Buckcherry : Time Bomb

Hard Rock / USA
(2001 - Dreamworks Records)
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It's after midnight the sucker's faded, turn out the porch light and feel the front side

The cold sweat, the presentation, the fighting, and this head of mine, tone deaf and out of place in another state and I'm back on the font line

We never see you when your fallen breath left hypnotized, can't quite deliver it so stay with this and you'll feel the front side


Short life, the face invaders, the heartaches, and my state of mind, can't wait to turn out late and get so fucking out of line



You take my energy, destiny, eat me up cause your starving lady, starving lady, lady

Got all your blasphemy, sodomy, beat me up cause you like it baby, like it baby, baby


Feel the front side


Everyone take your places we're fucking it up going crazy, another town witch way to roll and you know that we're taking it

Stoned baby loves to go riding she loves it cause she's sick in the head, lights down music loud and you know that we're making it

We're going riding, we're gonna find away, we're going riding and when the fear has left you put one down and go home

Phat like a fiend on a payday the crazy days have taken their toll, and if you think the roads a bore well you know that your faking it

Your so upset but complacent I know a place that you otta go, Calvins in the back your face in my lap and lets roll


All the way from the west side of town we get up and we never come down got the juice and we're loose cause we want to get wasted

Fucked up from the left side down and mom and dad are out of town you know they don't like it when your stoned



The minute I'm at the backdoor that's the minute there's complication

The second I'm in the action another bonafied bad creation

When it goes down they come around money, greed, the faces

When it falls down they won't be found the spotlight queen chasin

It's coming for you it's coming for me life ain't nothing but bitches and money

Nothing to loose nothing for free can't stop now I got bitches and money

It's a time bomb

The moment I hit the bedroom that's the moment I'm activated

The token I spend to floor ya the less I want to know ya



The longer I get before ya puts out a blast like a super nova

And if you want a roller coaster just take a slow ride on my shotgun





I got this pleasant view late night working avenue, never had a chance to love you never want to see you cry

Thank God it's quitting time fuck me harder kill the lights, never had a chance to love you never want to see you cry, never had a chance to love you hard cock nasty mind

Take off your clothes and shut the door, pornographic monster on the floor, that's what you like I'll come some more, don't you know we fuck for money I'm a big dick motherfucking porno star

In my face on top again a dead lay lover never wins, never had a chance to love you never want to see you cry

The best fuck you'll ever have a good job from a working man, never had a chance to love you never want to see you cry, never had a chance to love you hard cock suicide


The rain keeps falling down shelter me I'm wet, sacred heart is burning there's a princess in my arms

I don't want to waste away tonight a starlight face a party, like some time to figure out a link to your eyes and to your mind

I wanna be alone this evening too much to hide don't want the world to see me, wait till I'm whole and find a place in the sun, and never pick up the phone

My friend keeps stalling he is restless he is scared, lonely heart is turning smell the sweetness in the air




Sing me a song cause I don't want to hear my life go by

Sing me a song and let the melody dance through our hearts tonight

And if you face it find that the love we can make is so strong

Forget what their saying stay true to yourself and move on

I see the city at night I see the street life, the restaurants, the passerby's

Somebody's home to the shower they go clean the stress away

Is anyone out there to the heartbreak station I'm gone

Forget what there saying stay true to yourself and move on

I don't want to live my life today I'm all out of love and I'm tired of changing

I hope you can help pass the time away is anyone out there to the heartbreak station I'm gone

I fell out of love this time again can't stand one more fight I'm too tired and crazy I know someday I will be strong again forget what their saying to the heartbreak station I'm gone


Somebody save me from domestic suicide, don't try and sell me on the safer things in life

Feel me, hold me, hate me, scold me, never change your mind

Take me, know me, kiss me, stone me, open up my eyes cause I'm dying

I'll never leave you underneath always want your company I need your love

I am defective I'm a diehard and a fiend, not off the bullshit train the truth is what I need



Do you ever remember when we stayed up through the night, I will always remember how you made me feel I'll never leave you



What is wrong with you can't we both just get along I see the hesitation in your eyes

Take me back again maybe we can work it out you know I hate to see you when you cry

Slit my wrists and I'll just fade away

The Corolinas where I want to lay

And if I walk away from here I'll never be the same can't you see it's not about you

I'm so sick of it, one more fight and all these problems is they're anything you like

Have you had enough I'd give my life for one last touch open up cause I'm coming in


Late night masquerades, a quiet sea and our devotion, we fall asleep I hold you closer

Teenage wasteland aren't we crazy now

I can't carry on don't you know that I still love you we can make it here tonight

Let's just run away back to everything we live for just let go and close your eyes



Wasted youth and mad as hell, my friends keep asking me are you ok man your eyes are blazing

I can't get over it, this shit is killing me my body's aching hands are shaking

I'm cutting down you heard the line, whiskey in the morning one more time, hit that cigarette colt 45, whiskey in the morning can't stop drinking gonna die

I can't stop thinking of where I was before the drugs, a young daydreamer fixed on screaming

Still really love the life, drinking, snorting, smoking eyes super jaded loaded hated


I go out every night helpless secrets lifeless eyes, tore up faded no give taken

Still really love the life, drinking, snorting, smoking eyes, sweat leaf space case hands are shaking


Can't stop drinking gonna die!

10. YOU

Talk to me tonight is everything alright help me understand you

You go out with your friends, talk to other men and our love life is a wasteland

And with the change a new test of faith to help us through tomorrow a condition of the love we made

Cause things won't change without you, forfeit the lies that maimed you I want to dance with the lions and change things but I can't do it without you

You told me I'm the one and now you're out of love in your eyes it's hard to find you

If we could take some time and cut out all the lies I'd find a heart more stable


So take it easy girl you're falling through the night, your Mona Lisa eyes will comfort me the rest of my life


When love has hit your eyes I'll never say goodbye we stand alone tonight without you, without you……you


Your like a stone baby all alone baby come alive when you're high

I'm on the road steady hot as hell ready I'm the next one in line

Slamin, it's your back side baby off the hook and so out of line

Slamin, is your top side heavy damn you got to give me some time

We gotta sex lady stone cold crazy let me come from behind

I'm on the phone beggin give me a piece of heaven I'm only here for the night


After the last song she comes around Saturdays, holidays, we're always making the rounds

I need some face woman please be my dirty lover just do wrong don't do right

I'm on the stage burnin keep the heads turnin give it all for the life


12. FALL

Maybe I am lost and complicated, tell me are you sick of it at all, tied down, tore up, threw up, held up, sinking, you take me with you even though your done

Loving you gave me a heart attack, now I'm this long lost soul left with these empty feelings

Now I'll all I want is just to get you back, cause it's a long life babe and I'll be standing here just to see you fall

Are you dealing with a bad connection, broken down from the love we lost, stand out, hold up, back off, roll up, drinking, you take me with you even though your done


a story about revenge


Are you strong enough do you feel my touch you are the comfort in my eyes

Moving through the lust feeling dangerous I want to open the door to your life

The steps we take on the way to free our minds

And lives have changed by the way we free our minds

And being with you was the moment I opened my eyes

When you sleep at night are your dreams delight do all your fantasies fill your head

I want to dance with you with the midnight moon one in motion and do it again


Breathin in breathin out your love

Breathe it in breathe it out my love

Breathin in breathin out your love

Coming closer now to this love we found are you able to take this flight

It's come down to this the first time we kissed like the ocean we sway you and I


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