Cerebral Bore : Maniacal Miscreation

Brutal Death / United-Kingdom
(2010 - GrindScene Records)
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Held, against your will
With lights around you, so you shit your knickers
Bound, by gods design
Epileptic fucking strobe entrapment


Severed bodies make me cum
Drooling over your cunt
Severed bodies make me cum

Epileptic strobe entrapment
You will die here x2

Pin your eyelids, watching the strobe
Feel the brown skids, suck on my boab
Feeling the pain, having a seizure
Destroy the brain, there's no amnesia

You sit in your cage of fear
Bound by rope, fully locked, naked corpses being cocked
Flame grilled flesh and ice cold beer
Semi rocked, you're unlocked, fully hard and fucked a lot

Killing you in mind, you will now be mine
Spreading disease

Severed in time, with the sound of my cock
Snider condom, rapid slammed with a sock
Creampied in the asshole, now you are sore
Shit on my dick, good times, shit on my blade


Hang your neck, let you go
Playing mind games with your soul
Retardation, suffocation


Spinal form, reconfigured, constant pounding, mass infection

Atoms smashed in, no escaping, bones are steeped in...



You disgust me

The bald cadaver, she is mine
I will lick this rotting cunt
False messiah, she is legion
Time has come to burn them all

Maggots infesting her hole
Devour her insides!

They writhe inside your body
With glee they eat your organs raw

Bow to me, ripping entrails, severed torso
Feel my creed, body dead, fuck the head

You are here to die, before me
I will consume you, fuck you, you are dead!

(Cancer ridden flesh)
It is tore, on the floor
Stamp on your face

All your children lye in waiting, you will have your means no more..

You are, a marie curie bitch
Colour of pee, big tits, racist

Fuck the skin dome,
To continue, I must sever, inches from you

Now, you see
Death has come for you and not for me
She is weak, at your peak

Trim back, the bed sheet, show me, your balding head
In comes, junkie mom, she gets, fucked up

You are the vermin of this earth
You can't understand it's your time
I decimate your bloody corpse
Peeling back your skin I ejaculate on your face

Lived here, died here, now you're gone


Cock, hard
As we start
The strangest sight to behold
Cold flesh and rock solid boab

A penis
You've only seen in nightmares
So solid,
Old folk and children it scares

Running around, from the cock of your dreams

Fleshy, veiny, scary

From the coffin into parishioners
Watch them run, fucking scared of the boab
Every step they take, they will be consumed
You can't run, up the bum, check out the size of that chode

Pinstripe suit, with a rip in the gooch
He's come for you
He's gone commando, no more shame
Huge pants tent
Morticians fault, he is the one to blame
Open box, with a cock on the rocks
It's a phallic pipe
No more trousers, they are gone
Bifkin cone
Morticians fault, he is the one to blame

We, we shall not survive, we will die
We cannot have a future

Flame grilled, served up for your dinner
Cunt filled, fucked 'till dead, no more tread
Spunk filled, creamy jizz on your tits
You're now infested


Feces, now you see, smothered on your face
Milky spunk in your ears, you can't hear a thing
Framing up the entry, it's your turn, feel the burn
You'll have to wait, there a queue to see the pussy too

It had cum
Upon me
I have no fear
I will take it
You cunt

As we end
There's nothing left to unfold
The story must be retold

That penis
A legend in it's own right
No dreaming
Screaming it's name out at night

Open box with cock inside it
You have witnessed something frightening

Run straight from the chode
Get what you're owed
Spunk out my load

It's the time for a reign in terror
All the juices are flowing
Just cause of the massacre
It's what I do and I do it well

Spinal fluid in a cup or two
Priapism for the fuck of you
Everytime I spunk my load
A piece of me goes into you

Fuck you
You have no soul
Cream pied!
Open casket priapism is a haunting sight


I awake beneath a mountain of cadavers
Buried beneath the bodies

Some bodies have been tortured
All I have been raped and slaughtered
Dismembered, broke and beating
All of the organs have been eating
Children nailed to the ceiling
Gives my cock a real good feeling
Maggots infesting the faces
Making flesh a bit more tasty

Flesh to eat just for me
Broken human bone collection
Heresy, blasphemy
Zombies begin resurrecting
Flesh to tear, skin to wear
Mr Gein your teachings are so
Dear to me, sickness sets free
A dead flesh architect!

Dead people taste good
Just like chicken
Dead people rise up
To begin the feeding
Dead people taste good
Just like chicken
Dead people stand up
To infect us all!

I have become infected

Gruesome undead monsters crave my tasty human flesh
A horde of zombies craving for a taste of something fresh

Performing surgery with their teeth, swallow me
Tearing the skin away, crave the flesh, oh so sweet
Humanity away, leave me fucked on the floor
My zombie craving's coming, give me flesh, I need to devour

The flesh, lick up the guts
Suck blood out of the cuts
The flesh, lick up the guts
Suck the blood out from the cuts!

Ominous, we'll come out at dusk
Riotus, horrific bloodthirst

Out of the walls we will crawl with a thirst
To devour the flesh of the humans we lust
Chewing and swallowing, suck out the eyes
Out of the flesh of the humans we'll rise!

Ee pee oppa pee pee
Ee pee oppa, burst her cunt in!
Ee pee oppa pee pee
Ee pee oppa uhhh

Ee pee oppa pee pee
Ee pee oppa, burst her cunt in!
Ee pee oppa pee pee
Ee pee oppa

Underneath some wretched corpses
Burst open the cunt
In between some dormant thighs
Vagina ripped open

Ee pee oppa pee pee

Ee pee oppa pee pee
Ee pee oppa, burst her cunt in!
Ee pee oppa pee pee
Ee pee oppa uhhh

Ee pee oppa pee pee
Ee pee oppa, burst her cunt in!
Ee pee oppa pee pee
Ee pee oppa

Ee pee oppa peep!

I have become part of something monstrous in proportion
I await the day I'll get to feast on infant's flesh


Scattered limbs, no more hymns

Tombstone broken off, with my hands, I dismember you
You're now inside me!

Box opened up, smell your corpse, I begin my work


Body rots, no escape for me, teeth ripped out, excitement with a scream

You, weigh, tons, raid cum, in
Rigamortis, amagortis
Skull, ripped, out - geez a snout now, you cunt
It's my pleasure, buried treasure - mate
You're my saviour, instant flavour

Rapid, heavy belter, disgusting demise
I have, morticians gloves on, they fit me nicely, you'll see

Mangled post burial!

Coffin in the grave, shoulders snapped, so you fit your clothes
Dead you hold the key to my salvation

Maniac, fantasy, six feet under, cum with me
Bible soaked in intentions
Laid to rest with your fear in your hands
Intoxication of your evisceration
Euphoric notions of white hot brands
Writhing around in your scattered pieces
Severed heads, bodies dead, I am full for I've been fed

Finally - I've made you mine now
Obliteration - in my wake
Infamous - only the dead will know



Cutting pieces of her off, stick them in her gut, shove it up her cunt
Slicing through her face, I cum
Fuck her up the ass, fuck her up the ass
Break her!

Until another foolish victim stumbles into my kill path
I will have to make do with what I've left of you
Rape the messy corpse in the basement, I create my own world
Where I become the god of the very existence

I am Human
I am God

I will not stop until I am destroyed
Consequence means nothing to me now
Where the dead ones lie I can be seen
Taking skin with me as a trophy now

I become the one existence, masquerading in dead flesh
I become the one existence, bow to the flesh devoured

Flesh peeled back into a star shaped vessel
Showering the ground with blood
Chaos depends on this
The flesh reflects the madness

I become the world
And the one existence
Masquerading in your dead flesh

The flesh will face the steel
Hacksaw is here to make corpses of people
The scourge of existence, craving the destruction of every man

The blades will tear the face
Horrific scarring will erase traces of former existence
Humanity shredded to pieces, prepared for the feast

I am human, I am demon, I am god, I am machine

Flesh peeled back into a star shaped vessel
Showering the ground with thick, black, dead blood

Create monstrous madness
Creation has been lost upon us
Create monstrous madness
Creation has been lost upon us

Create monstrous madness
Creation has been lost upon us
Create monstrous madness
Creation has been lost upon us


Slicing off limbs with the sharpest incisor I can find

Gore and blood and viscera all around the room
The carcass lay upon a table, scalpels sticking out the eyes

Origin of true compulsion will stay unknown
I'll create art from the carcass and stay unknown

Souls, destroyed and tortured
Souls, destroyed, tormented, devoured
Souls, destroyed and tortured
Souls, destroyed, tormented, devoured
Souls, destroyed and tortured
Souls, destroyed, tormented, devoured
Souls, destroyed and tortured
Souls, destroyed, tormented, devoured


Intro: "It's shite being scottish. We're the lowest of the low. The scum of the fucking earth."

Carve a path unto obsidian - Insane creation of an abscessed mind
Cities crumble in your wake -Have a cookie geez a sookie you cunt!


Fuck the weak, kill the meak - Pustule broke on top of me
Engorgement of worlds
Flesh, muscle, sewn on bone - A full monstrosity..
Created by a nut, stitching skin and surgical cuts - Abomination of man
Scream, yelp, you can't run
Death has come for you and me!

Buildings are laid to waste, Now you are free
Existence is fucking screwed, Creation will cease to be!

Combustion at your feet
- They are all.. DEAD!

You'll get fucking jabbed!

Cryogenic, rotting chamber -Where you once laid like a stillborn wean
Came to life, killed creator - Severed heads are filled with shame


Smash the city - cut them down to the ground
Suck the titty - crimp one off when you cough



Back in the mid 80's, Mr Fritzl had a plan
With bricks and mortar, build a cell fit for his daughter
No room to stand, no need she'll be on her back mostly
Prepare for winky, it's coming for you and it bears a tash

On holiday, he suns himself in Eastern-Asia
He's calm as fuck, he knows the screams and pain will go unhear

She'll see, his evil pee-pee
See, his evil pee-pee

..my-daughter-i-must-ride-her-leave-my -semen-deep-inside-her-i-can't-think-how..-i-could-be-kinder

Wet against her will, TIGHT!

Hello Lizzy lets get busy, want some jizzy?
Spunk! Joseph!

Joseph, Fritzl, Fritzl, He is nice, Joe, Fritzl

She'll see, his evil pee-pee
See, his evil pee-pee

24 Year party dungeon, 24 house of fun
Find dead babies in the oven, mutant children starved of sun.

First i plant my inbred seed, then i go to K-F-fucking C


I eat chicken when i pump her fud, i love chicken, yum yum nice
Zinger tower gives me the power, to deflower my own kids

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