Bermuda (USA) : Isolationist(s)

Deathcore / USA
(2011 - Mediaskare)
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Sever, it's like severing heads.
It's your untrue words that put you in your grave,
Fade away before you're forced out,
Your true self exposed.
Bare the pain,
Of knives buried in my back
I'll slit your throat with them in time,
And carve "traitor" in your name,
And show the world your face.
This is the end of the world!
My name, like razorblades,
In your lying throat,
You'll swallow lies delivered through your yellow crooked teeth.

These razorblades,
Fit nicely in your lying throat.


Enjoy this small victory now.
For it's short lived and soon enough
The shade will lift the clouds will scatter and I...
I will shake the failures away,
My heart died long ago (if it ever existed),
For what it's worth
I'll try to keep this brief.
For what it's worth
I'm still filled with the compassion you denied me for so long.
Bounce like this!
Enjoy these hollow victories while you have the time!
Enjoy these hollow victories short lived as they are (x2).
Can you hear the sound of a lifetime's betrayal.
Enjoy your hollow victory.


And i know,
That if this ever ends,
It can only end in tragedy
Coward, you cant see through your broken heart again, Despite the steps i take to embrace the light
I'm lost inside this endless fucking grey.
The strain,
Of failures past weigh me down and force me to fight.
Will we hide ourselves from the world?
Can we force flight from our broken wings,
And motion from these shattered limbs.
And I know if this ever ends,
It can only end in tragedy.
Lock this dull ache in my chest and focus my sight
We are alone.
Leave us alone.
I know
That's if it ever ends
It can only end in tragedy again
God help me
I can't let this go again,
God help me
I can't let this go again


Leave me,
This blackness is closest to home for me,
I'd gladly breathe the depths and watch the surface fade away.
Save your lifelines for someone who's still drowning.
For a lifetime of disappointment
I can't take back,
Let the waves blanket over me and swallow me down,
The tide can only take bits and piece,
It's never enough to cease these aches.
It's NEVER enough to cease the ache.
The waves are calling me home.
Save your lifelines for someone who...
Save your lifelines for someone who's still flailing
I'll do what it takes to keep my head above water
Save your lifelines for someone who's still flailing
I'll do whatever it takes to keep me head up




Wake from the dream for it's turned into nightmares.
Wake when you realize the sheep you've been counting are you Closest friends.
Live life without a care,
Your ambitions go nowhere
Simply live out your days moving from field to field.
When will the life you lead ever me something?
Only when you see that shelter your holding is a killing floor!
Shepherds led you astray
They lead you hear to die.
Shepherds lead you astray,
They lead you hear to die.
The human herd,
Thinned, to a bare minimum


I know now that we can never see eye to eye,
You're always 5 steps ahead
And I can taste the dirt from your backstep,
Grasping at straws as theyre set ablaze before me,
Been looking up at your pedestal for so long
The sun has burned out my eyes,
Insult to injury,
Spit in my wounds.
But I'm not naive,
Though sight will return,
It won't be the last time
How long can your bitter reign last before it's over?

Fed on a diet of nothing worth chewing,
I've managed to stand dead center,
How long can your reign last
When will it all fall down?
This harvest bares bitter fruit
Fed on a diet of nothing worth swallowing,
Managed to stand againt the wind.
How long can your reign last when will it all fall down,
The harvest bares better fruit.

I was raised to never give up,
Never fall down,
Always fly up,
Never burn down.
You can have it if youll only step to me,
I will always stand up
Til the last soldiers been taken out

Let these scars serve as reminders
For the lives weve lead.
When will it all fall down? (x2)

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