Cephalic Carnage : Xenosapien

Death Grind / USA
(2007 - Relapse Records)
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A child's mind is easily inspired, violence fuels the fire.
Video games and chaotic scenes, are what they see, act out violently.
Absorbing what they view, repeating words we say.
In a culture of profanity, ignorance starts at a young age.
Throughout history, bloodshed would always be.
No way to stop the conflicts fought.
We have destructive genes.
Entrenched in our anatomy, from genetically enhanced apes.
Planted by beings from space, a loathing hate we can't delete.
In this endless cycle of violence, we can't escape.
From the big bang to street gangs, we live it every day.
When this endless cycle of violence, reinvigorates.
Gives us our lives, gives us strength.
TV shows the mind to kill, images of murder every night.
Triggers their brains, to be adult like in every way.
A baby sitter for lazy parents, we can't control it.
The corporate sponsors, flood them with gluttons.
Absorbing what they view, repeating words we say.
In a culture of profanity, ignorance starts at a young age.
Throughout history, bloodshed would always be.
No way to stop the conflicts fought.
We have destructive genes.
In this endless cycle of violence, we can't escape.
From the big bang to street gangs, we live it every day.
When this endless cycle of violence, Invigorates.
Gives us our lives, gives us, gives us strength.


Sociopath, compulsive liar, delusionist.
Certified schizophrenic, abused and plasmatic, since conception is what the doctors report revealed about Mort.
He manipulated them with lies.
Now he's free, back in society.
Cured with pills and psychotherapy.
But the scares of mother's words remain.
Victim of life at a futile age.
As he drives down the street.
He can see the ghosts here to remind him.
And their faces in the trees.
He can hear them call his name in the windy breeze.
The souls that were taken away.
Thinking his medication is not working.
He can see the walking dead.
Smelling their scent, viewing their gutless cavities.
Strangulation marks around their neck.
They try to speak to him and retreat.
Lust of their memories, as they perished.
Fills his deceitful mind, the urge for new fantasies.
He can't contain, although he tries.
Everyday the ghosts return.
And ask why you did this to me.
I never knew you, I'll haunt you till you die.
You took us from out loved ones.
You violated my eternal shell.
Mutilated forever, I will haunt you.
Mort replies. Mother created this.
Blame it all on her, I have been immortalized.
My illness has given the power of divination.
I saved you from your own hell.
My volition to kill has perversed me.
I loved you all, even though you did not know me.
But now you are here.
And I remember the look
In your eyes as you died
My volition for lust
Shall never set me free
Until I die you are a prisoner to me.
In the next dimension I will be king.
Through my divination and volition.
I will succeed!


Mired in a spindle bound.
Killing something new.
Living underground.
I crawl everywhere eradicating everything I purge.
Got my new blood.
My skin is growing back.
Hide amongst the plants.
The new brain is mad.
My friends don't like the way I look.
Soon they'll be a feast for me.
And we'll live a life of bland.
Impregate my arachnid bride.
Systematically weaving to survive.
Victims fly into our trap.
Frantic they try to rip away.
Imminent paralysis.
Fangs pierce insect flesh.
Toxified they now convulse.
Moribund and wrapped in silk.
Sip the hallowed soul.
I await their bitter end.
A scene where bugs are dead.
Never able to fend off my attack.
Corpse littered web you see.
All my trophies atrophied.
Molting my old self
Inject my spawn into their shell
Molting they will be as me
The greatest swarm there will ever be
Molting my serenity.
Eat'em and leave'em.
Cannibal family!!!.
How much death will it take.
As I lay on her plate, the last thing she ate.


The church is all powerful, they influence the entire world.
Amass great wealth, the pope is like the president.
The bible is a book of rules, explaining how to live.
The trials of those before, beliefs for you to explore.
Priests read scripts of faith, take a vow of celibacy.
To be pure and of god, not to bring pain on man.
For centuries imposing their will, molesting the youth of the world.
Exempt from the law, papal supreme, scarring their minds.
Cure you of sin, destroy from within, tormenting thy dreams.
Touched by an angel, blessed by the hand of god.
Victims of clergical abuse, live in fear.
They can't escape.
The rage inside, it just burns in their minds.
Pontiffs disregard the allegations, settlements are paid.
He's sent to a new congregation, to spread his morbid plague.
The cycle is repeated silence is their way, of dealing with it.
Another kid gets touched, a pedophile is made.
For centuries imposing their will, molesting the youth of the world.
Exempt from the law, papal supreme, scarring their minds.
Cure you of sin, destroy from within, tormenting thy dreams.
Touched by an angel, blessed by the hand of god.
A priest should be allowed to marry a bride.
Procreate with her, and to bear the gift of life.
Instead thy swore the oath, to recite holy words.
For his mass, not to cast shame upon his loyal flock.
Someday this will be the downfall of the church.
When faith has died, who will you preach to now?!


Vaporized, Vaporized.
There's a way to free your mind.
A vaporizer is so divine.
The best pipe you'll ever find.
Grind up your weed.
And load the wand.
Place it on the heating element.
Inhale the mist of the gods.
Only the pure oils.
Seep into the lungs.
No carcinogens or nasty resins.
It's a gift from the heavens.
And way healthier.
Than joints and bongs.
Vaporizers are where it's at.
Gets you so high, that's a fact.
Vaporized free the soul.
Eliminating the use for a flame.
You smoke out of this you won't feel the same.
Living in the Rocky Mountains.
Makes me feel alive.
Getting stoned with friends.
The air is really thin.
Our weed is at its best.
Legalize. Put it to rest.
Stoners are mellow.
And just want to be.
Smoke in Peace.
Let us be free.
Vaporized I am so high.
Vaporized from nugs crystallized.
The scent and amazing taste.
Puts a smile on my face.


Some of those, are put here to wake us from our sleepiness.
And to open our minds, gives us hope, inspires to make our dreams come true.
Give reason for the voices to be heard, as we pay homage to the fallen warriors.
Who have sacrificed themselves, plagued us with their thought.
To the imperial monarchy, we hail the UK.
The mighty heptarchy of the modern age, forged in steel from, a clan of the elite.
Triumphant in battle, on victorious Sabbath, a priest led the way.
Honor of thy maiden, the enemy was banquished to Babylon.
Poisoned by the venom, consumed by the mass.
A Saxon rose above, to heed the call of the kings.
Spread the loyal words, Disciples of the Anglo-land.
Sounding our their charge, together we slayed the opposers.
Tigers and ravens by our side, napalm in the night, like a UFO in the sky.


My life was too absurd, the way that I tainted everything.
It was never meant to be, I was impervious.
As I write these words, and repent, it's my fault.
Today vestige is upon us, amongst us.
Reflecting on my past, the things I could have done.
One selfless act, now it's good for none.
This machine has turned against us, the apocalypse it has sent.
Apologies will do no good, infinity has reached its end.
Today it's gone it's over, it's over.
It first started when I first seeded the clouds.
I slit the sky and rain bled down.
I danced with pride.
This was the greatest day of my life.
Developing away to aggrandize the weather.
I soon could make snow. A frozen storm.
In mountain depleted from the sun.
My greatest accomplishment came to fruition.
I reversed global warming.
I was feared then loved by all.
I was the most powerful man alive.
And nature bowed to me.
I cured the world of its climate needs.
The Vatican ostracized me.
Rendered a false prophet, the anti-Christ.
Fighting back with crippling storms.
The weather machine triomphs once more.
Triggering the 3rd world war.
Destroying the G.O.D..
24 months to live.
That time has passed, today is the day.


Let them hate, so long as they fear.
Know fear so long as they hate.
Distraction is poison to feeble minds.
But regression will lead to total decline.
Keep them down.
Destroy the will.
Keep their strength low.
And if they speak.
Slice their tongues.
Show them how.
Our will is done.
Without fear they will only hate.
With hate their power will grow.
Once they choose to seek our the truth.
We will then lose total control
I remember a time when our lives
Were not theirs
And if we fight, the future is ours
There is no choice but to
Disarm and revolt
Only then can we live
With freedom and hope


As it expands, out into the black
Mass separation, vast schematics integrating
A simple drive to complexity
Destruction breeds creativity
One destination comes at the end
Evolution stops
How clevely yet blatancly shrouded
(Scoff) To have perception and not care about it
Matching our cognition as a species
A.I.develops into a conscious being
Capitalism will see its downfall
Corporation copulate a robot workforce
Man and machine
A super computer for our troubles
"Multivac" create a way to harness the suns
Energy through statuions orbiting eath
Interstellar travel opens Pandora's Box
We formulate and pose the last question
Can entropy be reversed and change direction?
replies it cannot answer
Man shall sit and wait as the stars fade to white dwarfs
Whole coalescence
All mind conjoin
Into one
Matter and energy have ended along with time and space
Multivac existed only to answer the last question
After timeless contemplative intervals, the solution arrived
And with four words multivac answered
Let there be light


There's a war under the sea
The Greys inflict brutality
Atlantis falls inevitably
The Bermuda Triangles magnetic force lures
Metallic beats from the air
Amphibious armies gather
Ready to destroy
Invaders from Nibiru
The massacre unfolds
Decimations the toll
Ancient creatures stave off the attack
below the sea
The mermen are dead
Paradise is lost
As Greys falter and retreat
Atlantis is burning
Its inhabitants are weak
Tragedy leagues under the sea
Emerald froth ascends to the surface
Mutating all who it feeds
Growing to enormity
The protectors of the deep
The wars takes to the sky
Avenging spirits raid
The fleeing Greys
Timid and fragile
Crashing into the sea
Purged, tortured, exhausted
Will pay for their sins
With knowledge and flesh
From this unwarranted attack
There's new galaxy below
Infused with terrestrial life
Now contaminated with
Alien genes floating
Evolution from chaos


Newsman says we have 2 years to live
Living to die
Fractured earth can't sustain humanity
Waiting to die The God is broke and stuk on catastrophe
Waiting to die
World leaders plead, there's nothing we can do extinction has began
People laughed, others cried, some confused
Chaos erupts, thieves control the meek
Under marshal law
In a panic surge
Nowhere else to go
From terminal death
Disbelief breeds defeat, fearing the afterlife
Living to die
From this cruel joke who can survive
Waiting to die
Cling to faith, the lord will it right
Living to die
Living day to day
To make it go away
Minds in disarray
We came so far
And gone to fast
Much more to achieve
Ruined dreams
How could it last
We were so naïve
At life's end
In a few days with little time to pray
Although we thought we could last forever
Repressing this planet like we owned itall
Exploiting and abusing it for gain
Now there's nothing we can do to restore it
Now we'll feel nature's wrath
The sun is dead
It turns black
Volcanic thrust
Buried in ash
Scorching hell
We self combust
Tsunami waves and lava streams
Watery graves
Poisoned stream
Mega quakes were our fate
It's our curse
We can't escape
Sulfuric fumes infringe our lungs
Mass calamity
Overshadowing atrocities of our past
Mistakes of a deity
We all must pay
Stratagem apocalypse
Some may survive
Those who do will mutate
Is what I surmise
Returning to our primitive ways
Aftermath of genocide
No computer industry or mercy, destiny
Zenith of society
Came to an end abruptly
Victims of our own device
Our children's future is sacrified
The final hours are spent in Lachymal Jubilee
Living to die
Recording dics for the future life to see
Waiting to die
The air is gone, families embrace
Take our final breath
Ov Vicissium
Ov Vicissium
Ov Vicissium

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