Biohazard : Uncivilization

Hardcore / USA
(2001 - Steamhammer)
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1. Sellout

So many times I've been lied to, blind to
The ways of the world I've been lied to, blind to
I never understand how this master plan speaking man to man
Could ever give a damn
Hypocritical stance don't make me piss in my pants
You never care unless there's money to make
I'll never sacrifice, I got no time in my life
To fuck around with something that I know is fake
You want to sell your soul, I'll never sell my soul

You never understand exactly what kind of man that I am
'till you wear my shoes
You think I envy your life but you never realize I always live the way that I choose
Feel so much regret but you never let
That make you live the truth
You point fingers and lie, the harsh truth you deny
Life is a game that you don't want to lose

You want to sell your soul, I'll never sell my soul

and be the one you disrespect and lie to
the one you really want to live your life through
the soul you sell is really your own
because I'm the only one you can never lie to

Sellout-you want to sell your soul
Sellout-you want to take control
Sellout-you want to play that role
Sellout-I'll never sell my soul

Sellout-sell your soul [x2]
Sellout-sell your soul [x2]

Since back in the day, I've been up in this game
Doing much of the same way, real, I never did it for fame or glory
For all these years, with no respect from my peers
I kept it real and told my story
Sellout-This shit is real and I can never be fake
I'll do whatever it takes within reason
Sellout-Made so many mistakes, never caught any breaks
I live and die for whatever I believe in

Sellout-You want to sell your soul, I'll never sell my soul
and be the one you disrespect and lie to
the one you really want to live your life through
the soul you sell is really your own
because I'm the only one you can never lie to


2. Uncivilization

[recorded voice:]
Population control. The only alternative left was to increase the death rate,
no one wanted to pick people out of a crowd and line them up for execution,
neither did they relish the possible consequences of an enraged public upon
discovering that they were being systematically murdered. A very short but
very deadly global war was contemplated. Something else had to be done that
would absolve the decision-makers of guilt, something that could be blamed
upon Mother Nature. The answer, a synthetic biological agent, an agent that
does not naturally exist for which no natural immunity could have been acquired.
The United States population was infected. The vaccine was administered by the
world health organization. Whatever causes AIDS was in the vaccine
I'm the first in line with a sentence on deathrow
Take a look around and feel the wind blow
And to those motherfuckers who decide our fate
Annihilate, come together and kill their hate
Cut their heads off and put 'em on a stake
Stuff their bodies in a barrel and throw 'em in the lake
Let the leaches feast on their own
Motherfucker you're wrong, your on your own

We all go to fight for our rights
Stand against those opposed
We all go to fight for our rights

Population Control [x2]

[recorded voice:]
Over population is the most serious threat to the whole future of our species.

Rip their arms off from limb to limb
Make them regret they thought they would win
Cut their tongues out to stop spreading lies
Their poisonous venom has kept me blind
Open your eyes don't you realize
Come together, it's time we rise

[Chorus (x2)]
Population Control [x4]

[recorded voice:]
The vaccine was administered by the world health organization.

[Chorus (x2)]

[recorded voice:]
The cure will be administered to the survivors when it is decided
that enough people have died.

3. Wide Awake

Pain inside me is taking over again
Wide awake I open my eyes into a nightmare of a life that I despise I gotta,
break it down to the bare essentials 'cause life's too short to be sentimental.
Twisting around inside my head so many crazy visions - am I better off dead?
Filled with dread - gun under the bed to clip all the motherfuckers trying
to keep me down, I ain't fuckin' around.
Wide awake my eyes are open I can't breathe my heart is choking and I can't speak
the words unspoken and I can't believe my life is broken again... (my life is broken)

Keep trying to tell myself "everything will be OK, everything will go my way"
'till life steps in and slaps on the strangle, tears flow and fists start to mangle.
I wake up screaming everyday, nobody pays attention when I'm writhing in pain,
I got a glitch in my brain I gotta break free from anxiety, I gotta let go of life
'cause it's killing me

Wide awake my eyes are open I can't breathe my heart is choking and I can't speak
the words unspoken and I can't believe my life is broken again...
My eyes are open, my heart is choking, on words unspoken, my life is broken again

I can't believe my life is broken apart again, I can't conceive my time was never
well spent, sick of everybody talking about the things they never do, motherfuckers
talking shit about who?

Pain inside me is taking over again


How many times can you ask for a chance and expect everybody to keep giving it,
forgiving it?
Realize this is the last time to waste away, deteriorate, decompose, and decline

4. Get Away

I believe that when you're free you're never free, if you can't see
-I can never breathe easily- and I pray everyday, religiously, for freedom,
from this life in agony

Get away can't get away, I can't get away from you

So I wait and watch in fear of the memory of my life's tragic end in misery and
I prey everyday for salvation - for a reason, to suffer this suffocation...



Every moment I feel is agony, every breath I take is choking me, every thought I have
just fucks with me, will it take my death to break my soul free?

Can you feel my torment can you feel my anger can you feel the misery, all around me?

I'm alone and out of touch with what is real because no one can ever feel the way I feel
and I prey to stop the voices in my head forever, I feel so violated


5. Unified

[Feat. Roger Miret of Agnostic Front]

a word to the wise, everything seems so contrived
I feel paralyzed, like my spirit has died
On the inside, looking for a brother to confide
Keep you lies to the side, be like "do or die"
DOWN FOR LIFE with our people, yes that shit is real
Only mother fuckers who know the real deal
You pick the wrong side, "you that shit is suicide"
Me and my brothers are unified
Throw your fist up, gimme some more
Are you raw? Hardcore, are you ready for war?
To our people who are real, we'll fight till we die,
We are the crew, unified

Everybody's gonna do what they got to do
To die for the crew, always down to see each other through
Representing to the fullest with my feet on the ground
When we say that we're down, we're not fuckin' around!
To the jealous motherfuckers who try to talk shit
You'll never say it to my face, you don't wanna get hit
If you aint with us, you're against us, ...ask those who have died
We are the crew, ...we are unified


All for one, one for all, unite and conquer, heed the call
Can you feel it? Deep inside, unified

It's like I wanna unify us all, and tear down the walls
I wanna blow up the white house, and the shopping malls
With our army of four, add a illion more
Fuck religion all the world will worship hardcore
And bow down a kneel before the power and might
And witness our tribal ceremony tonight
When we move the crowd, I feel something inside
You can never deny, we are unified


6. Gone

[Feat. Igor Cavalera of Sepultura]

You keep me down, I don't need you no more
Bad feelings gone, you can't hurt me no more
I've spent most of my life fucking around
Now it's getting me too down
It's a waste of my time hangin here
It's too late to change me


I'm set in my own ways,
Life's too short to worry about your say
I'm at the end of my rope when I'm with you
I don't think I'll make amends
When you get outta my light,
It's too bad that I won't miss you
Now it's time I move on with my life
I doubt I will say amen

I'm set in my ways, it's my way to live the way I love to live my life
My choice to live my life
My choice to live my life
But my life is short, it's coming to an end
I doubt I'll make amends, I doubt I'll say amen...

I'll never make amends, I'll never say amen...


7. Letter Go


8. Last Man Standing

[Feat. Sen Dog of Cypress Hill, DJ Rizz]

Bring it on, here comes the mutherfucking pain
There's a war in my, I can't take the strain
Insane in the brain runnin like a freight train
I feel no remorse, I feel no pain
I'm the punisher kid an I'm taking you out
Say you prayers son, it's the final death bout
If I gotta take you out it don't mean a thing
I'll be the last man standing


Southside vato, anybody killer
Body baggin fools try to scheme for the skriller
I kill like old patrone tequila
Your ass will be next if you try to deliver
Any actions that are pre-meditated
Snuff whole crews cuz that shit is out dated
Bring my enemies to his knees and I'm blasting
Sen Dog will be the last man standing


My blood starts pumping, racin through my veins
I'm a cold blooded killah stalking my prey
The taste of blood gets me high
I'll fight to the finish, I'll fight till I die

I rise and stand against anybody or anything
In the end I will be, I'll be the last man standing

I'm gonna crash and bash and smash and bust your ass in half
Feel the wrath, I'll blast you if I have to
So bow down, respect to the master
I'm the last man and my name is Disaster


9. H.F.F.K.

[Feat. Phil Anselmo of Pantera]

Hate, fuck , fight, kill
We teach our children how to act in this world by living what they see on TV.
Murder, rape war, disease, the rules of society


A race of murderers with no remorse and no respect for humanity,
We wonder why our children kill hate and lie, with no responsibility


Take it back yo you better listen-I'm on a mission, I'll tell you what your missin,
It's time to start living in reality so fuck the world before the world fucks me
Fuck the world for fuckin me


We live so many days of our selfish live making money by whatever means
For sex, drugs, our sadistic needs we live and die so selfishly


10. Domination

[Feat. Slipknot, Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed]

"The confrontation was not created by the police, the confrontation was created by
the people who charged the police. The policeman isn't there to create disorder,
the policeman is there to preserve disorder."

You can't get me
You'll never get me

Keepin us thinking of how to pay our bills while "they" roam through our lifes with flashlights
Keep our attention away from issues that "really" effect our society
While "they" are busy creating problems and offering solutions!
Keep us busy with our "simple" lifes
While "they " make descions in disguise of our benefit.


Keep us in the dark about the system keeps us confused and distracted
Turn you shoulder, I'll never give them total fucking control.
Keep us preoccupied with bullshit while our defenses are lowered
Tighten the reigns and gain control
Confusion, confusion brings profit


Broken backs and bloody knuckles
Forgotten fathers and long lost uncles
Who fought for freedom through piles of lies
It was for our rights our ancestors died
War brings profit and profit breeds greed
For those who died in vain, god speed
And to those who rewrite the constitiution
Fuck off and die mutherfucker, it's our revolution
It's our revolution


"sex and race have been the primary ways of organizing human beings into superior
and inferior groups"

just because YOU are not paranoid does not mean that THEY are not out to get YOU
who are the puppets and who is pull's the strings, keep us ignorant as they choose the kings

11. Trap

[Feat. Derrick Green, Andreas Kisser of Sepultura]

Those who will not use their brains are no better off than those who have no brains
so this mindless school of jellyfish become a useful beast of burden
I can't get this fucking feeling outta my head
You've gone and pushed me too far now I wish you dead
Faith was something that I used to have
But time has covered all the innosence with lies


Rape and take from me what I make
For you it's a job, for me a mistake
Machines are made to destroy all that's sane
I'll never forget you or your fucking name

I can't take this no more, it's time that I hunt you down and kill you

I've taken this as far as I'm gonna take it
You get in my face, I'll fucking kill you
Stay outta my way, let me be alone
Get out of my life, I don't need you

I've taken this as far as I'm gonna take it
I'm gonna find a way to fucking kill you
You pushed and pushed and pushed me over the edge
Now I'm searchin for a way to have you fuckin head
Watch the life flow from your veins as I get hard
Think of all the pain you caused me as I discharge
My blood is pumping fast through the heart that you scarred
As the bodies of my enemies float on by

Now I've got this picture floating in head, you lying in front of me covered in red
Satisfaction from all I've achieved, the smell of your rotting flesh, I heave

12. Plastic

It's apparent to me, that you are happy to be,
Stumbling around in your bullshit fantasy,
Where everybody wears this phony ass grin
And nobody's ugly, or willing to look in-side
The mirror, they hide from the terror
That the world is not a utopian place
It's iller than ever with scumbags and killers
As the head motherfucker I spit in your face
I'll bet they write us off as a bunch of illiterates
With nothing to say, and think that we're ignorant
Afraid of our might, so they label us belligerant
How can they be so motherfuckin arrogant?
To think we'll stand by and take this shit
We are the strong and they the insignificant
So here's my reply to your condescending statements
All you fuckin faggots can suck my dick

Sick of all the lies, I despise all you fuckin fakes
Comes as no surprise, your demise, you fuel my hate

Hatred-anger contempt-plastic


You commercial motherfuckers coming out like your hard
You wanna talk shit lets pull some cards
The mike is my blowgun, spittin' venomous darts
I'm calling you all out, and you know who you are
These plastic people on this plastic planet
Are under my skin, and no one gives a fucking shit
Pop genocide, my solution seems drastic
You've got no heart, I know that you're plastic

I am the voice of hate!!!
Why are you all so fake?
I am the voice of hate!!!
You're plastic

13. Cross The Line

[Feat. Peter Steele of Type O Negative]

The fires of hate burn deep inside
You swear it's the truth, but I know you lied
I never thought that you would try to take me, ...break me
For all the years of pain and tears
Where you preyed upon my biggest fears
You didn't really think I could forgive you??? Did you???
I did what I thought a man should do
But looking back, I'm glad we're through
You took and took from me till I was broken,
With selfish ways you've made you bed
I think of you as if you're dead
You held me back for years but now its over

You didn't really think I could forgive you? Did you?

All my love has turned to hate
You've crossed the line, now it's too late
Accept your fate


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