Burning The Masses : Volatile Existence

Technical Death / USA
(2007 - Self-Released)
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And when it came to sit
It's wings folded
At it's own sides
Taking flight over the sky
A creature made by fear
It seemed senseless to try and fight the beast
With so many slain uncountless
As then it came to me
With wings of fire
Burning the town
Left no sound
Die endlessness
As I watch you scream
You will not change
With wings ablazed
As then it came
With wings laid in pieces
As then it came
Your time, a time for destroyed
To sons of the fucking sin
Screaming exhuasted pain
If dies if you're alive
To the sons of fucking sin
It does see what's left
Before you walk away
Ignore what rests behind
It's hunger thirsts for more
Let's rise and set out for the beast of the sky


Hydrogen Cyanide is a colorless gas
With a faint bitter almond like odor
Cruel fashioned murder with an old fashioned disguise
Releasing a poisonous gas, to decieve your eyes.
Don't trust your eyes, eyes!
Perfect murder itches in the back of your mind
Laying out the plans for you time to execute
Rushing home to prepare a laced enchanted meal
You loved ones are blind to your suicide holocaust
Time to execute
Excute your plan
All you have is, potassium cyanide!
Existing troubles will soon fade away
Greeny intentions, you posses no remorse.
This white powder will consume your bloodline
Leaving behind a trace of disphoric story.
Entering your control nervous system!
Cyanide murder suicide!
Judas of the saints, of the saints.
Your tunnel sees no light.
The ingestion of cyanide and cessation of respiration!
Emotional and instantaneous collapse.




Kept away from fear and hate
Drag out all your rage
With no one to stop you now for
They won't hear your pleed
Fall! for your, your dying lives
As they bow down at your feet
Fall! for your, your laughing cries
As I begin to bathe in your blood
All eyes inside, rest on
All eyes inside, rest on me
All eyes inside, rest on me!
Before your own downfall
You'll be sacrificed
This is not of my life
Your dark will see light
With your life
With your life!
With your life!
Drag them to see sovereignty
And let them see the throne
Kill the motherfucker and don't give a fuck
See, for he sees, he is a fool
For the feeding, a cold disease


As their motive sets in
Enter the ring
They became the marks and our motto's
Implosive rage
Brought demise for everything
You're addicted
What once was shall not be
Put before the sun
For this hypocrisy
I see your pain
And now it seems no one, can free men and be done
Volatile Existence!
I think i've felt your fear
Still for the departed to actually see
At their dead bodies




You waste your filthy breath
And all your time on thee
To cast aside what you once then believed
Screaming for a chance of revelation
Turned back from your own foundation
As they walk!! Still too see, creeping free
They come with all thats mine (burning flesh)
They help the diseases spread, (their faces full of shit)
Their brains gushing out (your dead!)
Sent in to set them fucking free, stealing your soul
Still I can't fucking see, where they fall
Fuck that shit your dead, you waste your filthy breath and all your time on thee
With this crucifix you'll weep, and scream, and die
Digging through their teeth, killing my own disease
Your soul is empty, tear off your own throat
Digging through their teeth, killing whats mostly dead
Crushing the false side , seeking toward certain life

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