Biss : Face-Off

Power Metal / Germany
(2005 - AOR Heaven)
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The gypsy told me long ago
My fate's a human face
And with her false madonna smile
She sends me to disgrace

I've seen the wheel of fortune
Spinning round and round
My house of cards is falling down
Dies without a sound

Miss trust just led me blind
Lady misery screws up my mind

You leave me breathless
I'm losing all control
I sacrificed your dirty lies
That infiltrate my soul
Barely breathless
With your twisted poisoned tongue
Those wicked ways pollute my days
Lasting much too long

Should have listened
To the gypsies word
Obeye her cheap advice
As she looked into the crystal ball
I saw the lady's lies

She wrapped her arms around me
And offered me her lips
I was driven by temptation
For another judas kiss


This is a tale
About the cause of his life
Noone knows what goes on
In his brains
He can turn the world
Into an arsoning ground
When he's feeding the flame
With his pain

Just keep my words in mind
Here comes the dangerous kind

He's baptized by fire
Has gone too far
It's all out of control
The one and only desire
When fire works will take him
To the stars it's

One match too much and
They are right on his trace
There's no shelter no more
No relief
Into the fire into
The healing blaze
He's longing to find some peace


It's getting tight
Been pushed into the middle
It's time for wishing you well

It is my right
To throw you out of my life
I'm gonna give you some hell

There's nothing left
I feel my satisfaction
It's dead and gone
Without no resurrection

Another lie
Sneaking round my backdoor
Creeping under inside
Your sweetest talk
Tries to overwhelm me
That I'm trying to fight

There's no more left
When judgement day is rising
All is said and done
Ther ain't no compromising

You are rejected
Banished from my soul
I've been infected
Nearly lost my self control
You are rejected
No exiles in the dark
I've been affected
Elected from the start

Your dirty game
Comes to a conclusion
Reveals your state of mind

Black widow eating all illusions
I'd never feed that kind

4. D.S.O.D.

At the edge of town
Winds blowing cold
Over the plains
How long
Is this been going on?
All's been going wrong
Now the world is in chains

Firing guns
I been on the run
There's no place to hide
No angels are passing my way

I been haunted
I see shadows play
On a darker side of day
I been wanted
Caught dead or alive
On a darker side of day

It's never ending
It battles on
On a darker side of day
Just stop pretending
That you're seeing the light
On a darker side of day

A new decade
Of humans' fate
Face this restless breed
With no need


You're deceivin' me
You're mistreating me
Yet you still get away with it
Maybe I am wrong
It's gone on so long
If you do wrong
You will pay for it

Criminal – is a very strong word
For someone who once loved you
I'm so scared-of
The truth I haven't heard
And the weight of it all
Hangs above you

Raise the hammer
Let justice be done
Raise the hammer
Come down on the guilty one
Raise the hammer
If I'm not right
Then prove it tonight

Waitin'up all night
Lonely till daylight
You come home with an alibi
Little left to share
Somehow I still care
I can't go on not knowing why

The case won 't end
Til I'm sure I've got the proof
And the jury will deceide it
My revenge is to see you tell the truth
And whatever the answer
I will find it


I got your picture in my mind
Somehow just don't know what to do
Cause I see your face
In every single step I take
I'm so close
To lose control

Calling out your name
Reaching out for you

Why can't you be
Right next to me
I'm calling you
You mean everything
And more to me
Why can't you be
The one I need
I'm calling you
Since you've been gone
I turn my back on love again

There is a fever burning in my soul
Any time I think of you
You are the only one
That knows how to turn me on
It's an ever lasting lie to me


You bring me down
If you want to
Just like the way you talk to me
But when I ask you
What's going on
You reply I gotta set you free

I see your big life
In your eyes
And I can't depend on you
Now you are searching
For your way
I never gonna hold on you

Go and get it right girl
Make up your mind
Take a look in the mirror
What you left behind

Hey you
Don't talk about the big life
Just to feed your own desire
Don't talk about the big life
When your heart's not on fire

Don't come around
For a second chance
Don't you talk about love anymore
You fool around with a one night stand
But this time you hit the score


When the days are getting colder
Feel the ice age creeping slowly near
Mother earth has left the axis
Manhood drove her into tears

Say you final prayers
Gonna shout them in to the skies
With hope tomorrow never dies

Northern lights too far to touch it
Arctic sites are all around
Paradise is underneath there
I'm going down down underground

The ray of light shines
It will keep us warm
Gives us shelter from the storm

Fire in the night
Melting away all the pain inside
Fire in the night
You are the flame
You're the spark of life
Fire in the night-burning

Left alone without a single clue
Ignorance misleading us the way
Out of the blue and into the ruin
We are close to judgement day


Onwards I ride
Into the distant hills
With a barking horde of hellhounds
On my trail

No starry sky to guide me
On this lonesome road
My yearning heart will lead me there
From the old mill inside the forest
A light shone
Taking me to my journeys end

Lady of the night this feels so right
You fulfill my life
Lady of the night i just can't let go
Love of my life

Out in the cold
Wild wolves are howling
Mad horseman scream and
Holler from below
Soon they will come to find
Two birds already flown
To the hideaway where we must go

Down through the crack
Inside the hollow to remain
Until this persecution ends

Lady of the night you do me so right
Oh lady of the night you fulfill my life
Lady of the night,
I will never let you go
Love of my life

Love of a woman keeps me warm
In the middle of the night

Close to your heart
Inside the mountain to reamin
Until this persecution ends


Wiseman sits alone
At the early break of dawn
Lookin 'out to sea
The approaching mighty storm
No more he could say
To stop what was to come
Warnings went unheard
He was the lonely one

Ocean's roar and heaven's thunder
Godforsaken,torn asunder
Crashing steel and shattered homes
Merry laughter gone... forlorn

Messenger returns
Good tidings for the king
A thriving paradise
Now lies in broken ruins
Reading from the scrolls
The wiseman said to him
The road to your safe passage,

Cryin' babe and bleeding mother
What turned brother against brother
Lesson learned can save tomorrow
Where is he now
Whom should we follow

Wiseman sits alone
At the early break of dawn
Waitin' for the sun
On a great red horizon
Glad to lead the blind
Enlightening their mind
No one can believe
He was the only one

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