Candlemass : Psalms for the Dead

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Spiral staircase... to the center.. of the earth
Green lit orb... siar eye... one and first
Hidden hole... pit of Jura... Serpent Cult
Descending down... steps of bone... greet the cold

Prophet Prophet
Where's the manifest of fire?
Prophet Prophet
See, his eye is made of stone

Always staring at the sun

Torchlit walk... into the dark...starless deep
Black parade... Khaalus cave...breathless steep
See, behold.. the oracle... the divine
We are thy servants 'til the end of time

Prophet Prophet
Where's the manifest of fire?
Prophet Prophet
See, his eye is made of stone

Always staring at the sun

We are the guardians of the purple flame
Please show us the start of it all... everything
The dreams, the way of the dead, the age of stars
Give us the birth and the death of eternity

Crystal globe... starblack eye... holy void
Fill our heads... with godlike threads... Speak in tounges
Tell us please... future dreams... cosmic plans
Show us the apocalypse, forevermore

Oh... Dead prophets come and go...
Like dying rainbows in the snow...
But no one spoke, no one called
Bury the false... Bury them all


The fires... are fading... believe me.. it's so quiet...
But the darkness... is breathing...
The horde's here... to steal the light!
The legions... are marching... they tell me... that you hear

Just when you thought that you were safe
A nice
The demons are gone without a trace
But hell will speak to you again... and again!!

The sound of dying demons
The sound of dying demons

So loud you can't take it no more
Satan is standing outside your door
Evil's been waiting for so long
The preachers of hell were rightand you were wrong!!

You thought the voices were dead
...You didn't listen...

The sound of dying demons
Here to touch your world
The sound of dying demons
Alive... will crush your world


Dancing in the temple of the mad queen bee
Deep in the cinnamon forest
She offers me crickets, she offers me tea
In the court of her enchanted palace

Asks me if I wanna stay
Sing with the trolls and the fays
Swim in her emerald lake
I'm dancing in the temple
Of the mad queen bee

A sip from the well
I am locked in a spell
Trapped in a grim fairytale
Endless the fun
I wish I had a gun
But I'm dancing forever... from room to room...

We dance the fandango, we do menuet
Waltz in her shadow palais
Listen to the strings of a goblin quartet
See the magic ballet

Asks me if I wanna stay
Sing with the trolls and the fays
Swim in her emerald lake
I'm dancing in the temple
Of the mad queen bee

I'm dancing in the temple...
Of the mad queen bee


Autumn wind... summers end
Leaves and grass is ageing,
As the water is as still and dark... as her eyes...

Lifeless pond... love is gone
Rains and cracks... the church is black
Ringing the hollow bells.. time after time...

Waterwitch... Waterwitch... Waterwitch...

Beauty wild... fathers weep
Little child is trapped in witches keep

Children play... Sean and Faye
All that's good is forgotten
Angels tears can't save... the witches prey..

Oh... time is standing still
She is coming for the kill
Don't be fooled by her charms
The witch means death and she means harm

Waterwitch... Waterwitch... Waterwitch...


I built a virgin tower, I'm taking to the stars
I dream of ancient power, glimmers in my eyes
Four devils guide my steosm abd seven clears te day
To greatness, feast, excess, back to immortal days

I travel with the dragon to learn and tjame the beast
I rule the pyramids, there's magic in the east

To fly and scheme, and harvest all the dreams
That leads to love and holy wars
There's evil... evil... Evil in my mind

I turn the secret page, I cross the sands of time
I see the kings of Thebe, got richness before my plate
The great and fagolous will kneel beofore my throne
I am the son of god, my madness is my own


Is there a sun there in your hand?
A little light that battles with itself
Is there a message in the sand,
That tells me how to set the world in flames?

Do people cry or is it rain?
Do we care... do we count the stains?
When will the sunrise stay a day?
Laugh and shine, or is it all the same?

Psalms for the dead
Song for the living
And a wreath for absent friends

So tell me... fools and trubadours,
Can a simple stream grow into a flood?
A beggar man, become a president?
And a sip of wine be shared... and thick as blood?

Idols, gods... Dictators and divine,
is this the path where blind men lead the blind?
What is love, but only a dream...?
Those pains and pures were meatn to set us free!

When time is gone, the page is turned
The door is closed and all is done and said
The band has played... the spotlight's burned
All that's left are
Psalms for the dead


Genocide destination
A scientific race
Symptoms of the evolution?
We're fresh out of the caves!

Bow and arrow, fangs and fur
Neanderthals and cars
We burned the flame and tamed the earth
Looked up to the stars

The dogs, the apes... the buffalo
The fire and the wheel
From Trojan wars to World War II
The invention of steel!

There's time for sin, there's time for laughter
Wonders in the lab
Babylon is still a whore
But the best time that we had!

Who stoppped the clock?
Who threw the rock
The killing of the sun!

We see atom, the crates of Jupiter
A cure for cancer, science is the word
What is progress when the streets of London burn
Who are we fooling?
The dance of Lucifer!!!


I can hear the siren wail begin
Lovechants that'll bring me everything
Step out to the woods or let them in
The world goes numb when the sirens sing

I see the light high upon the hill
I'm drawn towards, I feel the sirens will
Have I becomea victim of the wild?
I wish I could sleep on like a child

At the gallows pole
Oh, you're swallowed whole
The siren will suck on your soul

The siren pack will feast upon my soul
Lick me dry and step over my bones
I can't resist, can't refuse no more
The sirens they will sing for evermore!

Where do the voices of angels come from?
Deep down below or above?
Carols of crystal
Serenades of blood
Promising eternal love


Time is short... time is endless
Time is linear but also a relative factor that
Moves rather unnoticed form point A to B.
Time is a force not to be taken lightly....

Because time never forgets
Time heals nothing...
Time is a black hole that consumes energy,
Ambition and love...
Time is dangerous!
Time... quite frankly... doesn't give a shit!
And above all... time is black
It is your enemy!
Time is decline and decay... time is deaty!

It follow you everywhere you go until it inexorably
Leaves you behind
Time counts your every step... every year, month,
Week and minute... tick tock tick tock...
And when the reaper breathes you in the neck...
It is there... stealing the very limited precious
Shares of time that are left...

Slowly and almost unnoticed... second by second...
Tick tock tick tock
Tick tock... it continues the countdown closer to
Your grave... until it finally stops!!

Time is black!!

She's the truth, o hail the Queen
The universal binding seem
Life and death, every second
Kneel, thy majesty is present

Time will lead me to my grave
It never sleep...never saves
The queen of time rules, will see us fall

Time is black... Black as the sun
Time is black... Black as wine

Time as black
Time as black

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