Bloodsoaked (MEX) : Autist Decay

Death Metal / Mexico
(1991 - Self-Released)
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01 - Terminal Sickness

45 Room
Smelling Loneliness
Forgotten Zone
Terminal Sickness

Growing So Far Away
Of Humanity
The Pulled The Plug
Not So Long Ago

Not Higienic Nurishment
Created Beings
Inside Of Me
Slowly I'm Dying

Purgative Drugs
Was Not Enough
Hetched Maggots
Lurking My Guts

I Crying For Salvation
Forgotten By The World
Creeping Through My Nose
Descomposition Stench
Creating On Me
Intestinal Gouges
On Gastric Habitat

I Want To Die
I Reek Of Death
The Forgotten Zone
Of Terminal Sickness

02 - Soul Eater

Deformed being
Obsessed by death
Devouring slowly
Sinner souls

Mercicless creature
Hungry eyes
Waiting other
Rotten soul

For ever torture
Insenssant laments
Senseless souls
By painful torments
Soul eater...

He's waiting for you to take your soul
Your sins condemn you to perish devoured
In their haind you will feel eternal pain
You can't escape put your soul in their hainds

Your death announce the arrive
Of other impure soul
You sins reflex your life

Roten by insane sins
Beyond death you know that
No one can save your soul
No one can hear your screams

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