Bosque : Passage



I feel the flesh suffer of nervous contractions
Of disorder, anxiousness, psychological soreness
The never-ending tension
Caused by the incapability to forget
I must accept the negation of my self
The need to create my own drug
The mental liberation, the oblivion,
Shall lead me to a final solution.
I summoned the void
I've become the emptiness
The irreversible fusion of space and time
The litany, the dust
The cloud veil painted in the sky
Is everything above my eyes
The curves and colours absorb me
In my everlasting stativity
The force of the earth
Pulls my mind to the edge of life
I'll become nature as death falls above me
I shall be eternal in water and stone.


In its excellence
The light falls in the land
Filtered by the fog's immensity
The rays slowly fade as the greyness disseminates through the morning
I become fog
I weak the light
I become mist
I vanish
Near the water only the steam is felt above the drowning
At the forest only the stream is felt above the tomb
Nothing can be seen amongst the living
The light is fading and I'm invisible
The abandoned flesh initiates
Its perishment and putrefaction
While the fields of light summon the soul
To its never-ending vastness
I become the everlasting light that blinds mankind
The void and the long erasure
Where all the pain and grief is faded
In transcendent forgetfulness
I become the summoned energy of witchcraft
I become all evil and light
The quintessence of nature
Above man and time
Summoned by eternity I ascend.


I dwell, since I'm gone,
Waiting for the morning
I have left everything behind and the night has no end.


These streets are cemeteries.
And as many others, I dwell in haunted rooms
Slowly renouncing
Under the negativism and misfortune...
I can feel the pain in my neck
I can feel the pain in my back
The head hurts as the blood runs
I feel them pull
Get of me, let me, abandon me
You shall not drag me into your contrition
Alone, you shall continue your repentance

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