Bywar : Heretic Signs

Thrash Metal / Brazil
(2003 - Kill Again Records)
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Hear the screams of a soul possessed by fire
You know it's a virgin girl
Her eyes are read diabolic speech
And her face now is melting down
She hits the cross, spiting blood for all the sides
With rage and the pentagram shines
Why devil choose? This girl so pure
This is the thirst of the evil attack!

Show her the cross or choose prayers
This will not save her from rape
Save her body from the high strike
The hope is over now...

Who gonna stop the fire
Heretic signs
The priest asks the presence
The exorcist

The dark bedroom it's cold and smells like
Rot sulphur from dimensions of hell
The priest bows to God and pray for light
Of heaven from the keeper of cross
The minutes pass away and the heretic signs
Smash the hope of all
Waiting the death, cause persecution is fatal
And will kill some hope in this case


Future reserve us a blind horror's trap
We're feeling the smell of death
The guillotine will cut our heads

Science and Church united their stand
Possessed by evil want
Resurrection of the icon one. No...

Evil tests
Can raise the dead
Who can be the next?
Maybe your endless breath

They want a new kind of Christ
Science and Church gonna smile
The twin of God without sins
Madness guiding monstrosity

Prophecies foresee a new Antichrist
This icon can be a lie
Or perhaps now it's time

And the child will born and soon will roam
Masked and helpful will lie
On his head 666

Bow to him
Don't know what is
But soon you'll see
And finally the world goes bleed


Restore your life and relax in your bed
Think! In your day and senses
Reduce all your endless thoughts

Conclusion of pain! Pain of heart
Death no!!! Sadness!!! That's strange
This fucking life, my inner self wants live

Simple glance, a movie in your brain
Vicious mind, bath in blood
Inner rot... Explode in a scream
Run and don't look behind!!! The cruel fate

Now it's time I see a smashed face
Deformed, in darkness all proclaim
No one! Save their rotting mind

The time goes on... It seems bought life
I feel... Included the real pain
But now... Isn't time to open my eyes


3050... Aliens attack a spellbound is ripping the sky
The war force explode, the death hit is cold
A time machine brings the war from some past
The frost cut our souls, moon against earth
The soldiers prepare now their sword
Anybody knows!!! Who did this war back
Can hurt and meltdown mankind's rest

Dimensional gate can take our life to there
Thunder is our sign, a call will announce your time
Genghis Kan lives the ultimate warrior you'll see

Frozen... Deadly... War
Screaming... Blood and gore

Radiation and disease, the black mass will cry
In a time that machine govern
The space burns so hot. The star wars is true
As we all see in past times
The future is uncertain. As we see the present
And we all shall pay by last nights
The science create and involve us in war
Nothing can help us in fight


You close your eyes and you're so far away
Walking and scared with this new place
Tying to remember what war happened
The final line! You are! And rise the question

In endless line?
You're dead or alive
Confused mind
Hear choirs of souls
They're driving you mad
You cannot die twice in this hell

Hear now! Feel the strike
Of your last life
Human demise
Someone! Froze your soul
You got no choice
Have no rebirth

All your life you seek the death in vein
Understanding the guilty of your way
The rope in your neck with life again
And this piece of hell you gonna stay!!!


The Guillotine rips, the strike just begun
A deadly lightning frighten the past
The man that doubt, kill by the Christians
A black page that word cannot hide
Is this law of God? Torture and burn
This people that don't follow Christ
Centuries of pain, many souls burnt
A vengeance without reason and sense

Your creed is forbidden, just receive Christ
This words imposition by killers
Your home was burnt, sanctuary destroyed
'cause you haven't cross on wall
Executed like witch, burnt and hanged
A book learnt how can kill
Many people are blind, by Christian's church
A feat that kill millions in masses

Accept or die...
Fell the fire, from Christian's crime
In the sign... Inquisition's time
A black page they cannot hide

2000 years pass, the slaughter survive
Holy wars spilling the blood
The history is the same, religion's battle
We're forced to believe in their laws
The killers from the past are the same today
The monks, the friars, the priests
Inquisition lives, still for long time
As long our mankind believe


Three missions around the chosen one
The breath, the word and the faith
Just with your persistence you gonna pass
The way of the hill is closing near

Christian people killing to protect it
Giving their lives to posses
The cross on their chest, the sign of God
Maybe they were the ones

Angels of death passing like fire
Showing the persistence signs
Taking from your last passage
Saying that no one can save it

Recover is the wish, but wish is for what?
There's nothing that lord have not done
Just holding in hands? The way to meet God?
Posses the grail it's a wish in vain


(no lyrics available)

10. VOID

I was in places that I've never saw before
Hidden among these walls
Talking with the wind around
I kissed someone that I've never met in life
I've never dreamed or thought
Know this place so cold and frightening

I felt there was some in my body
I don't know but was so good
I was totally out of dimension
In this place so cold of intention
Suddenly everything disappeared
Silence aways live at my side
Felt a strongest void too deep
I heard the death so close to me

Lost in this world
See some things and it's so strange
Far, I hear a choir, pure and beauty clear my mind
World shuts in V and feel my senses alive
Maybe can be right the end of my empty life


Before my eyes watching you die
Alcohol hitting your brain
Feeling and desire metal you'll find
The raven dwelling all your dreams
Thrashers breaking the rule in this world
Fucking society (it's a shit)
Face all your ways, do what you think
Headbanger destruction will stand

In metal trance, smashing, destroying this way...
In metal trance, the only drug that ourselves need

The leather, the spikes, the beers makes me rise
My soul forever possessed
You'll win your fears, the noise is a medicine
Merciless reason to live
Estranged we will fight, with metal we'll try
Poisoning this world and threat
Join us and hear, drinking this pill
People screaming 666

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