Benediction : The Dreams You Dread

Death Metal / United-Kingdom
(1995 - Nuclear Blast)
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1. Down On Whores (Leave Them All For Dead)

"What they have in store for them...
... do I desire..."
"They will suffer just as I...
... revenge on the whore."

[Chorus :]
Take the eyes, take the head
leave them all for dead."

"My hands are cold...
... my heart... is colder still"
"I will take the bitch tonight...
The children are well."


"The gentle man... the whore in in debt...
They are blind as they say"
"Turn round three times
and catch whom you may."

"May comes and goes in the dark of the night.
He kisses and whores and gives them a fright.
... and the Doctors will get all the blame
but it's only May playing his dirty game."
"... ha ha..."

"Rip the bitch wide...
... left my mark...
... had a got at her eyes."
"The pain that night...
... burnt into my mind.
... recall ... to stop my cries."
"... ha ha ..."

"... when I cut her...
kissed... for a while.
... shale I write and tell them...
... peace of mind."

"Left her for dead...
there was thrill.
All whores... feel the ... shining knife

Sir Jim with the shining knife."
"I give my name that all know of me,
so history do tell...
... a gentle man born..."


2. Certified... ?

Release me
Break out from the Bleakhouse
Fractured mind
Four in one, my storm
Escape my fantasies
Hollow hear of my disease
Angered psychopath unbound
Control my mind's common ground

I'm avenging a hurt
Damn the worms within my brain
Causing me to suffer pain
Mental imagery imposed
My psyche's falling... down

I'm avenging a hurt
Pulsing along channels
Alive with phantom humming
Sweting like a rapist
I cannot avoid becoming

Too much reality in my make believe mind
I am dead, but the four live... on

See blood everywhere
Can't control our vision
Forever we're the Ghoul
Eternal mental prison

3. Soulstream

In oceans of light
Haunts the bleak river
Mindless spectre
Summons malice without thought

[Chorus :]
Insane paradox of dreams gone awry
Stalked and thrown onto funeral pyres

The wrathful one
A screaming sea, fould shore


Sound without substance
Whispers softly and low
The waters speak and roar
Echoes in the skull
Each drop a human soul
Born from tragedy
Drowning victims amplify
It's desire to conceive


Seek the lake of voices
Fluid chorus of loss
Destroyed in order
Created in chaos

Smothered !
Identity cast to the flow
Slave !
To water's illusion
Your body dissolves
Fettered !
Existance to the whole
Never break !
The walls between the realms

Flesh wound never bleed
But yearn for the depths
Agony, there's no peace
Even in death
Dark wisdom brings power
An illusion deceived
Union of fellow souls
I wept as it entered me

Insane paradox of dreams gone awry
Stalked and thrown onto funeral pyres

4. Where Flies Are Born

Our unity of war and art
Lost the human creed
Here you're no more than a shade
Of blood that never bleeds

The silence breaks, the die is cast
Ignore our final pleas
Engage insanity
World falls to it's knees

Sound the knell of jealousy
Unheard dying's scron
Genocide prodigiously
Where flies are born

Warhorse died on this impure realm
Defiant in it's death
Smelled the fragrant bitter blood
And draws it's final breath
Begin the crimson dust decay
Commence the fall of light
Atavistic human trait
Born of chaotic night

Blood pain [x2]

Tranquill peace attained by strife
Now all is lost
Season of the ice arrives
The killing frost

Blood pain [x2]

5. Answer To Me

Such a gruesome bleeding heart
Stabbing against the thrust
Those vicous memories
Of broken trust
The bitter food of hatred
I will force feed
You'll suffer my indifferrence
Answer to me
My faith in you destroyed
By hypocrisy
It retards your thinking
Answer to me
Retard your thinking
Answer to me

Broken chains of honesty
Fallen without grace
I return the favour
On your second face
I am not the reason
Deceit reigned within
Since you cast the first stone
Are you without sin ?

Scutinize - NO !
Retard your thinking
Carrion ways, no power to judge
Brimmed with aggressive scorn
Damn your name, forever wish
You were never born
Tragedy - Your obsession
Retard your thinking -
My oppression
Sympathize - NO !
Retard your thinking

The final remnants erased
Your identity
Retard your thinking
Answer to me

6. Griefgiver

Writhing in pain
Your third eye blinks, untamed
We were one to live
Now there's but grief you give


Dread the hurt
Crush me in the dirt
Panic, extol
Angers my mind and soul
Evolve, inherent living hate
We divide as you subjugate
Disreguard, pre-empt the deed
To avenge I'll not concede


Evolve, inherent living hate
We divide as you subjugate
You proclaim grief to me
My existance, your disease

Evolve, inherent living hate
To amend is far too late
Enraged inside your grip
Now alone, your power trip


7. Denial

You guard your mind, your thoughts must not devour
Your soul at crux will cower
And the image is mine
Taunting you, unleash eternal time
Am I what you see ?
Rising doubts will forever be set free

Torment, I return
From thoughts you've had and are now left to burn
The degree of heat
Denial of lies, the words are incomplete
Yet what is said is true
All you fear cannot be miscontrued

Bizarre made flesh - The heart arrest
What you fear most - Will haunt the host

I'm whole, I become as one
Evil thoughts extinguishing the sun
And in the void I thrive
Fear / strength, it procreates the hive
And the tears burn
Forced desires you are soon to learn

Bizarre made flesh - The heart arrest
What you fear most - Will haunt the host

Guard your minds, your thoughts have all devoured
Your soul at crux it cowered
And the image was mine
Taunted you, unseashed eternal time
I am what you see
Rising doubts, forever you're set free

8. Negative Growth

Benign, the human form
Malignancy disease
Metastasis major cause
Migration of the beast


Into the strem
Disturbed balance of life
Trigger wound response

And await to die
Outright attack
Prognosis made
And the growth will spread
As cells break away
Blistering assault on pure
Gnawing into cells
Slow disease, yet so demure
Struggling you ail

Insidious disease
Evicts me from my life
Disfiguring, absurd
The inner parasite

Soul destroying, my skin crawls
Unseen, my body fights a war

Dig deep the healthy flesh
My miserable remnant
Ruined by this ruthless waste
Paying my penance
Reproduce so disorderly
Through bloodstream malignance flows
Detected early, a surgical cure
Perchance a growth in the bones

Blistering assault on pure
Gnawing into cells
Slow demise, and so demure
Listen, funeral bells

9. Path Of The Serpent

No gods or masters, where destiny lies
Underworld of Elysium exempt on my demise
Father leaders leech to your mind
In growling hunger repent
Obituary, engraved tombstone
Fiercely branded on the soul

[Chorus :]
Truth stands as one
Monolith stands alone
Roots in the path of the serpent
Lies a worthless throne

Gross theology twisted inside
Enthroning dark here instead
Stream of consciousness flowing out
Beget all faiths my crying doubt


Inside intriges me for your vision's veiled
Monolith cracks, light has flown... ha !
Your faith will fail !

Broken faiths - fade away
Twisted war - feeding on it's twisted hate

Reach the end of the labyrinth
Where the nightmare's sin
Start from this waking dream
Screaming in the wind
Never find eternity
Denied divinity...
The Path of the Serpent !

Never violate paradise
Or walk the darkened trail
Idolatry your misjudgement
Never ending tale

A never ending tale.

SO BE IT !!!

10. Saneless Theory

Obscure opression, from within
Controlled behavious
Mass suppression in complex systems
Dictate before the birth

[Chorus :]
Underlying confusion
Life breaks free
A mournful expansion
Saneless Theory

Those detractors unnatural order
Erratic recursion of thought
Irrational change, the aspect of life
Chaotic order sought


Regularity / Random
Fractal complexity
Witness sterile fluctuation
Saneless Theory

Ruling powers assimilate
Overshadow, subjugate
No predictions an unfound dream
Egress reality

Yet deviations are amplified
Into chaotic theme
Enter Chaos !

Their passionate numbness
Ascetic credibly
Hidden in the emerging field of
Saneless Theory.

11. The Dreams You Dread

Gross abominations
Dreams that haunt your sleep
Dying to awaken
Unheard cries you weep
Inner vision drowning
Shredding terrors nears
Clogging lungs you're choking on
Hallucinogenic fears

[Chorus :]
Incubus, disturbing nightmare
Locked inside your head
Assassinating rational thought
The dreams you dread

Oppose the phobid landscape or you'll
Suffer anxiety
Self witch - hunting pretrifies
Aghast reality


Your own agression
Generates the dreams you dread


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