Capricorn (GER) : Capricorn

Thrash Metal / Germany
(1993 - Shark Records)
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Livin' it up when the sun goes down
Getting loaded. my mind all stones
Double action starts me up
Got time to kill, gonna hit another cop

From downtown gutter
To the red light district
I Feel so good
With the mob in the 'hood
Paradise wasteland
I feel so good
Paradise wasteland
And the mob in the 'hood

No remorse for the man in blue
shoot or get shot it's up to you
Violence sells so make your choice
Never fuck with the toughest boys


Incredibly armed we're sneaking
Around beyond all law
Let the terror reign in our minds so dark
We're watching the world from the outdoor
Suspect of religion that knows no God

Lurking, creeping, violence still breathing
One shot from murder
One shot from murder
Like a knife in my back
Feel my soul is turning black
In a flood of sin we're drowning

Each of us so lonely
Sitting in a cage
With our heads so full of hate and rage
Lethargy will lose some day
And you'll set yourself on fire
Into another life a wicker image

One shot from murder
One shot from murder
One shot from murder
One shot from murder


I'm roaring thunder I'm howling wind
I'm the mightiest tornado you've ever seen
From 10 thousand feet
Now heading for the ground
Dancing with the devil, turning heaven upside down
Plunging into madness, I'm feeling so divine
Now's the time to set this world afire

I'm gonna burn
Never expire, gonna light up the sky
I'm gonna burn
Mr. Firestorm's gonna melt this town into form

I'm the hammer of Thor, I'm a punch like hell
I'm the ultimate overkill,
Ripping through the smoke with a breakneck speed
Writhing in death is the only drug I need
Plunging into madness I'm feeling so divine
Now's the time to set this world afire


The one hidden behind the screen
Tellin' me what to do
Digital manipulators
Guiding all my moves,
Don't you ever dare, don't you ever try
Don't you ever twist or rule my life

All of a sudden
He kind of froze in his tracks,
It took him a while to realize
Out of himself, he was just a clown
Out of his head, for sure out of his own
So light up yourself, light up your mind
Light up yourself, light up your mind

The instructions to the games we play
Reflect sadistic fun
Send our boys down to hell
No matter what they've done,
Don't you ever dare, don't you ever try
Don't you ever blind or cover up my sight

Stop dizzying my head
Won't answer you, my soul's already dead
Your orders been implanted from the start
Were killing personality, but didn't reach my heart

All of a sudden
I kind of froze in my tracks
It took me a while to fight you

Never dare. never try, never twist or rule my life
Never dare, never try, never cover up my sight


Must be early in the morning
As I raise my head
Heard an eagles cry so far above in the air
Blinded by the rising sun
Crossing my memories edge
As he spreads his wings
Takes me back to the past

Lord, there must be someone
Listening to my prayer
Lord , there must be someone out there
Does anybody hear me?
Give me peace of mind,
Oh Lord lonely is the world

Sound of battle drawing nearer
A memory never banned
From a soul that killed and never shared
But raged across the land
So many, many of them died
This is where their spirits lie
Sometimes whispering in the wind
Listen, I can hear them cry


Alone in the dark, feel him close beside you
An icy breeze blown in your neck
A wind like pain freezing all your courage
His ruthless hand will cut your head

Rising from the cold lake
He's got a date with his second fate
Nine lives to carry death
Jason bringing down the axe
And send your soul to the black

No need to scream Jason knows no mercy
Wherever you run, he's already there
So if you meet him show some sympathy
Shake hands with murder take him as a friend

Alone in the dank, feel him close beside you
An icy breeze blown in your neck
A wind like pain freezing all your courage
His ruthless hand will cut your head


Trapped in undershelters taste of bitter on their tongues
Masks to hide their image gas to fill their lungs
A kingdom in a greenhouse, the wasteland on its knees
Accept that tune of being should be taking it for real

Just like roaring thunder in the blackened rain
Just like someone touched that true evil
Take a breath like fading from a world insane
Just like someone came to bomb this world away

Bomb Eden

In theaters of power there's deserted killing fields
The flag of independence in negotiated dreams
Massacre in the jungle the wasteland on its knees
Saws are roaring louder as the pit is growing deeper

Symbols of salvation have all reduced to ash,
Blackout in metropolis
Experience sudden death
Crucifying amity, create a new disease
Grow up a worlds abortion
And bomb Eden to its knees.


Seconds passed like hours
Time stood nearly still
As he slowly crossed the dusty street
His gun already loaded
Prepared to seal his fate
Any withdrawal would be too late

Shotdown downtown
Shotdown downtown
Only one of the brave that wanted to save the world
Only one of the poor to fit the grave
And never come back for more

Entered the bar to pour his final drink
Sweat ran down his weathered akin,
Hands began to shiver courage disappeared
Clutched his belt to control his fear

Seconds passed like hours
Time stood nearly still
As he reeled across the empty street
Slowly hit the ground
All pain was somehow gone
Blood ran down his tired limbs


Life's an endless struggle
In decades of poverty
Doesn't matter what you feel in this modern slavery,
Consume! obey the economy law
It's gonna put up the limits
And no one's gonna follow

The higher they climb
The harder they fall
The harder they try, the harder they die
the harder they fall
The higher they climb
The harder they fall
The more they bleed, the more they need
The harder they fall
The harder they fall
Life's a constant battle
Setting every day
Fulfilling Darwinism in its whole simplicity
Condemned, destroyed, if not one of the few
Blessed are the fortunate abandoned are the poor


The highway's where I'm livin',
The road is where I dream
Staring at that white line
Back home is where I wanna be
Missing all the women
The best that you can get
Thinking of my buddys
At the pubs that I like best
Day after day, mile after mile
Sleepless hours. I drive all night
The radio plays the sound I like
Pouring beer by beer as time goes by
It's an endless highway
Such a lonely road
Got miles to go
It's a long way home
Long way home

Colleagues on the CB
Two weeks the same old joke
Nothing new to turn me on
Can't even smile no more


All systems on alert
Suspense fills the air
I can see nobody scared
Though it's deafness they dare
All machines ready
When a flash blinds my eyes
With everything turned up to ten
I'll lead you out of dark
Into the light

From the limits of fear
Through the boundaries of ache
Nothing to stop me
Or stand in my way
From my wildest dreams
Till the end of the game,
Nothing to keep me
From exceeding the limits
Exceeding the limits of pain

Nothing to save you
From the madman on stage
Some mean blasting voice
Enslaves you to rage
Millions will follow
Ascending the peak
Shall writhe in powerful noise
But think of what it means

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