Body Void : Bury Me Beneath This Rotting Earth



The land is wounded
Drenched in blood
The skin that holds our ache
Stretched beneath a septic sun

We live here
By a hole
The earth has opened wide
To scream its curse

The wound has spread
It grows like vines
It grows from the pit of my heart
And circles my spine

When I die
My body will return
To the dust and the earth
From which I was born

The world is waiting for a sign of life
The spirit’s been abandoned
The cancer of greed, of waste with hungry mouths to feed
We can not wait for long

Capital’s worship of idols with no past
Consume the world with force
The cannibal flays the skin of family
Sells it back for more

The land is wounded
Bones exposed
I’m strung up on a line
Insides hanging out

I’m cut piece by piece
They take whatever they need
I’m gone
I fade away

This planet
Is not yours
Your hunger
Starves us all

Your wealth
Won’t save you
This planet
Is not yours

You coward
Your system
Is over

The sky is swallowed
Darkness falls
The wound spreads
A bottomless pit

A grave
We all fall in

Where will we go
The stars are gone
We drift away
Nothing, nothing

A universe damned
Rejection of life
Rejection of self
Never, never


Watch it burn
Celestial light
World consumed
Your back is turned

You wait and see
You will forget
The price of
Your Actions

You do not see
Beyond the lies
You assure yourself
Of your goodness

Your fear is loss
Of Power
Of comfort
Your bed of corpses

Your inaction is complicity
Your compromises are hollow monuments to your cowardice
Your position turns your words to ash
You mistake discomfort for hardship

The gate is down
The fire has spread
It's at your door
But you're asleep

As the world burns
You bargain and squeal
Not for the loss of life
But for yourself

The tress come down
But they're not yours
Until the flames
Lick at your skin

The problem's not yours
You're here to win
The house
The lord is out

He pretends
To care for us
His goal is wealth
He steal's for himself

He's for sale
His price is power

We're not here to bargain
All we have is hope
The stakes are high
The time is now

We've lit the flame
Your bed is alight
My bet is you'll turn
To ash before you fight
With you out the way
We'll regrow from ashes


On your
Broken feet
Carry the fawn

It has two heads
Its lifeless form
Looking back at you
With glassy eyes

With your frame
Nature and beauty
Are torn

Delicate form
Vulnerable soul
A monster becomes you
One of old

By a lifeless will
It cannot be seen
It cannot be touched

You are the fawn
It grows inside you
It will outlive you
You will not be reborn

At the top of the hill
You watch the world below
Writhing with life

You have two heads
You feel one pushing out
Trying to see

Are planted
In your mouth

When they bloom
They burst from you

Your new

Of nature's
Apathy of reason

You have two heads
One faces within
It lives in darkness
The world is internal

A phantom head
The corpse of a fawn
You try to ignore it
It will replace you


Pale man he comes
Across the ocean
He brings disease
White supremacy

Mindless with greed
He knows that he wants
What that is
He cannot say

He carries hell
Inside him
A void of a human

Pale man he comes
He's headed this way
He'll enter your house
And claim it's his own

He wants you to know
You are beneath him
Four hundred years
He asks to be carried

Takes your food
Takes your land
Takes your soul
Blames you

Denies his faith
He's greater than god
He profits from death
A merchant of hell

The pale man will come
He asks for spare change
Hides the world's wealth away
To keep him warm on a summer day

The pale man will scream
In phantom pain
He kills to feel the power of his place
Shits in fear if you look him in the face

The pale man will run
If you come too near
His strength is aesthetic
The he stole to hang around his empty soul

Kill the pale man

His wicked forgery
Of history and culture
Must be destroyed
He cannot be left to grow
He must be cast out

Tie him up
Hang him low
Wash him out
Unroot his design

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