Behexen : My Soul for His Glory

Black Metal / Finland
(2008 - Moribund Records / Hammer Of Hate Records)
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World of plagues
Nest of disgusting filth
To be taken to ruin and damnation
All created must be raped

Into the night we whisper a prayer
A black spell full of hate
Full of chaos and horror
World will perish in flames

Piece by piece your world will collapse
Filling with emptiness
Slipping to the end of your life
Slowly but certainly

When the priests rape your children
And fathers kill their families
We stand behind you in the shadow of our Lord
Breathing your agony

Let the horror and chaos come
Let it flow freely through me,
Like a black rapid stream
Full of your immense hatred


Born in Thee, in thy name
In the serpent of the abyss,
In the spirit of chaos
Cursed before my birth

God isn't watching his image in me,
He couldn't recognise me as one of his kind
In my anger I have closed my heart,
and taken the poison of the serpent

Through lambs blood in to darkness
As a son and a daughter of the Abriman
Show me your way, and I'll walk to the end,
As his spirit, as his voice...

The serpent of the abyss...
My open wounds are bleeding for you, my Lord
The chalice of devotion will have a new content
And at the altar of the morningstar, I drink deep


Called to the night in the past
Drawn from the depths,
From the sea of faceless beings
The shadow from the darkest realm

Spirit of Oblivion
Seized the careless man
In the deepest pit of the soul
Feasting and holding its nest

Obscure force of evil
Inhaling my life
Like a black aurrole around me
Aspiring my soul

[Chorus #1]
Astral entity... will not return
To the place of darkness
Whence it came in that night
When the moon was so mystical
I stare into the mirror
And I see you right in front of me

[Chorus #2]
You are watching back at me
From the demonic fleshtemple
Through the fiery eyes
The unclean spirit of evil...

[Chorus #1]

[Chorus #2]

4. O.O.O.



Oh, our God Satan
The blackflight of our lives and the all : seeing eye
Highest being of the shadow realms
Hear, and receive my prayer

Lucifer ! The fallen star of the cosmos
Burn away my vanity
Make me pure for you,
As a golden bowl of your spirit
Here in the cathedral of the victorious angel
In the black vaults of your temple
With prayers I light the incense
In front of your immense void

Give me your flame
So I can burn as a torch for your glory
For the devotion smouldering in me is great
Love that will never die
The path of dedication...
To the infinite emptiness



I believe in the one clandestine
And the unspeakable Lord,
And in the star amongst stars,
Of which black flame
We all have been created,
And in to where we all will return.

"The secret of secrets in his name, Lucifer !
I believe in the one convenant
Of the darkness, light, life and death.
In the temple of the black star,
And in its mysteries."
I believe in the one convenant
Of the darkness, light, life and death.
In the temple of the black star,
And in its mysteries.
"And I believe in the serpent,
The poisoner of the lion, in his name, Satan...
In his name, Satan..."
And I believe in the serpent,
The poisoner of the lion, in his name, Satan...

The hands squeezed in to the prayer of devotion,
The wind directed in to the black triangle,
The mystery of the matter.

With ceverence I kneel...

My soul for his victory...

A father of man, bring your bright torch for us,
And fill our temple with your infinite wisdom.
Guide us to you, in to the dark walls of the cosmos
Away from life, away from light, under your wings...

"And I believe in the serpent,
The poisoner of the lion, in his name, Satan...
In his name, Satan..."


Far from these lands
Where gods mercy doesn't reach
Where the words of the jew shepherd have forgotten
Cremated in the flame of hatred

There the love for Adams children
Ceased to exist and withered away
The shadow has build his kingdom
And a new black God risen to his glory

We are the black arrow
Poisoned by the snake
Aimed at holy dove
From the bow of the fallen angel

The ritual of cursing life
We drink the rotten blood,
From the skull of gods creation
With death of believers of Christ in our minds

In the stench of the dead rats
Your burning piety cooled
Your belief is faltering
And once you denial your god...


The wounds of the suffering are open
My stigmas bleeding black
Wounds from the five blades,
Of the inverted star

The Devils black vomit
Flowing from the wounds
The hammer of Satan
Has struck me by its brute strength

Master ! Guide my hands to your deeds
Terrifying cruelities
For I am your spear
And I am your born

The sacred light of Lucifer
Burns my skin in blisters
Boil my flesh in your hatred
Let your spirit live free in me

Black and stabbing chains
From the pentagram to my limbs
Through the wounds of devotion
Towards the evil destiny

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