Breakdown Of Sanity : The Last Sunset

Metalcore / Switzerland
(2009 - Self-Released)



Welcome To The Downfall!


You made me blede inside
Stop hide and seek
It's time to face the fact
I think we reached our flatline now

What have we become?
This is human error
A bloodbath with no sense in it

So finish harassing me
You're like the perfect murder

You act with no remorse
No empathy at all
But I miss your disease

Miss your disease / it's your disease
Your game, your rules

This is my system's failure / self-destructive
A throat cut of consciousness
I'm still suffocating
It was your game, your rules
I never really got a chance to win against your mania
But listen,,fuck your trip!

This time you were no crack addict

Anyway, I wish you some peace of mind
Hope you can change a bit and breath for a while...


I know you aren’t responsible
For the rise of my distrust
Please forgive me
For the rise of my distrust
Please forgive me

But by and by it destroys my inner force
The first thing in my head when I wake up
Save my heart
You are the last thing in my head when I fall in sleep
You could destroy it
All I want is just the truth to trust
All I want is trust
My heart dies by suffering

I'm afraid to fall again

I look into your eyes
And try to see behind the walls
The walls of silence

My heart in your hands
I hate the past
You could destroy it
But all I need is the truth
Is just the truth
You could break me into pieces with one fuckin' lie

Save my heart

It's like the kiss of death

I kissed the death
My heart in your hands / it could break again
So save my fuckin' heart

Your words are like paste
I can't see their real shape.


My tears are dark like the night
I've never felt so cold like this
Break away from you
I can see the smile on your face
I spent my lifetime
Hope - I'm hoping it would come to me
We covered by a mask

I'm still alive
But without eyes
I'm dying deep within
Try to replace
Change my life
But then I suffocate

I lost the lies
I've never realized the fuckin truth
There's more in this world than I thought to see
You're nothing better
You can not hide 'cause you won't change your face
I spent my lifetime
Hope - I'm hoping it would come to me
We covered by a mask

I'm covered by a mask
You won't forget me

There is nothing I would change
Given a chance to rearrange
I wouldn't part with a single day, not today

Where is my sunrise?
Where is my horizon to begin again to descry
A new life for some hope
Because hope dies last
Regret till death
Because hope dies last

I can not hide behind a mask of utter satisfaction
I'm feeling all this

You will lose your face!.


What's my name?
Who's to blame?
What's your deal?
To dash my hopes?

Read my lips
Feel you nothing?
You know I'll bet you think you have
A good reason to live in your own world
There`s a place where you belong
But you're weakened by the poison

Who has fed you with a fucking lie?
They don't believe in you
Don't care about anyone
Trust in nothing - in nothing but in me
The real words seem to hurt you
Well put em' up motherfucker!

Can you feel it?!
Feel me

Can you hear me or are you deaf and dumb?!
Feel you nothing when I stamp it on your face?!

I don't understand why you dig one's own grave?
A fat lot you care
You waste your poor life
You waste your time

We are no one
Feel you nothing?
You know I'll bet you think you have
A good reason to live in your own world
Trust in nothing but in me

Nothing but in me
Trust in nothing
Nothing but in me

I trust in nothing
In nothing but in me

Read My Lips!

Who the fuck you are
Oh no god........No!!!

Take your hand back

It`s my life!.


Now our world has entered
In this dark age of inane bloodshed
Blind by hate, slaved by fear
The face is marked by sorrow
Can’t you see the signs?!

Shaded by dreadful crimes
Greed and selfish plans
Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish
Between day and night

Can you feel the blame
Where is the resistance!?
That will be the last chance
You know that

You act without human sanity
You make things unforgiveable
With your fuckin selfish plans
Regardless of the consequences

You're a pain in the neck
I think a bullet is the only way
One bullet left

Betrayal is breaking up the trust
It’s like a sickness
So fight against the violence
Betrayal is breaking up the trust
It’s like a sickness

This is our resistance.


I feel so incomplete
I never want to change, but I think I'm gonna fold
It's all the same to me
I can't erase the darkness in my mind
I can't rise
I'm falling down again

Last hope
So I want my life back

I thought I'm strong enough to pull the strings of life
But you're pulling away
Another fight to wish away the loneliness
Another face that I don't know
I'll drown in this life

Give me something good and I'll fuck it up
I'll fuck it up

Tears of angels are falling down
And I hope to get them
If I don't get my way

My dreams are fading now
I try to be the man I really am
My dreams are fading now
I don't know what to do
But sit here and wait for the end of the world
I want my new life
Tell me now how should I feel

Fuck you.


Sometimes I lie awake
So lost for words
So lost to tell you how I feel

So terrified of changing what I thought was real
It's too bad
You're gone
It's too bad

You're not alone
You're so lost for words
There is something more
I know what you feel deep inside

So I will find my own way
There's one reason in the end
I always ask myself how can I save my fuckin' day
Tell me I'm your friend but you're wasting your breath

That is too bad
I lie awake
Should I give up?!
I search my destiny for my heart
Should I give up?!
You're so lost for words
You're fuckin' lost, you fuckin' whore

More than a friend?
No way!


I'll just fade away
You break me away

I can see it in your face
It seems like I'm lost in dreams
It's always the same
Everything is going to fade
Darkness is surrounding me
There's no hope, no energy, nobody who cares
I can't get out of this misery

I see, all I can see
I'm hoping for a new life
I'll just fade away
And the time can tell me that

I'm face down but no one knows
That I can't erase it
Do you feel it now?
Do you?!

I try not to hate you
Cause that's the way I've been
So it's time to payback now

I try not to hate you
But it just won't go away
Cause that's the way I've been
So it`s time to payback now

Look down

You still push me down
Break me away.


A foreign voice told me a lie
And I guess I shouldn’t listen
In my dreams I saw you die
But I guess I shouldn’t listen

Maybe I became insane

Maybe I became insane
As I stand with a knife in the rain
My head is screaming for blood
And I smile when I hear this shot

The voice woke me up
But I guess I shouldn’t listen

Can you hear this voice?
It's fucking killing me

My hands are shaking in the dusk

I can't control my dreams
You can look away, but you can't turn a deaf ear
This voice in my head
I'm afraid to follow the words
Please give me a sign

The voice is growing bigger
And I guess I can't do this shot

And then I pull the trigger
And I think I’ve done this.


We have to escape
Another day goes without any change
The feeling we live with still remains
We're stuck in a hole and we're searching
For anything to hold onto

There has to be somewhere that we can be safe from the
Lives we live each day
There has to be somewhere that we can be far away

We've to escape and I will go anywhere
If you just lead show me the way
Escape to a place where we'll be together everyday
We have to escape

There has to be some place that nobody knows
We have to escape.


We walked such a long way together
As one device
I was shure we could realize the dreams
But the day has come, my confidence has been broken
My visions are dead
I should have seen it coming
But i have learned…

Here comes the pain
I have expected too much
I've learned my lesson about the fellow men
Maybe it was better this fucking way

But now I try again
To realize my fucking dreams
With eyes wide open
I will not break again
It will be better this time

I wonder what you think of me
The day will come you regret it
What you have done to me
I hope the destiny will punish you
For your selfish acts

There's nothing left for you
There's nothing you can change
The cold sound of your voice is killing me
I can't forget this disappointment

This is your last chance
Here comes the pain.


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