Candlemass : Ancient Dreams

Doom Metal / Sweden
(1988 - Active Records / Powerline Records)
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1)Mirror Mirror

Mirror, mirror upon the wall
Magic demon eye
A realm of madness
Awakened by the call

Speak the ancient words of mages
Try to take control
The essence of evil,
A challenge for your soul

The battle of minds
The riddle the rhymes
Beware of the darkness behind
Usurped and enslaved
Redeemed and betrayed
The devil in the mirror, obey!

Iridescent pulsation light
Glowing in its heart
The surface is reflecting
Nightmares of your mind

Green mist swirling deep within
A dark dimension takes from
The grip of clawed hands drags you inside

Enchanted with powers to conquer your soul
Good or evil it won`t mind
The mirror of darkness is blind

Feel the presence, the voice of the dark
Break the balance, intrudes your mind
Try to deny, oh master of fools
Captured forever, the loser learns the rules

2)A Cry From the Crypt

Hear the cry
The cry of tormented pain
A voice darker than Evil
The deadly moaning of hell

Oh no!
The unborn has tasted no life
Sharing the rest of the dead
Not aware that the years that go by

Lurking in the shadows
Twisted shape of creeping terra
Guarding something special
Gone since ages, dead and buried
...dead and buried

There`s a cry from the crypt

It has been there for a thousand years
A lonely, lost and suffering soul
Shedding all its black tears
Faithful beyond death
Cries of pain you hear
From the crypt below
The one the being loved so much
Has turned into dust

3)Darkness in Paradise

I`m standing here in silence
This graceful place of peace
Watching the shadows come closer
The birds they sing no longer
The winds they blow no more
With fear of death
I`m waiting for the night to fall

The sun will set forever
One after one the stars they die
The rainbow has turned to black
Darkness has fallen in paradise

Love is lost in memories
All beauty and all light
Have vanished from the
Garden of delight
The Devil and his gift
The heart he stole away
But innocence was lost long ago

The morning will come no more
Our dreams are all gone
Midnight has come to stay
Darkness has fallen in paradise

Oh father please forgive us
Forgive us all our sins
Please bring your light
Again to lead our way
But my prayers are not answered
They fade out to die
And so does the last gleam of hope

I know my death is near
Far beyond my dreams
My fate is waiting
To show me the light... I believe

4)Incarnation of Evil

"Edge of time, the dawn of our heaven
All is black the return of the fallen angel
Amongst us, a devil is disguise
The preacher of the wicked
Establishing his kingdom"

A million souls so lost and damned
Alive but not so well
And the devil raised his hand
And sent them down to hell

Just like your father held your hand
He`s watching over his creed
Damnation and death, they`ll burn in flames
No matter how they plead

To you, coming for your soul

Just like a shepherd assembling his flock
This one rules hell`s domain
Satanic force, Lucifer`s power
Attack, and he will reign

Into the night we will go

Out from the night he comes
Saviour but black
"Won`t you come, come and join us"?
You had better!
There`s no time to beg for mercy
The devil says no, no
You`ll be his faithful servant
This time on earth

Black is the devil, Antichrist
The Tempter damned your birth

Listen to the wicked, sell your soul
Forever hell awaits

5)Bearer of Pain

Once a year the white robes go on a quest
In search of a virgin, a child of innocence
Born of Apollon divine is the heritage
Chosen by foe to accomplish a holy task

Bearer of pain, Bearer of pain
Lighten the burdens of woe
Bearer of pain, Bearer of pain
Heal the wounds of the city

Up in the tower, the nerve of the city so high
Treated like a princess,
But imprisoned by the will of her fate
Concentrating, feeling the pain how it flows
Through the walls of the city into her soul

I bear your weight upon my shoulders
I bleed for you and pray
I hear your moaning in my mind
I comfort night and day
From my tower to your foundations
My soul reaches through your walls
Market square of guarded bastions
I answer to your calls

The tears of the city wiped away by summer breeze
The pain is lightened by sweet, sweet dreams
The cries of despair are silenced with a lullaby
Sleep my child, I`m with you, we are one

Now a year her chamber is opened again
Led by servants, the old one is barely sane
Marked by her burdens, the guardian can finally rest
Replaced by another, carrying on the continuing test

6)Ancient Dreams

Reach deep within where reality is hard to find
Search in the corners of the winding mazes of your mind
Seek out the treasures that open doors that some keep sealed
Believe in your dreams and a wonderworld will be revealed
Come to the boundless land somewhere inside your fantasies
Built by dreams and magic the secret place that none have seen

Chase the horizons, catch the illusion
Remember the child within
There`s no tomorrow just sadness and sorrow
Hold on to the Ancient Dreams

Great kings and tyrants, unicorns and elflords
Devils and demons, dungeons and dragons
Phoenix is rising up from the ashes of the wind
Born into glory, then back to ashes once again
High flies the dragon, the ruler of the seven skies
Riding the winds, not knowing that he just can`t die

See how the wizard cast his spell with maddened eyes
Using his magic to reach the heavenly skies
Witness the alchemist turning all his lead to gold
Try after try, begging that his fantasy will hold
See how the rainbow bends it shape into the sea
Follow the sign and your dreams will be reality

7)The Bells of Acheron

A distant calling,
A faint echo form the past
The bells are still tolling,
The message of sadness and death

In the city of Acheron
The priests burned the Book
Worshipped false Gods
Scoffed at the good
Desecrated the altar
Spat on the cross
Teared down the temples
And laughed at their loss
Oh faith... oh faith...

Stone on stone,
The ringing goes on and on
Attracting a memory,
Forgotten and nowhere to be found

Forged by the mighty
Admired by the great
Once blessed by the holy
Protected by fate
Announcing the twilight
The wrath of the Gods
The city of Acheron
Was drowned by the flood

The bells of Acheron

8)Epistle No. 81

Mark how our shadow, Mark Movits mom frere
One small darkness encloses
How gold and purple that shovel there
To rags and rubbish disposes

Charon beckons from tumultuous waves
Then trice this ancient digger of graves
For thee ne`er grapeskin shall glister
Wherefore my Movits come help me to raise
A gravestone over our sister

Even desirous and modest adobe
Under the sighing branches
Where time and death, a marriage forebode
Twixt beauty and ugliness ashes

To thee ne`er jealousy findeth her way
Nor happiness footstep, swift to stray
Flitteth amid these barrows
E`en enmity armed, as thou seest this day
Piously breaketh her arrow

The little bell echoes the great bells groan
Robed in the door the precentor
Noisome with quiristers prayerful moan
Blesses those, who enter

The way to this templed city of tombs
Climbs amid roses yellowing blooms
Fragments of mouldering biers
Till black-clad each mourner,
His station assumes
Bows there deeply in tears

9)Black Sabbath Medley

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