Blinded By Faith : Veiled Hideousness

Melodic Death Black / Canada
(1999 - Galy Records / Self-Released)
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Behind the placid mask of the starlit cosmos
or underneath the messy stars
scattered on the canvas of night
Someone is victim of the vision
of suspicious forms skulking in the sky

They came, and will come again
Them, the unknown, the alien,
aboard their huge spaceships
Illuminating infinity

Perhaps are we only a subspecie,
an uncommon subject of scientific
experiences on earth's vast laboratory?
Many humans have ever been kidnapped and examined

Are they the odd gods our ancestors once revered?
The sowers of our primitive civilizations?
Or merely witnesses of our self-destruction?

They have probably paced the earth
from a pole to the other ...
What lecagy remains of them
on this huninged sphere?

Our ridiculous selfishness
made us believe we were
the only life form in the Universe
To me, it's crystal clear we are not...

Cyborgs we already are
alloys of flesh and synthetic matters
Half-robots, half-humans
with our prosthesis and implants
Polluting our environment to sterilize it

Qui sait si nous ne sommes pas des monstres
nous qui distillons nos emotions pour les vendre?

Those interdimensional travellers
May be afraid of our madness.
Only when they'll land to stay
shall we at last realise the truth....


A sharp blade is disguised by an elegant curtain
Devil's large hand corrupts with false beauty
and all the sheeps stupidly bite the lure of envy
Is a mirror vanity's mask?
They vainly search it deep within the glass...

Can't you hear our muted screams?
We want a key to confront this social sorcery
Disease fills the air...where are the cure streams?
Dead end ... vanity has poisoned the essence of purity
Welcome to the world where friends are hypocrites!

A keen blade is behind an elegant curtain
Vile temptations rise upon the land
and sheeps lick the feet of a thousand attractive lies
Is a mirror vanity's mask?
They vainly search it deep within the glass...

Hellish perfumes - a beast in the mind
Begins a war between mankind and the soul
of a nightly enchantress in a faded, yet nice dress
The wrath from above will end your "perfect crime"

You want to reach the sun, to challenge the winds?
To enter in a race no one can win?
-Harmful instincts, vicious healings -
All control lost in this cruel, cold sin

The enemy lies in this voracious spirit
protected by the sphere of consciousness
I anticipate an hecatomb
Only the strong deals with pain
But beyond death, they may reign


My soul is a wicked vulture
Who whishes to steal the celestial treasure
To revel in bliss and rapture

I will devour the blood-red skies
And reach the point where the sun never dies
Even if it may scorch both of my eager eyes

The torrid star of Knowledge
Burns my gilded wings to ashes
I fall in the maze of my mind

My corpse is lying in the crass
And there are many rows of rapacious crows
Craving for carrions of my carcass
but as a newborn phenix
I'll rise again from the styx
of my ignorance

As eternity unfurls before me
I make my way through space
When I reach my spiritual palace
I cannot, I can't see...
My lightened gem I have not found
And I'm ungently hitting the dirty ground
Hence my peers gathering around

In the air you will see my silhouette
Falling in a deadened sunset
As bitter as tears of Juliet
In the bleeding heart of a Poet


Once again, the sun has sunk in the horizon,
Breaching the Occident with crimson wounds
Come, o Noctambulesque, creep under my shroud
and spread concupiscence in languorous pantomimes ...
your pleasure's the law if you discover mine...

Your scales' caresses
-Reptilian Shudders-
compensates for the bruise
left by fangs and claws
As saliva gives luster
I linger with fever
over your every pore
squirming by the temple
Where scrumptious vices dwell

Seduced thus uxurious,
tantalized by your venomous gaze,
I shine the idol of overshadowed rites,
this noble jewel deserves peculiar cares ...
a tongue alone won't do the trick
to lick the drizzle of strange frolics,
to quaff the monstrous passions that lurk in your leer

Your hospitable hiatus
exhales hedonistic delights,
and I taste it as a beast in a feast

Words seem superfluous,
we use another language,
But alas! Confuse contradictions!
Madrigals are tattooed inside your womb
as the bane of lust rages

An ardent and insidious duet
lay on a soil cleansed of taboos
in a hellcove where the supreme offering is brought,
an interlude amid turmoils

We should never relinquish
our immoderate projects,
may they lead us to our ruin...

A familiar specter shortens our nights,
the ignoble Somnolence
Now that we have blessed our flesh,
our both souls should here coalesce;
We're dislocated in amorous convulsions
-the aftermath of demented clasps -
Shatter my rib-cage and extirpate my heart
that source of trouble stuck in Ut
the burden of Melancholy alters my shoulders

" I cannot love except where Death
Is mingling his with Beauty's breath. "
(Edgar A. Poe)


Confined to our fortifications,
Besieged by a horde of berserk wolves,
We rapidly ran out of food
And sought an armistice ...
The plague of Famine had undermined our will,
Nobles and plebs were all dead or ill,
Our wall was transformed into a trap
And the barbarians were invading our burg
With Blaze, Pillaging and Murder.

I've seen the marble dyed
With blood of lackeys, of plotters
Of obsequious, rouged harlots;
I've ever sen the blood of my parents
Squirt scarlet on their purple garments...
Somber harbinger ...
The nettle of fear ate into my heart

So I took refuge in the bowels of the castle,
Lest I fall under their fierce ire

Somewhere down this bottomless sewer
I think I've discovered
A disused torture chamber
Or else all these cadavers
I've encountered Were my predecessors...

Vomitive miasmas are polluting my being
The lurid stench obstructs my breathing
" Shall I lick the sweat of rocks
or crunch the dregs of insects
To quench my thirst and silence my hunger? "

Here, my torch perishes
And I stride a threshold
Groping along in a gloomy room ...
It's an underground den covered with vermin

Have you ever felt your name
carved in the wood of your tomb?
In this occult crypt rot my forefathers
I must assume my Fate ...
Rigor Mortis, I greet thee in my members
And wait to lack oxygen, to faint...

Snatch me, Thanathos, end my disgrace
And solemn, your slumber, I'll embrace
For now my sorrows plough an extinct inferno




"Nations are our enemy
Everyone's chained up for a prosperous economy
With our knowledge let us build a magic place
To teach people how they must think
Of useless needs the sheep will abuse
For the New World Order we'll sow disorder
Brothers, the plan is in place and betrayers will be erased"

Illuminatis: sorcerer-pedophiles
Managers of wars and true holders of Power
They are hidden dictators inducting fear into our spheres
Brainwashing people with deadening tasks and trickeries

So many countries in the claws of Jewish bankers
Do you really know who prints your money
The great architects, Free-masons of the highest degree
Rothschild, Rockefeller and the disgusting company

From the Hollywood hills, secret hives and via satellites
A spell has been thrown on us
We are under an occult sun

Mass Medias around the world
Teach children plastic values
Carefully reminding how far life goes dramatic
Should I trust this masquerade like an idiot?
World wide news is the case of a press agency
Where nobody's allowed to add a touch of honesty
I now see through your lies
I'm shielded to face the treachery

Illuminatis: sorcerer-pedophiles
Starvation creators and terrorist employers
Behind the scene they decide who shall govern
Trapping people within their mind for their security

Obelisk, pyramid and strange symbolism
Proofs of their power stand everywhere
The eternal flame is still burning,
Is there someone knowing why?
The mighty of these days are still the same than yesterday
Enslaved as our ancestors, we pay for decay


Welcome on earth, everyone
Not just a sphere, but a vibrant organism…
And like a lovely mother for her young child
She's offering a higher learning
Nicely revealed by the beauty of her allies

On this life-ball grows procreation
A mighty race facing a billion paths
But, in a sickening act, she choose treason

Within this perfect being
Ring so much echoes of hate
Those discordant feelings bang inside the vault
And the stars are crying…
They share the blame of our own failure
And the stars are bleeding…
Wounded by the humanity's rupture

In heights stands the silver fortress
Where golden secrets are sent in silence
Through consciousness they tell a truth
“No one can escape from the result of their choices”
Justice of foreign forces, humans are a perfect imperfection

Within a perfect being,
In the name of Gods,
Conflicts are gathering
And races crack is ever-growing
While Nature is speaking only the deaf is listening
With an open eye, see, Mother dying
Reflecting the spectre of a spiritual disaster

Even under the reign of a cruel queen
And the yoke of many borders
It is allowed to dream of another reality:
-Solidification through unification-

Poor trivialities we shall abandon
Material needs now hide the essential seeds

By handing to our fellow men the sceptre of love and honesty
Wonders of life will show the way onwards a unified humanity

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