Bloodbath (SWE) : The Arrow of Satan Is Drawn

Death Metal / Sweden
(2018 - Peaceville Records)
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Las palabras

1. Fleischmann

Feral Mindfuck
Unholy Revulsion
To Possess...

Invader From A Sacred Place
Degenerated Butcher
Crowning His Godhead
From Beyond The Sordid Grave
Expulsatory Sacrifice
One Of Six Demons
In Demented Darkness

Abysmal Torment
Devil Face

Writhing In Disgust
Turning Of The Altar
Paroxysms Of Unhallowed Dead

Rotted Sacrament Spawned
Inside The Human Vessel

2. Bloodicide

Strangulation to the death
All life under his grasp
Mass forsaken, forever scorned
Yearning to be reborn

No way out

Masked assailant
The dreaded crawl
Crying to die
Screaming to be unborn

Human bloodicide

Dark cathedral claiming souls
Shredded cries of anguish choke
Suffering in blood we're drowned
Stripped and bled the broken bound


His salvation is their death
Willing to die, undead the flesh
Mass sedation
Screaming gone
Begging for life
Bleeding to be reborn

No way out

Afraid in brazen grief
Dawn eternal, silence screams
Death awakes, the dead can dream
Hell the final resting place to be

Dark cathedral claiming souls
Shredded cries of anguish choke
Suffering in blood we're drowned
Stripped and bled the broken bound

3. Wayward Samaritan

Broken Man, I See Where You're From
Your Pain Over What You've Become
We See Things With Similar Eyes
Hopes, Dreams, Everything Is Lies
I Must Help You Escape This Horror
You Shouldn't Have To Live Like This
I'll Cut Your Throat, Slash Your Wrists
I'll Cave Your Face In With My Fists

Heads Hitting Concrete
A Wonderful Sound
Makes My Heads Rush
My Heart Pounds
There's Nothing Better Than To Help Those In Need
To Help Them Escape Their Pain
To Set Them Free

I Am An Altruist
Don't Worry About How Much You Bleed
Don't Fucking Weep
I'm Just Helping You Sleep

Broken Man, Broken Twice
Once By Life, Once By Knife
They Lie, It's Alright
Two Wrongs Do Make A Right
Baptism By Immersion
In The Water You Have Bled
From Something To Nothing
My Word A Tear Will Shed

Lifeless Bodies Make Beautiful Sights
God Gave Me This Gift To End All Plights
There's Nothing Better Than Help Those In Need
You Can't Suffer If You Cannot Bleed

I Am An Altruist
I'll Cure Sickness And Disease
There's An Easy Way Out
Just Let Your Life Cease

4. Levitator

Our God
A Fever
Spectral Corpse
Hanging, Swaying
Undead Presence
Above The Tombs

Infected Burial Mound
Ecstatic Suffering
Transcend To Netherworlds
To Crown Our Vile King

Answer To Our Foul Incantation
Receive The Channeling
Foreboding Chants Of Malediction
Ancient Plagued Curse Of Man

His Sign Engraved Upon Me
Proceed To Drain My Mind
Void Of Live, I Lay Opened
Crematorial Dreams Abide

In Rapture
Aborting Now This Feeble Life
Witchcraft Piece Us
Acknowledge Our Infernal Death

Rise Of The Drugged Dead
Sworn To Conquer All Life

5. Deader

I'm Infested With The Ligaments Of Devilry
In Conspiracy With Each And All The Elements
Jaws Of The Abyss Devour My Mind
From Root To Branch, My Spine Entrenched
White Is The Noise That Reverse My Voice
Winds Of Plague Desaturate My Sight

An Apparition From The Underworld
His Infernal Majesty Bestowed
Harnessed Collision Of The Earth And Sky
Turn Loose The Undead Horde

Like An Ever Tumbling Maelstrom
From The Void In The Night - Sky Periphery
Written In The Oath Of The Apocalypse
Transmitting Trails Of Emptiness

Dawn Of The Dead
Dawn Of The Dead
Day Of The Deader
Dawn Of The Dead
Day Of The Deader

Crumbling Pillars Of A Divine Creation
Shattered In Debris Of Ashes Feathery
With Skills Acquired From Beyond This Plane
Black Holes Used As Occult Armory
Gyroscopic Is The Shadow Within The Devil's Rotary
The Crooked Axis Of Mankind Yields
Earth Dethroned By The Usurper Of Climate. Time And Gravity

I'm Possessed
In The Delta Of My Poisoned Veins
Demonifuge, My Immunity Strains
I'm Obsessed
Sinfully I Lust For My Death
Insanity Has Leeched My Last Breath

6. March of the Crucifiers

Lo And Behold
Cat' O' Nine Tails
Flogging The Back Of The Soon To Be Dead
Non-lethal At First
Just Playful Torture
We Save His Soul For The Hangman's Roar

In The Name Of Hell
We Strip The Cross Of The Arch Priest
Get The Rope To Hang Him High
To The Gallows We Go
Will Celebrate A Morbid Feast
Til The Flames Of The Funeral Pyre

Transcending Past Perception
With Ways Of Ripping Death
Virtuous Palpitation
Obliterate The Ruined Soul
Revenant Imposter
Burn At Mental Stake
Ripples Through The Arteries
Rabid Beast At Last Awake

Join Our Stride
It's The March Of The Crucifiers
Kettledrums Blast At The Altar Of Death
Ensnarers Of Faith
Movement Of Night Echo In Aeternum
Heighten The Kill And Awaken The Swarm

Dissident Bliss
Blemish Their Poise
Strangle God's Voice

7. Morbid Antichrist

So I Yearn, As A Glorious Zealot Below
So I Learn, From Persistence Of Indoctrination
So I Burn The Dregs And Unleash The Fire In Rage
Slow I Burn...
Assault On His Legions Forever Depraved

Morbid Antichrist

In The Grip Of A Psychotic Wreck
The Tyranny Your Gods Enrage
Vision Alter, Death Abides
Satanic Reign Embraced

Gruelling Torture
Death's Empire
Morbid Antichrist

Degenerating, Profanity Inflating
It's Time To Reach To Other Side
Heart Amputated
You Take The Morbid Rites

So I Spurn The Predatory Heavens Above
So I Serve Only The Beast Inside And All The Suffering
Slow I Burn The Frail And Unleash The Fire In Rage
Slow They Burn...
The Sons Of All Darkness Forever Will Be Made

8. Warhead Ritual

Ruin Now At Hand, Pandemic Carnage
His Maze Of Mortal Flesh
Poisoning The Well Of Fortitude
With Weapons Of Disgust
Man Must Die For The Warlord's Ecstasy
Twisted Genocide
Reek Of Death And Decomposing Vomit

Warhead Ritual
A Dead Mind Rotten To The Core
A Vow To Slay A Million More

Mercenary Legions Sent Out To Kill
The Rabid Traces Of Humanity
Gory Nightmare, Eptic Burials
Uncovered Mass Graves Swell

No Monument Raise For The Dead
Sewers Clogged With Remnants Of Life

9. Only the Dead Survive

Drawn In By A Bite - Invoking Witch
Hand Carved For The Favourite Son
Unhinged, A Devilment Fires
No Blame, Just Insane
Buried In Nameless Graves

Drowned And Hung
Ordeal Is Done
Only The Dead Survive

Unravel The Dead
Leaving Endless Truth Beyond The Grave

We're Broken
All Infection
A Creature Of Deception
Beyond The Gates
Inviting A Solitary Fear Inside

Drawn In By A Bite - Invoking Witch
Hand Carved For The Favourite Son
Unhinged, A Devilment Fires
Remains Crushed, Decayed
Burning In Shameless Pain

Ingest Your Spirit
I Feel We're So Connected
Reject Your Wishes
Your Broken Mind In Sickness

Here In The Chapel Of Blood
The Tired Burden Undone
Consuming Fever Decays
Exhuming Tender Spirits
My Hunger Knows No Limits
My Dark Salvation, Your Plague

10. Chainsaw Lullaby

Violent twitch, growling pitch
Mechanical terror is out on the prowl, bitch
Tucked within "cadaver's inn"
Gonna carve em a siamese fucking twin
Fatal roar, fright galore
Sweet little dreams soon quartered in four
Night's the bait, death's the trait
Cruel is the fate, moving in for the checkmate

Carving, cleaving, chopping, cutting, ripping, slicing, laceration
Slashing, fucking, hacking, stabbing, piercing, scraping, mutilation

The chain and the saw shall be the law
Pull the cord to the nightmare overture
Horrors of foul gore knock on the door
As the blade sings the chainsaw lullaby

Mocking, cursing, loathing, grinning, writhing, throbbing, depravation
Sniffing, drooling, hissing, gnawing, chewing, spitting, deformation

Buzzing air, ill fanfare
Engineering the devils own welfare
Mean machine, ran obscene
Offering gas fuelled vaccine
Oil on rust, blood on dust
Necromantical thirst for motorlust

Carving, cleaving, chopping, cutting, ripping, slicing, laceration
Slashing, fucking, hacking, stabbing, piercing, scraping, mutilation

Oh here we go again

The honour to say grace with a peeled off face
Mal de mer, liquid crimson mire
A powered carnivore sure ain't no bore
Limbs profess the chainsaw lullaby

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