Bleed From Within : Empire

Metalcore / United-Kingdom
(2010 - Rising Records (UK))



This night is filled with promise
The smell of pleasure fills the air
Only the silent sigh from the corner of the room
I can hear above all the voices never did I think

Never did I think my skin would become numb
With the grasp of your frozen hand
This is our legacy

Sipping on this poison these lights begin to brighten
Spinning 'round my head as I descend to the floor
Surrounded by one hundred glaring eyes
Screaming at the top of our lungs
We're all fucked
It's getting hard to breathe
And I know this night will never end
Stumbling through the swarm of bodies
This was never

This was never meant to end like this
My innocence is gone, my head is in the game
What the fuck is wrong with me
Sinking into the sheets, into the sheets lost in lust
This is what I need or so I thought

Adrenaline is rushing so fast through my veins
I am lifting off the ground, off the ground
My vision blurs my mind goes blank

Sipping on this poison these lights begin to brighten
Spinning 'round my head as I descend to the floor
To the floor, as I descend to the floor

We're all fucked
It's getting hard to breathe
And I know this night will never end
Stumbling through the swarm of bodies
This was never, yeah
My vision blurs my mind goes blank and then
I wake in a room I have never seen in my life


This is just the beginning, hear us out to the end
Before you begin to criticize us

All our blood, sweat, and tears
Laid out on the table for your judgment
If you only knew how much this meant to us
You would reconsider your choice of words

This will be a new chapter for us
And I am the novelist
My words will bend and break you

I could do this night after night
I can't remember the last time
This was not on my mind
Inspired by the sounds of the voices in the background
Or even the wind against my skin

These minds are filled with greed and hatred
These lights that guide us are slowly dimming
And we are left here all alone

So fixated, everyone seems so blinded by the lies
Everyone needs to wake the fuck up
And have a mind of their own
And now your pulse is beating
And my words surround you
You can now begin to criticize us


It's time to make a sacrifice
I walk the earth with visions of the end
Civilization grows out of hand
As these streets become crammed by day to day life

If you take the time to read between the lines
There's more to this story than meets the eye
The signs are all around you
You just have to open your fucking eyes

Can you see right through me
I feel like I am never there, like a fucking ghost
Do you feel betrayed
Do you feel like a shadow in the bigger picture

We are overcrowded by our disgrace
Indignity, our fellow man will be the death of us
There isn't a light at the end of this tunnel
We have reached the end of the road

An angels voice won't be here to save you
Betrayal will be your last words


Right now, it's easy to see
This is not the way this was ever meant to be
These days turn to dust
As your words crumble in my ear
This makes no sense to me

You have become a shadow to me
Walking along the outskirts of my mind
This was never my intentions
I thought that this one would last forever

Gasping for air and the space to inhale
As you bled me dry surrounding me every move

These tables have turned and you have become
The weaker one
Day in day out, you are clutching to these memories

Look out your window, watch the world pass by
It's called life
When the fuck will you realize
That there is nothing you can do
But make the best of it

This is the dawning of a new age
A new chapter in my life
And this is just the beginning of my journey


I see you losing sleep for days
This isn't worth all this mess
Un-proud to see you this way
Pulling yourself down
Down further into this hole
That is surrounding you

This is just a milestone for you
Through your whole life
Times change people grow apart
It's something you have to learn to understand

Like glass we can be fragile
But sharp when we are broken
But these pieces will soon mend with time
Let this go set yourself free

Your throwing everything away get it together

Suffer for everything you believe in
Don't stop pushing and pushing
Don't stop fighting for this opportunity
As it could be your last

Always remember what's important
As we can break like glass


I stand out in the cold for hours
Waiting to be struck down
I have never cursed someone's name so many times
Even if it is just a myth
All I want is to be brought to you

I feel you watching over me inside it kills
The sound of your voice echoes in my head
From time to time I close my eyes
I have to live with this for the rest of my life

Every hour drags out
Every sunrise seems so dull
It's like every waking moment without you here

Didn't you hear me screaming
No from the top of my lungs
Didn't you hear that saddened sigh

That night of my life
You will regret for the rest of yours
I will see this fucking through
You have ruined everything I have ever lived for

I want see this ground shake
I want to see this earth open up and
Swallow every last one of us
To prove to me there is no fucking god


No more can I take this false pretense
You are everything but nothing to me
Holding the hand of a liar
This is a fucking disaster

Misrepresentation becomes an obsession
As your words are so far from the truth
All hell will reign down upon us
As you move mountains with your words

You looked at me with your withered eyes
That guides this empty being
Inside of you lies nothing but vanity
This obsession you have with yourself
I don't think you realize is only skin deep

How can you look down at me
When you don't even know me

I see nothing but a coward that has no ethics
You live in your own world of make believe


If this was my last day on earth,
Would you even care, would anyone notice?
Have I made an impact on your life
What would it matter to you if I was gone?
If I was gone!

This congress comes together to say their final farewell
With these words I have to make a statement
It's not every day you are made to realize
What you have in front of you, in front of you!

My wounds are healing,
But this bitter taste will never leave my mouth
The fury this rage that’s built up inside of me

It's all flooding out!
I haven’t lost everything!
But I don’t feel anything!

The thought of losing it all will haunt me,
I am choking on these words, the last words you ever spoke
The last words you ever spoke,
The hardest part is trying to forget,
Although I will never forgive
For the way you were taken from me
I am filled with reason to seek revenge
For I am filled with hatred!

Oh yeah!
For I am filled with hatred
My thoughts are sickening
Mindless rage, rage, rage!
Flooding out of me!

This bitter taste will never leave my mouth
The fury this rage that’s built up inside of me
Inside of me, yeah!

It's all flooding out!
I haven’t lost everything!
But I don’t feel anything!

I am filled with reason to seek revenge
Revenge, revenge!
Revenge, revenge!


We dim these lights for your return
Only you never showed
I still see this door open expecting your arrival
I need to hear those words

Laying motionless on the floor
You felt the cold of this early morning
Now you cannot feel the cold of it's night
All your pain has gone

I remember laying on my back staring at the ceiling
Wondering what comes next
Can it get any worse than this
My pain has been numbed with fear

I can never seem to speak of this tragedy
So my pen bleeds all of my emotion onto this paper

So this is how it feels to be stripped of hope
As I have never felt so fucking empty
Watch the color drain from my skin
Take every last piece of it in and
Think before you realize what you may lose


Bow down before your god
The hand that raised you and turned you into a man
You're monument to hold you up when you are down

The one who told you, you we're the best son
When really she meant
You're a worthless piece of shit
I really don't believe you could ever betray this

All I know is you have this figure to look up to
Can you imagine this could all be taken
From you in the blink of an eye
Stripped from under your nose
And set free into the night
And your left to make your own choices
No one to turn to
Never to see their face again

How would that make you feel
Would you want to end it all just to be with them again
For nothing else in your sad pathetic
Worthless life could ever compare
Would you shy from the entire human race

Welcome to my world


Countless time I see the figure in my head
The only hope that this cannot be the end

Have I forsaken you or have I forsaken myself
What have we got to lose

Someone once told me if you really believe in something
Then you have to see it through to the very end

I am lift to pick up the pieces
Of everything we had and now
There's one piece missing
So I am not complete
My world has been torn apart
Pulling me down to my knees
I am gripping on pulling myself back
Rebuilding the foundations of my life

You will never understand this situation
Until you are on your knees
Praying for a miracle
That will not just fall from the sky

My final affliction

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