Biss : Joker in the Deck

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I never had to crawl
Like а doc and bеg
Never had it so bad to
Bite off my led
Wind is my spirit
Lichtning leads my soul
The sun in my eyes
Will let me see the cold

Search for the answers
I'm already knowing
My killer instincts won't let me go

(I) need it for the thrill
I'm ready for the kill

Never wanted to feel
That revenge was right
A faint taste of blood
I'm ready for the fight
I see a mirror that
Reflects the truth
An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth

It's hard losing a war
Before it is beginning
This is the battle I need to win


Once he fought for glory
Got a purple heart
Once he put his trust in god
Before it fell apart
The coming and the going
It's a vicious circle
Stand up for your right and face
Don't believe in miracles

Obeying the rules
Turned this man to a fool
Much too long
Being hopelessly blind
This old renegade knows it's
Never too late
Finding some peace of mind

Leads a life beyond the laws
He's a rebel without a cause
His name will ophn any door
He's a rebel without cause

And wherever he may ride
He's covered by the night
With it's prey between his jaws
He's a rebel with no cause

So he learned his lesson
And he paid his dues
Never steppin back in line
Cleaning someones shoes
Listen to your inner voice

Sacrifice the truth
There has to be much more in it
When in rome do as the romans do

3. C-Y-A

Nowadays we all stand in line
Noone steps out wasting no time
Responsabilty means

More than a word
Mind's declination of
Mankinds worth
Obeying the rules
And floating the stream
Like a flock of dead salmons
In black and white dream

It's no longer crucial
For what we do stand

Who's to blame
When the walls
Seem to tumble down
Who's to blame
If you're stuck in a hole
Who s taking all the blame
If it's comes around
Big head-big mouth gот no balls?
The cover your ass

Shiftng over the junk to the next
You know he's inferior
Dead on two legs
You don't shine
You're losing your grace
One of the ignorant merciless race


She was sweet she was young
She was tender
Just believed in a cunning pretender
And gone astray been swept away

As I found her grace being taken
No more life in her soul
Staid awaken
As she rolled from home
Into the great unknown

Helpless I cried
Prayed to the night
How could this happen here
I'm a disillusioned

Primal scream comin' over me
Silently rose from deep
Primal scream chained inside of me
Desperately trying to breathe

Why did we lose all our
Human sensivity
Closing our eyes and deny
The reality
Man's decay is not faraway

Total eclipse of responsibility
Just braveless egos
Without sensibility
I can't stand the pace
On this sunless pays


Who is to blame won't be named
Like a ghost you chase
Slips and slides thru your fingers
Who was abused and being used
Only makes his day
He's bad dead ringer

Seducing with pretending eyes
Painting you the world in white
Gabriel & sons despise the ones
Banished from paradise

Flying high drifting to the light
Caleidoscopian disguised
Second try shattered fragments
Mirrorize flying high again

Blue tinted days in a haze
Declining lethargy
Show a state of confusion
Hope to release the disease
Have gone with the wind
To distorted illusions

Seducted by pretending eyes
Banished out from paradise

Nightmare's gone
The sun creeps thru my window
Cold sweat tasting salty
It's been long ago

I've been resurrected
Once I was infected
By the thrill of vain


The nature of the game
Is to win or to lose
The risk is unpredictable
But a beggar cannot choose

A permanent obsession
Gambler's blood runs colder
Tho' the devil and the angel
Sitting on my shoulder

Pokerfaces' gaze
Just dull no more impressively
Their eyes have lost the blaze
While playing for the gallery

Unique lucky streak
Me, gambler never let's it gо
Lovin every minute of
A fatalistically show

Will you cure me from this burn
One last time and tables turn

Joker in the deck
An ace behind my back
Back for the attack
Lay your cards on the table

Joker in the deck
To beat the black hats (ganove)
Now there is no way back
It is sheer inconceivable


Dull with impressionless eyes
Looks like lie was made out of ice
Any single motion
Hardly can't be seen
There's no passion or devotion
In this gamblers scene

One on one they risk it all
Trying to pretend
Face to face they play the ball
Til the very end

(Bad man on the loose again)
(Deadpan makes a move)
He's a silent stranger
The unexpected quest
Ladies and gentleman
Place your bets

Seems now he's taking the lead
The rival's gaze
Is starting to freeze
Too manydivers com'up too fast
Surfacing from the deep
He's the one and only player
Fights the urge to breathe


Cities sleeping
On a summers cozy night
Dark lies the river
In thе fading moonlight
The sleeper dreams in color
Of a future's shining bright

There ain't no way of knowing
Danger's coming into sight

In perceptible irresistable
With some deadly common ease
Creeping slowlyclose
Only heaven kows
Who is spreading the disease

(It's all) gone with the water
Drowned in the flood
Was it neptun's daughter
Bringin on the flood

All worh living
Has drowned in the flood
But there's no way to giv' in
Our tears will dam the flood

Deserted houses
All the goods been washed away
Communication breakdown
People facing judgement day
Friend or foes together
Like once on noah's arch
Start a brandnew living
Running from the dark


Too many people
Are stuck in a mess
Too many troubles ahead
It's not specific
For one certain class
The good turns in to a bad
You tried everything
But it's catch 22
Can't shake off
This permanent load
Then a friend of a friend
Hands a number to you
Unlisted and well locked
With a code

Fast as his bullets
Disappearing in the skies
Into the night and out of reach
Dance with the devil
In a humanized disguise
Sooner or later
Someone's soul will be bleached

As known as
Mister Sandman's on the loose
As known as – always latest news as known as
Doctor pact goes for your soul
Aliases hold the key
Changing identities

He sells you hope
In the potion you drink
Fooling with exstacy
Creeping over and under your skin
Invades your privacy
He's using the mask
Of a liberal friend
Sneaking inside of your brains
He might take your life
When he rips out your heart
Any sort of defend is in vain


We only see what we can't be
That's the deal of life we're buying
visions of perfect illustred worlds
Twisted truth how they're lying

Facing your own way
You fight to survive
In a multi-media jungle
Look in the mirror
And tell yourself
Over and over and over again

Don't trust no strangers
You have to believe in the word of a friend
Don't don't build upon promises
There speaks no truth
Thru' the lips of a liar
Who just pretends

Hooked on tv and sex on the line
Easy money as part their fiction
Blurring our mind
A slave to the grind
Dragging you into the swamp of addiction

24 hours of media showers
Soaking your towers
Of sensitive power turning your
Brains to that of a flower
Telephones lines, internet crimes
Sex for a dime, easy to find
Boiling your mind leading you blind

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