Catalepsy (USA) : Godless

Deathcore / USA
(2007 - Stillborn Records)
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If you're there comforth and show yourself
Why let the millions die and burn in hell?
Because they cant belive in your so called religion
Repent now and drown yourself

I'm still here remaining unanwsered
The prayers spread still stand unheard
I'm now standing and waiting for an anwser(x2)

If you say he's real then why can't he hear(x4)

Theres something more than what you want it to be
There something more than you said it would be
Take their minds, mend them anyway you please
How can i find comfort in a god that judges me?

Get on you fucking knees, or burn in hell (x2)

This is what they teach our children,
They listen and worship your god
This is not the way to worship
To consume the minds of our youth

If he died for your sins where the fuck is he now(x4)

Where the fuck is he now?


Resistance will result in a massacre
Giving in could spell obliteration

You'll be forced to retreat
And give up everything
If that's what he wants,
Than that's what he gets.
Helpless, your people run and hide
Scattered like ants

You're fucking done.

In this war the lies are spread
Through his teeth
I'm not letting this go.

You'll swallow your pride
Or swallow your tongue.

I will not be a pawn in your torment
I cannot be a slave to your laws
But still, you remain unquestioned
In your anticipation of the end

I will rip out your throat.


As she falls to the feet of a killer
She lies trembling in fear
First she fell to his lies and deception
Now she falls to the ground

All you know your meanings to existence
All your friends and family gone
Down you fall to nothing
He will show no mercy
Battered and broken

She screams murder
And now that this is the end scream
Your pathetic life flashes before your eyes
As he drags her

He brings her to the place
Where he intends on torture
For everything you've caused
You're blamed for his misfortunes
Every time he hurt, he pictures in your face
You'll never make it through this
Maintaining innocent

And in his course of action
Fate has placed you here
In hands of certain death
Your pain, your tears
Relieves his disgust
Your pain, your tears
This isn't the end
Its now
Just beginning

He brings her to terms
Of consequently in his actions
Leads her to bleed
For nothing more than satisfaction
And if you notice a moment of weakness
Run if you can, run if you can

You'll never make it out alive
She screamed murder

4. 11:16

As she drives, lay to sleep
I hope you choke in your dream
There is no turning back,
Can you see what you've done?

I seek vengeance
For her blood
I plot vengeance for blood.

I see broken dreams through shards of glass
I'll make you beg
For what you've taken from me.
I hope you burn alive for all your fucking lies.

I can not be accounted for
The way I deal with lies.
My thought of forgiveness is your burned alive.

All your hopes and dreams
Broken, shattered by glass


Like a plague, flooding streets
Is the stench and blood of the innocent

This is everything you've been dreaming of
They still die for your benefit

Our friends still die for debts you raise.
Im not standing for all your fallacies
Were the living proof, of your treachery

Your destroyer, hands soaked in blood and oil
War, Lies, They, Cry
Whats the reason for fighting
If there's no fucking end?

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