Benighted (FRA) : Necrobreed

Death Grind / France
(2017 - Season Of Mist)
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Piercing my soul, my body too weak to help me flee
Nothing in control, mind turned to slavery
I became the puppet of the loving reptile

She wants me to dance like a doll
Feed me only when it pleases her
Ignoring my screams and my sufferings
From the digestive vortex killing me under her care
I would speak if only my tongue would obey

Tenderness, suffocation
Loneliness, humiliation
Happiness to deception
Her filthy eye staring at me

Reptilian brain
I suffer in front of the Lord
Flavorness liquor poisoning my blood
Reptilian brain

Get all these dirty hands off me
Their sweet touch hides your ugliness
Your serpent tongue spreads the bitten truth
Empty promises of the next dawn
Where you will leave me alone
Vulnerablen, I throw up your realities
Arisen from the scales of your mortal coil

Your pathetic bait has no meaning to me
And you think I will trust you someday
Not a chance!

Prisoner of the reptile
Don't you see my leash?


Buried in a cage
The bottom of the well is so deep
Reflection, the only answer
Can't read this piece of mind,
in this pit so deeply dug
As the surface is shaking,
so violently restrained, needs annihilated

Skin si everything, conjuring the crippled parts
As a physical shiled protecting the untouchable
This furtive shadow swimming insidiously,
threatening to catch your throat
Choking you in nonsense
Feeding the strong, consuming the weak

Neurosis failed, my psychosilencer

Worship the fear in its most silent form
Infinate and majestic,
And your glance bratrayed that
you never knew - who I truly was,
nevertheless will you be forced to deal
with the fear of what your eyes can't see
Swimming in the dark water of the underground maze

Feeding the strong, consuming the weak


The weight of my miscreation crushing my shoulders
A distant echo reminds me of the abhorrent mistake
You made me
Humble servant of your unknown will
Following your steps in obscurity

Forgive me Father full of guilt I shall bend
Forgive me Father your reign comes to an end

The thorns blessed my miserable flesh
Embracing the cadaverous condition of a degenerative seed
I wear my own stigmas, I owe you nothing
Not even the filthy bile burning my stomach

This is my legacy, chronicles of an ordinary hate
Against the perfidious re-creator
All these children are mine, my own manking
Transcended in submission

I stand in front of my throne, triumphant and bloodthirsty
The authority long forgotten
The cold grasp of death vanished
I kneel in front of you, guilty and begging
Your severe glance crushing me to the ground
Forgive me Father
I absolve you from all your burdens

Through the evil incarnated
By needles regenerated
My sons, my sins

I can't hear the scream of the horses anymore
Your silence remains insane and deafening
Forgive me Father your reign comes to an end

My rage is consuming me, I can barely see my leash
Deforming my neck in a heavy breath
Proud victim of a voluntary slavery


The floor cracks under the hostile steps
The laughs escapes from the muddy ground
Among the wolves walks the faceless
Scarce become the food and the distant preys
Delighting in the unbearable stench
left from the blood of the snowy wood

Paranoid delusion
A schizophrenic conviction - Leatherface
A pathological pregnancy - Leatherface
Reborn through the warmth of the infection
A new level of anthropomorphism - Leatherface

He contemplates his proudly raised family
His breath is heavy and hot under the mask
He beholds the violence of their constant asthenia
Dislocated marionettes hanging at the end of their ropes

Moving with the wind in an epileptic dance
"get your hands of me"
The tears warm up his cheeks and he can't stop laughing
"get you hands of me"
He slowly disappears in a dark corner
Watch them play
Cofined to shadow
Insidious and irreligious

The fresh liquids make the tools shine
The hammer smiles with cruelty for the metamorphosis
Seducing the needles craving for their path through the flesh

He can't remove the thorns of reality
Gone inside too deep, invisible
Making him suffer in the shallows
Insidious and ireeligious
Fuck you all !


Auf meiner Brust sitzt diese verschwommene Gestalt
Sie Starrt mich an, bleich und verlockend kalt
Die Augen ohne Iris schliessen sich niemals
Kein Blinzeln, sie durchleuchten alles was war

Was nie war, ein ferner Gruss, so vertraut und nah
Narben verblassen, geheilt,
als war'n sie niemals da
Sie richtetsich auf', mein Lebensweg gestärkt in seinem Lauf'

Ihr Griff geht tief' in meine Wunden und reisst die Fäden raus

Hier kommt der Doppelgänger
Das ist der Doppelgänger
Lass die Bestie frei, denn zähmen kannst du sie nie

Ich geh an ihrer Seite in tiefstem Schwarz
Sie nimmt mich mit in die Geborgenheit ihrer Höhle
Unempfindlich für die Hitze der flammen,
mörderisch und wild
Meine ererbten Glieder reisst sie aus,
eines nach dem andern
Sie fallen zu Boden und zerschellen zu Staub

Ein friedlicher Mutterleib, der mich umhüllt
Hier kommt der Doppelgänger

Ich bin der Säugling vor dem ersten Atemzug
Sie schliesst miene Augenlider und die Welt erlischt
Endlich bien ich alleine


J'ai besoin des germes qui te décomposent
D'un cercle mutin lentement s'enroule mon corps
Il déambule sur les traces des ondes malignes
Les reliefs masquent tous leurs regards désolés
Sur l'écrin de ta peau
Il ne fait que pleuvoir et j'arbore tes restes
Cinglantes et écorchées, vives et désœuvrées,
Les voies lactées dont je me nourris,
Ruisselantes de brumes sanglantes
Tes acides venimeux qui persistent à me nuire
Ils traverseront la cohorte des flammes où je me terre

J'ai besoin de tes germes
Arborer tes restes

Afin que la fureur languissante vagabonde
Préserve en toi les lueurs jusqu'aux rives boueuses
Des créatures néfastes aux armures nacrées
Des liqueurs tamisées par les regards des chimères acerbes
Souvenirs de nuits atrophiées

La bile de tes maux
Illumine ma chair de son éclat opaque
L'orage profère ses menaces,
Il aveugle le cœur des observateurs
Les lambeaux de chair répandent
Le sang perdu par indolence
Son froid irradie le visage de fantômes écarlates


They wake me up at night,
They crawl under the shimmering light
The shadows of a forgotten world
Greedy and moving along the walls
The ghosts from the past hidden
In the sand of my inner desert
Cenesthesic perceptions increase,
Showing the devilish purpose

Monsters make monsters, those raptures and lies
Monsters make monsters, their kids yet still rise
They start to dig the black hole again
Stench of a therianthropic pregnancy
My aborted parts consumed and resurrected

Legacy corrupted, deformed reality through molestation
Unrevealed acts of infamy,
Coloring the blood
Show a path where no healthy ming would walk alone
Victorious darkness fertilized with pathological seeds
I dream of pain, I embraced it
It will be yours like it was mine

I'm gonna break you in half
Illusions of safety as the
beast is still sleeping in the den
Calm of water faking the nature of the underneath
I am the bringer of the acid running through your veins
Conjugating abuse with mercy.


Paralysed in pleasure I hear you call
Lost my cognitive control
Dumb vermin opens the unexplored paths
Digs their flesh relentlessly rapes it

Following the sickness I tasted the remains of freedom
I freeze the sun, burning dopamine
Pressure increases, missing the paroxysm
Give me your worms swarming under the torn skin

Cum, cum, cum
Cum with disgust
Suck my body, drain my body until my flesh turns into dust
Cum, cum, cum
Cum with disgust
Suck my body and welcome my kids as I cum with disgust
Honor me with your bite

Skin still warm decomposing in adipocerous liquids
My spirits abandon me in these incestuous dances
Leave me lost in shame, and deceitful

Trying to reject the impure thoughts

Insults resound in my skull from the voice of the unnamed
Commanding me to send the sleeping dog to the afterlife
For his Lord to feast on my soul

Don't you see them tickle my extremities?
Why all of you remain so silent?
Don't you see them tickle my extremities?
Why all of you remain so silent?


Pauvre charogne dénuée d'élan
Ramassée contre le marbre glacial
D’une époque dévolutive
Ivre de carcasses fumantes et d'incisions profondes

L'infini se termine, ton ère aux relents de chiottes
Où tu t'es couché, masochiste,
Te découpant les membres un à un

Tu arbores fièrement tes résections,
Retire les lames de plaies ouvertes
Les referme d'impostures, de mucus
Enivré du masque de l'appartenance

Larve gluante et rampante dans les méandres
Hérités de l'absence de colonne vertébrale
S'étrangle dans ses glaires happe l'air
Suffocant de ses propres déjections
Désespéré et irrévérencieux

Nature morte et obscène, défigurée de douleur
Sifflent les râles, meurent les hurlements
Dans ta propre fosse commune creusée à t'en arracher les ongles
Tes instincts comme tu les sens, ils te dévorent
Mastiquent les tissus imposteurs

Sur le mur des corrompus, les douleurs, les idées vacantes
Brillent de morsures atroces
Les issues viles et suffocantes

A t'en lécher les épidermes disséqués et les sentir disparaître
Dans l'abîme de ton œsophage
Pour que la mue soit complète
Si le trépas murmure, je m'ornerai de boues exsangues,
Ô mon prodige, ma famille, emplis-moi de haine


Tongue so dry and glance completely lost,
Feeling insane, out of control
Dreaming of a welcoming coffin
My screams born from your mouth,
keep on watching me, keep on watching me
I hate what he is doing to you during
These two hours of nothingness

Reeks of Darkened Zoopsia
I can smell you through my eyes,
Your dirty sweat is a blessing to me
Reeks of Darkened Zoopsia

The masquerade is going on, you innocent disposal,
All the clowns have stopped laughing,
They watch the dead animal's parade,
The smiling filthy little beasts...

Relaxing and terrifying
They're just still, frozen by absence of life,
Creatures of the sewers, slowly returning to dust
The whole scene suddenly fades
to black and comes back again,
Shining and painful
My bowels are killing me,
burning from inside, close to explode
The sight is disturbing and so obsessive

The masquerade is going on, ravaging you again and again
The clowns are now long gone
On your innocence fall the curtains

Two hours of an unbearable show...
Come back to me kitty... Don't leave me alone...


Gather us into ashes
Everything turns to red, my eyes start to blur
I feel her tongue dance along my throat
Holding my head back, her cold lips on my neck
Erotic and merciless

My children around me
Close to fainting into a new life
A last family portrait

The flames of our gathering lick my fingers
Enjoy the first part of my skin
Celebrate what we are becoming
I recognize the black dog
And his vicious fingers dig into my flesh
On my cheeks flow the fear and farewell
I dream of the final kiss

Tearing my jaw off and splitting my skull in two
Decorating the room with pieces of bones and brain
The heat always getting stronger and the smoke thicker
Melting every piece of me uniting us in a black undead mass

Mass grave
I will enjoy the smell escaping from my burning meat
Remember the warm embrace of my lost mother
Mass grave
Ashes will dance together, we are but one
A pressure on my finger
Game over

Là où le vacarme oppresse suintent les encres indigestes
Qui rient en le vomissant
Les vocoïdes gangréneuses qui sifflent les meurtrissures,
La morsure des aiguilles et leur cannibalisation
Gravissent les marches branlantes, frôlent le résident

I will enjoy the smell escaping from my burning meat
Remember the warm embrace of my mother
Ashes will dance together, we are but one
A pressure on my finger... Game over

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