Candlemass : Dactylis Glomerata

Doom Metal / Sweden
(1998 - Music For Nations / GMR Music Group)
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1. Wiz

Thunder and lighting, action, come fire, come rain
The wizard is playing god in his armchair again
Cyberlike snake eyes they burn
The man with the black cat will show us what tricks he has

Abraxas, Abraxas, he's building cathedrals of air
Climbing the skies like a madman because they are there
Magic master control
He's hiding in a secret black hole

Man of Miracles, who are you and what you can do?
Will you live forever in your den feeling so blue?
Magic master control
He's hiding in a secret deep black hole

2. I Still See the Black

I'm standing up, I'm sitting down
A precious jewel - creation's crown?
Someone is holding my breath
Someone is finding my fears
While the self got lost as the world appeared

Gimme more, gimme less
Than soulless death in the nightingness
I'm missing the moments of love, missing the moments of truth
But hell ain't too bad when you go where there's people you

Love is such a thing
All join hands and we shall sing
Bade in all its light
And tomorrow brings new life

I Still See the Black

You can walk with me
You can talk with me
You make love to me
I recall
Feed me cake and glass
Put me in a trance
Just the same romance
as before

3. Dustflow

Nothing and nothing I see
Nothing and nothing I hear
When the seasons change
When the children play
In these clouded days
The doubts will stay

Right by my side
In flood and tide
Dust soaks my eyes
My love is denied

The sun and the moon and the stars
If someone could tell who you are
But the seasons fled
And the Blackbirds dead
All the doubts will stay

Right by my side
In flood and tide
Dust soaks my eyes
My love is denied

4. Karthago

Where were you as the sun died
Spewing out its collapse
Did you care as heaven slowly fried

Missing out on the Swansong
You were never that keen
But my death was a knockout
I believe

It's a cold December
I count my wounds as ever

And that day was the seventh
When blood fell from the sky
You turned your back as the nightfall
Closed my eyes

or old millennium
I still count the cost
With runs left to remember
Who I was

It's a cold December
I count my wounds as ever
It's worth all pain forever
To see your beautiful face

5. Abstract Sun

Abstract sun, you're the Sanskrit in my book
Dominion, innocence and pride you took
As a god, I drink the beauty with my eyes
As a man, I do become what I despise

The first time I tried, I bled and I died
Out of the jar to this flamboyant star
Drawn like a moth, clutching because
The idol was there, I approached struck with fear

Locust sun, you're the apple and the pie
Appolyon, wrapped in ash and so am I
And I ask, do men cry or am I wrong?
Gone too far will I live to end this song?

Again now I crept, I saw and I wept
So near, still so far, I'm nothing at all
The last time was right, I gave you my life
The purpose I found and now I am gone
Into the Abstract Sun

6. Apathy

I sleep inside the machinery
Letting it all go
Wait, keep, preserve the cold within yourself
What more is there to know
Watchin' seven holy man bring on the funeral bell
Flashing it so all can see
They sink it in a pond
Torching open corridors up and down and inside out
I close the gap that bears my name
My hart and my soul

The hours stop and fill the room
I cannot see the sun from here
Bloated red and black like death
I've seen it before
Somewhere there's a one way street
Leading to an empty house
Maybe you will find this town called Apathy
I wait for you there

7. Lidocain God

I'm drowning in colours
In a pool of flaming stars
All the giants are dead
It doesn't matter who you are
I'm floating in light
Plastic rooms and liquid space
Nothing in sight
But the freak that wears my face

8. Soothe Me into Oblivion

Trading thoughts with the moon
Do you know about infinity?
And with a broken spoon
I bless the ones without clarity
I see through these walls
The godlike urge, feverish fireworks
So when reality calls
I'm back inside my wonderworld

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