price with blood
He is in front of the troops

(The warriors are coming!)

Growlings-blasphemies-mankind suffer
Warriors of disgrace-we die!
Plagues and curses, on their swords
Shines the seed of hate

Tyrants will rise
Rotten corpses in front of the Satan throne



Bodies impaled on the scalding horizons of hell
Beasts growling-eager for blood
The master of vengeance guide their steps
Through the valley of death-they crawl
Dawn of the dead!!!
Dusk of the dead!!!
I can see

Dead walk-they have gone through the domain of hell
Dead walk-now they stand up!
Dead walk-there's no light on their living
Dead walk-there's no reason for them to live
Dead walk-but they live again

The dead walk

The dead walk

Infesting the world
Uncontrolled despair on the streets
All of them are in panic!
The gods never lie
On the bible is written that Lazarus lives!
The dead walk!
The dead lives-they want their places
Your dead relatives want to find you!
Welcome to the dead
We'll have a guest tonight
The newspaper are saying
The dead walk!


Incarnation of evil in the altar
Black smokes mixed with red lights
A creature covered by a cloak
Holding a child in her arms

The evil entity takes a razor
The child foresees her death
Evoking the presence of god
Cry out for mercy for your soul
Children sacrifice

Rites of desecration
Canticles for beyond
Evil rituals!


If your religion teaches
Life destroys me don't come with this sickness
About christianism

Miracles-won't make you god!
Don't benumb me with words
Don't obly me to enter in churches
I blaspheme against you-mr.

Words don't kill my hunger
Love doesn't clean up my soul
Churches don't show me the truth
The bible doesn't give me knowledge

You with your promises of eternal life
Don't call me a sinner
Just leave me alone
You've played with all the world

How many christs will mankind crucify
How many christs will the religion make?
To show that mankind had dignity some day
Don't save me from hell, you fool

You've said you would return
You've said you would save us
You've blinded us with your lies
You've used the whole mankind!!!

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