Brain Drill : Apocalyptic Feasting

Death Technique / Etats-Unis
(2008 - Metal Blade Records)
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For the thousands of souls, rest in torment
And the thousands of those, yet to fall
How much longer must we persist?
Stack their bodies

Masquerade and defecate, the innocent
For your, own self advancement
We reside in a land of guiltless fate
Where the blood, soaks our hands
Choking false ideals unto dismemberment

Now's the time to, crush your hopes, inside your skull
To welcome this sense of digress
As I tear you limb, from limb
As, I, tear, you, limb, from, limb
As, I, tear, you, apart

To think, you could, try escape

A pile, of guts, you'll remain (x3)
Obliterated, by the rules, of engagement.


Trailing the freeways like ants and roaches
Headed towards the nest
The earth is a rotting corpse
Hesitate to infest

Parasites, killing the, very air we breathe
Parasites, too much, rebirth of disease

Like a disease on a dying body

Killing the, air we breathe, a step away, from the prophecy
Consuming every resource, until there's nothing left
Polluting the earth and killing each other
We've almost reached, certain doom

Parasites, parasites, parasites, parasites

Parasites, parasites, parasites, parasites.


There, is, no, place, left, to, cower, now
Run, as far as you can, zombies ravaging across the land

No, end to their hunger, they will hunt you
Guided, by the, force of, hell
Countless, bodies, to, impale
Breeding, death to, all that's, left
Guided, by the, force of, hell
Countless, bodies, to, impale
Your prayers, fall on, to deaf, ears

Nothing left the same, living lives now turned to slaves

An endless, feasting now, you are consumed alive (x2)

A mass, extinction, living lives, now turned to, slaves
The feasting, calls forth, human life, never left the, same

Apocalyptic feasting, of the masses, they, are enslaved
You are, hunted, until, your death
Now one, of them, living, in death.


A force of fucking piglets, way too high on power
Without those guns in your hands
You're all a bunch of cowards
Too many pigs everywhere, get out of my town
When we actually need your help, you're never around
They are completely useless

So we might as well feed, swine slaughter (x2)

Cast, them into the grinder, way, more, than we need

Cast them into the grinder, way more, than we need
They are completely useless, we might as well feed
Kill them all
Kill them all.


Cramming it, down, our, throats, their life is one, big, joke

The media tells you what to do
The media tells you what to think

Force, fed, human, shit, force, fed, human, shit
Forced to, believe, their politics, but never again
Force fed human shit, force fed human shit


Spreading like a plague, throughout the human race
Corpses are feasting and not leaving a trace
The undead now walk the earth
Bringing human life to extinction
Glowing eyes emerging from the rivers mud
They feast on us like cattle while they bathe in our blood

Ripping, tearing, eating us alive (x2)

Feasting, devouring, no way to survive (x2)

No humans left alive
So breathe your last breath

No place now left to run, so breathe in your last breathe
Maggots devour the, innocent
The guilty and the judge, the priest every last
Human defense, their ends soaked in blood
Cities erupt in fire, the zombies continue
To eat no humans left, alive

Just rotting, mutilated meat

Apocalypse has started.


The end is coming soon, humanity has reached its doom
Fire, falls from the sky, the earth, erupts into flames
No escape, from the inevitable, end, of, days

Planets, have aligned
We have, no more time this is the end (x2)

The end, of existence, the end, of mankind (x2)

Witness, the end of existence, we have, no more time (x4)

The end, of existence, the end, of mankind (x4).


Bury the, living in, their own filth

Out of the fog, they come clawing forth
Starving for human flesh
A, world, in, fear
In our streets, tearing through the public
Chewing the innocent
Run, if, you, can
Death, nothing else surrounds

As the dead now draw closer, you hear their screams

As the dead now draw closer, you hear their screams
Eternal hunger of human flesh
Death, nothing else surrounds
And they will find you
Exactly when they do you, will become the, dead
And they will find you, you will become the, dead

As the blood, pours down your face
Eaten alive, your disgraced (x3)
Bury the, living in, their own filth.


A night with the hacksaw, the blood splatters his skin
More pieces to be eaten, such unforgiving sin
Out from the shadows, he snatches his next prey
Leaving you defenseless, forcing you to stay
Slicing through your stomach, removing your entrails
Stabbing only to satisfy, his lust to impale
He's skinning you alive, inch left of your life
His suite of flesh is now complete, blood drips from his knife
Starting up the chainsaw, he cuts you limb from limb
Putting you inside his freezer, an appetite so grim
In the basement the corpses rot

His suite of flesh, is now complete (x2)

In the, basement, the corpses rot
Killing, his, only thought
Mutilation, amputation, gone, insane (x2)

Gone insane (x12)

A night with the hacksaw, the blood splatters his skin
More pieces to be eaten, such unforgiving sin
Out from the shadows, he snatches his next prey
Leaving you defenseless, forcing you to stay.


A sadistic calling from the inside, has now left me, misplaced
From time to time I've seen you come past my way
It must have been only yesterday
Your skin had looked so fair, you did not have a care
Sadistic thoughts had been on their way

And, it, haunts, me

Tying you down, so you cannot move a thread
Your place is here, my fantasy has not been met

Now, the pain begins
And as I cut you, a chill sends through me

You plea for your life
And I won't let you, despite your screaming

Your death comes quickly
An early grave
Should never crossed ways

An early grave
My mind's a haze


Sadistic, abductive, you lay gutted and lacerated
Sadistic, abductive, you were simply a piece of meat.

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