Blood Freak : Multiplex Massacre

Death Grind / USA
(2007 - Razorback Records)
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Downtown in a stripper bar,
A creepy guy watched some jugs
In amazing awe
Perfect and round and jiggled in synch,
Hypnotized by the nipples
And soft skin.
He went home and started dreaming,
Perfect breast and cleavage screaming
Obsessed he started to make his plan,
Cleavage cleaver I must, I can.
On the prowl in the cold winter night
He started to stalk the girls of the site,
Trapped and killed 'em one by one
Searching for this perfect one.
Cleaved the cleavage,
Hacked off the tits,
The bloody carnage to get his fix,
Cleavage glistening and gleaming
In the warm hot blood,
But each time he didn't get
The one he sought.
Frustrated and angry
His dreams kept on haunting,
Jiggling perfect breasts
In his face and taunting.
On his wall he hung his collection
Sewed up and stuffed like
Some morbid pillows.
More and more but it wasn't enough
Cleavage Cleaver!
The Cleavage Cleaver!
I must have the perfect ones
Then I can stop.
One night it rained and
Unexpected there they were,
Hidden under a tight little shirt,
Perky and juicy her nipple sticking out,
Stalking her all the way home
He started peeping into her home
In her bedroom when she undressed
He watched her boobies
Jiggled and danced
As if they were magic
After she went into the shower
He jimmied the lock and creeped inside.
Where was the little tramp hiding tonight?
He peeked around the door
And saw her soaping up her breasts,
They would be his,
His search would end tonight.
Cleavage Cleaver!


Recording one night was a terrible sight.
A spilling of blood begins,
Forcing my knife through your skin
Going berserk, slaughtering you jerks
Killing so many, carnage is a plenty.
Blood on my hands, Metal is so grand
Punishment is deserved,
An execution is reserved
Rainbow Eyes wished to be a star
She sounds like shit and won't go too far
Where nothing is what it seems
As if it's all a dream!
Where nothing remained the same
Enough to make you go insane!
Bitch started a tour, because
She's such a whore
Singing the music I gave,
It's upsetting my grave
This is blasphemy,
Prepare for a catastrophe
You thought I fried, for all my crimes
But I did not die, my Rainbow Eyes
Two years after, comes
A blood-soaked disaster
I arrive at your show,
The body count was so low
Here comes metal and gore,
To end this stupid bore
Where nothing is what it seems
As if it's all a dream!
Where nothing remained the same
Enough to make you go insane!
A dismembered head, something is dead
Blood and guts, the crowd goes nuts
This show, no one will forget,
The killings I will not regret


Nobody wanted to listen
When we said this was for real,
Sold our souls to horror and
Then sealed the deal
You laughed in our faces
And really pissed us off,
Now Blood Freak is still killing
While you die weak and soft
We melt horror DVD's into liquid,
And shoot it into our veins,
We're socially retarded
And completely insane!
In the Toxic Tomb, we all rot away
Watching horror 24 hours a day
Our drive-in metal is what it's all about,
We go for the kill - We Go For The
It breaks my heart to see
Where the horror genre is heading,
I'm taking out my anger at the
Multiplex with some violent beheading,
I crash the Butchermobile into
The brick wall,
Dynamite strapped to my body,
I'm here to kill and have a ball
These losers are watching some
New CGI gore-fest,
I blow up the projection screen
To put an end to this bore-fest
All these geeks got suckered
By Fangoria's latest hype job,
I'm here to destroy and cut
Them all into shishkabob
Don't try to tell me that this
New crap is any good,
If you do i'll break all your bones
And use them for firewood
Another fucking remake and
A shitty sequel to boot
Hollywood will be taught a lesson,
This multiplex massacre - a tribute!
Everyone gather around the
Table for a grand feast,
The TURKEY is hungry and
It's time for roast human-beast
With Cannibal Holocaust and
Texas Chainsaw on in the background,
Tonight we're gonna party and
Celebrate being gorehounds!
Dial the number and order
Blood-sauce pizza with meat-eyeballs,
Take a sip from a 30 Ft.Aterial Spray
That will splatter all the walls
Don't forget The Slaughter Special
With salted and fried human skin,
Then sit your asses down and
Let our feeding rituals begin!
Worm Face is starving -
Throw him a bone!
Satan wants acid, so leave him alone
The Lungslasher wants
Afterbirth-day Cake,
You'd better get it for your own sake
Doctor Bitch got blood splashed
On her tits,
Now you've got her mad -
She'll cut you to bits!
Turkey Monster likes what he sees,
He's master
Of this kingdom of horror-hungry zombies!


Ripped, on PCP
Laughing like a total freak
Escaped lunatic is loose,
Jay is pissed and on the juice
Bradley family living in peace,
Soon to be cut up piece by piece
Blood will spill on Thankgiving Day,
Runs over an old lady, get out of his way!
Body By Death
Stab, crush, and kill
Body By Death
Jay gets his bloody fill
Annoying little prick with his guitar,
Electrocuted to death,
While some jerk gets his head crushed
In the hood of Jay's car
Some clueless chicks get his on
By some dumb as fuck cops,
Broken bottle jammed in chest,
While a head hits a rock
Body By Death
Stabbed but still alive!
Body By Death
Maniac laughs and grabs his knife!
Homicidal rampage for no reason at all,
Just pumped up on steroids
While killing and having a ball
A mindless killing machine
With no remorse,
Just blood-splattered rage and carnage
And non-stop violent force!
Home Sweet Home, Jay is riddled with


One dark misty night,
A glow lit up the sky
Over a quiet redneck town
The blaze was a spacecraft
With a deadly secret within
A fiend with silver dress
And a face all yellowish brown
This terror from beyond is now loose,
The hunt can now begin!
The horror stumbles through the night
To find his first piece of meat
Some redneck boys out on a hunt
Would make a tasty treat!
Armed with a laser gun
That shoots red neon glow
Who can stop this beast,
Please let me know
An incompetent sheriff
And his brain-dead redneck buffoons?
Against the monster that kills
In the pale light of the moon
The creature will shred them to pieces,
With a horrible laugh!
With his Razor-sharp claws
And crooked fangs he'll rip them in half!
If you have the guts, He wants them!
He'll rip you apart with a shriek!
The sheriff and his boys
Evacuates the town
While shooting at the creature
That won't go down
It's a horrible, laughable sci-fi retribution
A cheap 80s, trashy horror revolution!


She came from Carnage Castle,
And has looks that kill,
Wine from a skull-shaped goblet
Is her favorite swill
She bathes in human blood,
And wears a black gown of bones,
She takes skeletons and
Carves them into tombstones
Lady Lunatic,
You're really quiet sick!
Lady Lunatic
A fucking psycho-chick!
She travels looking for trouble,
At midnight she really comes to life,
When she seduces you,
You die slowly by her knife
She has bloodlust and rage
That she cannot control,
When your juices are drained,
Your corpse is left
For charcoal
Lady Lunatic,
Nothing can stop you!
Lady Lunatic,
Who else will you kill and screw?
She's in league with Satan
And is driven by hell and sin,
When the sun sets you wait for her
And the Frightmare to begin...


An anonymous model checks her calls
Over the strains of cheesy synth-pop
Her agent tells her
She's got the cover of cosmos!
Just needs a tan
And she'll be cream of the crop
She disrobes and hops in the tanning bed
There's a lurking air of sublimated dread
She screams and writhes
As she bursts into flames
Precluding a tale so
Brainless and deranged!
Welcome you losers,
To rhonda's workout!
A den of busty big-haired '80s sluts
Prepare to get a real killer workout!
While chicks in spandex
Thrust their well-toned butts
The blonde chick jaimy
Arrives late for work
Jimmy tries to grab her tits
Cuz he's a creepy jerk
Rhonda chews out jaimy
Because she's always late
Jaimy appeases her with a dinner date
Rachel stays late to take a shower
Someone's lurking with a giant safety pin
The prowler attacks,
Stabs at rachel's neck
Her jugular is pierced and the
Bloodshed begins!
Lt. Morgan, the moronic cop
Is out to get the killings stopped
Some blonde meathead
"dawnson" an undercover pi
His dumb tapered haircut
Made me laugh til i cried!
The body count continues to mount
Blood-spewing veins,
Is jimmy to blame?
Retarded fight scenes
Make me fucking guffaw
Acting and editing
In a realm beyond awful


Cindy was just a "metal chick",
Dressed like a slut, pretended to be "sick"
She listened to Venom, Slayer,
And Frightmare
Owned them all on vinyl
Because it was "rare"
In school she fucked all the boys
Breaking their hearts was one of her joys
At night she'd go to all the local shows,
Smoked dope, drank beer,
And continued to pose
The distro table had LP's on sale,
This bitch would never
Order through the mail
The seller split to take a leak,
While Cindy grabbed
And stole the new Blood Freak
She hung out more
And snorted lines of coke,
Gave blowjobs and received a good poke
Unaware of the danger ahead,
Soon Cindy would be just a puddle of red
Back at home to spin the Blood Freak LP,
Playing with herself while tripping on LSD
Turkey Monster visions
Dancing in her brain,
Cindy starts freaking and going insane
Out of her mind
She plays the record backwards,
The sound summons Satan
Right out of her innards
She falls to the floor, her entrails blasted
Satan has come
To eat some fucking acid!
666 is his number,
The king of all evil is here
He lives by his own rules,
While you all live in fear
Human souls are a treat,
But nothing beats a good trip
Get him some god damn acid,
Or someone's face he will rip


A child is scarred for life
As he sees the act of the geek
Biting heads off chickens,
He's a bizarre sideshow freak
The crowd goes wild at the sights of gore
Praising the creep
And screaming for more
The young child gets
His small teeth smashed
His little mouth is violently trashed
A new geek is born
From this moment of pain
The boy grows older,
And has murder on his brain
Released from the asylum
Where he's been all his life
Armed with metal teeth
That are sharp as a knife!
He attacks random people
Out on the street
Their flesh seems
Like a good thing to eat!
Poultry pervert!
A truly bizarre sideshow attraction
Poultry pervert!
This geek bites heads off
With extreme satisfaction
You'll come on home, you'll all alone
There's no one here you need to fear
You hear a cluck, what the fuck?
There are no chickens in my home
But there he is, that twisted freak
He'll peck out your eyes
With his weird metal beak!
A truly disturbed poultry lunatic
The sight of flesh will make him go frantic


The bright sun goes slowly down
And the sky turns black
As our boat arrives and comes
Ashore on the beach
I enter with caution
And am shown to my shack
And as night falls
I hear the native speech
The sound of their drums fills the night
I approach their place of sacrifice
And what I saw
Gave me a horrifying fright
Two virgins ready
To pay the ultimate price
As offerings to the Blood Island Curse
Struck with terror
I turn and run into the dark
In the jungle that's alive
I stumbled on something worse
I woke up in a laboratory
Beneath the earth
The mad doctor comes
To see me with a ghastly grin
And he tells me of his scientific work
Chlorophyll is injected
And I feel the pain within
As my body transforms
Into this hideous mistake
I feel the pain of my remains dying away
My corpse on the table
Convulses and shakes
When I regain consciousness
I lust for human prey
With my newfound taste for flesh
I drag my green misshapen feet
Into the night
The sound of the village drums
Can still be heard
And now I know of the
Ghastly island curse
My hunger for flesh
And blood seems absurd
I stumble through the dark,
The village is in for something worse
At the altar I see the virgins hung up as
An offering to me
My body goes wild
And my blood starts to boil
As I rip the naked girls to shreds in a
Savage killing spree
Stripping tender flesh from their bones,
Slurping down fresh blood
When the night turns into day
The natives sees my work
The Jungle floor is filled with corpses,
Severed heads and entrails
The sight of mangled torsos
Tells them I'm gone berserk
Now they know there is truth
To all their ghastly tales
Has now come to life
And the onslaught has just begun
The bright sun goes slowly down
And the sky turns black
As the new boat arrives
And comes ashore on the beach
The newcomers enter with caution
And are shown to their shack
And as night falls
They hear the native speech
The sound of their drums fills the night
The newcomers approach
The place of sacrifice
And what they saw was a terrifying sight
Vacation here on Blood Island
Is filled with Thrills, Chills,
And Blood Spills!


We're sick of your lame assed shows,
It's time to admit your band fucking blows!
Your fan-base is weak,
Pathetic, and feeble,
At your last show
There was only 10 people!
You think you're "getting
Your name out there",
Blood Freak is pissed
So you better beware
Nobody gives a fuck so it's time to quit,
Your band is a joke,
On your corpses we'll split!
The Blood Freaks are out for the kill,
Poser-band death is really a thrill
Retardification was the first to go,
It wasn't fast, it was painful and slow
Next up was Ensuckment,
They went down hard,
Mucouie gutted the singer,
A fashion queen retard!
We are the Roadkillers
And we rule the highway!
Killing wannabe rock stars
That are really fucking gay!
We are the Roadkillers
And you better watch out!
Causing tour-van accidents
Is what we're all about!
Stupid scenesters
Enjoy these pointless "gigs"
Worm Face will kill
And slaughter them like pigs
We're taking theme down one by one,
Warm up the Butchermobile,
And don't forget my gun!
The Slaughtercycle is ready
To spread oil-slicks,
They won't know what happened
Bye bye you pricks!
This is the end of your arrogance
And ego,
You can pretend you're famous
While you fly out the window!


You fucked with the Scars,
And now they're really pissed,
Thought it was a prank but now
You're on Jake's shit-list
Brenda and the Satins were
Only out for some kicks,
Got into trouble and really
Pissed off those pricks
Red meets Brenda's mute sister
Heather at the high-school gym,
Fargo and Vince gang-rape her
And turn the story downbeat and grim
Brenda's best friend Francine
Is pregnant and engaged,
Gets tossed off a bridge which
Leaves you shocked and outraged
"here comes the bride,
And she's all drenched in red"
Soon the Scars will
All be fucking dead!
They raped her sister
And killed her best friend,
It's time for revenge and
Bring the Scars to an end
Ultra-violence, sleaze
And cheesy rock-beats,
Get ready to fight in
That wimp Vince cries like a pussy
And tells Brenda the living-nightmare
He gets run over by Jake's
Convertible '57 Belair
Brenda arms herself with
Bear-traps and a crossbow,
Dresses up in black leather,
And prepares the ultimate death blow
The Scars are teased and
Then violently killed
Jake is torched and burned,
Brenda's vengeance is fulfilled!

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