Bronz : Send Down an Angel

NWOBHM / United-Kingdom
(1984 - Bronze Records)
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Something 'bout you, lady
My eyes can't see
Reborn to love's replies
ls that how it ought to be
Walking round in circles
She can‘t make up her mind, you know
She believes in fantasies
The figures are easy to find
Easy to find, well

[Chorus :]
Send down an angel
Put an end to all the lies
Bearing the flame to bring back
The sparkle to her eyes
Send down an angel
Send down an angel (angel)

Suddenly there is no-one
To really call a friend
Someone to cry to
Someone who cares
Sinking to the bottom
She's reaching for the top
She's at the end of a road, you know
She's never gonna stop
Gonna stop, won't you

[Chorus ]

l've been waiting a lifetime
I've been waiting, babe, so

[Chorus with ad lib and fade]


I look in her eyes
But I'm thinking of you
Told all of those lies
So I could spend time with you
You've got me in
But you can't get me out of it
It's all becoming clear
Must do something about it

[Chorus1 :]
Fear's going through me
I'm facing a wall
lt.'s catching up to me
There's nothing left for me at all

[Chorus2 :]
l‘m telling the cold truth
And nothing but the truth
l‘ll tell the story
The cold truth
And nothing but the truth
It's gonna be the death of me

I think of how much
I’ve said never again
Oh, but then came your touch
And I had to give in
You knocked me cold
And I never came out of it
The story's often told
Never thought l'd be part of it
Now I know
I'm not really sure of
Which way I'Il turn
One thing’s for sure now
Either way l'|l burn

[Chorus 2]

I never said it was all right
I never thought at all
If she loves me or leaves me
I end up taking a fall

[Chorus 1]
[Chorus 2 and fade]

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