Cassle : Midnight Fantasy (EP)

Heavy Metal / USA
(1987 - Self-Produced)
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Pushing through the years Still early in my life
I think I've found myself The perfect future wife
As the the time goes slowly by, Friends will come, and
Some will die
I've seen new faces That look the same
Before too long It's become a game
It's become a game
Up until now...

She's more than a face That I've seen before
Deep inside, She's worth a whole lot more
I've come on strong Just to make it last
We're into the future, And out of the past

I've seen some love By the gleam in her eyes
I'll prove to be better..Than all other guys
Fantasy is better When it comes to romance
She'll prove me wrong, So I'll take the chance
So I'll take the chance
Take the chance!

I'll be loving her With all my heart
Ain't nothing I know Could ever take us apart
Through life's venture I'll be by her side
The power of love Is never kept inside

Double the fortune And I'll take the fame
You can't have her She's My New Flame
Will she love me Or just push me away?
Just want to go out But not out of her way

She still has a dream That she never knew
At least she knows, That I love her too
It sure ain't Vegas But I hit the jackpot
She's My New Flame And she can't be bought

If she's not with me Then I'm on my own
I can't handle seeing The sunset alone...
The sunset alone...
Sunset alone

I got to have her here Right by my side
I guess I'll have to wait For her to decide
Just want her to know She's My New Flame
Maybe one of these days She'll feel the same

Double the fortune And I'll take the fame
You can't have her She's My New Flame


Lured by the sense of what's inside
It's never lived So it's never died
Black pearly gates, Walls of brick
Winding roads, 'til turnstiles click
Walk right in, Hear the evil voice
Can't go back, There is no choice

Innocent people, Atop their doom
Happy faces, None of gloom
A hanging man Above stretching walls
Leads inside, To lengthening halls
Moving in deeper, Staying all together
Pictures change, With stormy weather
Staring at two, They stare right back
Taken by surprise, Into a spider's trap
Dressed in evil, Face of dead
There's no harm, Just go ahead

Holding two, Enter the fright
Put in a chamber, Without a light
Up the staircase, Around the bend
Ghouls are waiting, For a friend
Time in rhythm, To a dragon's tail
See floating objects, As they sail
Looking from above, The raven sees it all
A disembodied spirit Inside a glowing ball

Materialized party, Lively guns ignite
Jumping from their tombs With ghoulish delight
An active graveyard, The air sits deathly still
Singing shadows, Become more versatile
Banshees float From organ pipes
Releasing moans Of sickly types
A rhythmic hearbeat, From the bride
Tramps don't ask, Just get inside
Up and out Of the king's domain
All that's there Will still remain
Daylight in the distance, Mistress in a dress
Locks in her hood...
"Hurry back" is all she says


The winding, bending tunnels store the little things
Memories of the past are those of ancient kings
And there the only sin was to grow old

Obsessed with truth...
We walk hand-in-hand on a deserted path
Where knights of old once stood and took the sacred
Where kings and queens have laid to rest their rule

A time of rebellion took the bravest of men
Blood shed in the forest, to die but to win
Darkness now shrouds this kingdom of old
But not of Revenge, the story untold

A dungeon, a dragon, a long-hooded maid
Tortured in silence, the price that they had paid
Beauty known behind CASSLE walls
Speaks for Revenge and Revenge for us all

Empty halls...
A century of truth divine has seen its last
Cast the tragic memories into the past
Buried in the rubble lies the sword


I've got to get out of the city, Before I go out of my
It's not just that I'm restless - just that I'm running
Out of time

Now I don't want you crying. Just get out of my way
You better take a good look at me now, baby
Cuz' you won't see me after today
Cuz' somebody's gonna turn out the lights
And everything's gonna be alright
I'm leavin' on the next plane, get off whenever it stops
Now I don't want you to worry, and I don't want you
thinking I'm lost

Cuz' somebody's gonna turn out the lights
And everything's gonna be alright
She'll take me to paradise
She's gonna make me think twice
Dead or alive
Dead or alive A Power Drive

'Cuz somebody's gonna turn out the lights
She'll take me into the night. Oh, yeah!
Dead or Alive! Dead or Alive!
A Power Drive
Oh, yeah!
Dead or Alive! Dead or Alive!
A Power Drive

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