Battlelore : Where the Shadows Lie

Symphonic Metal / Finland
(2002 - Napalm Records (AUT))



It's time for herotic deeds
The gift of courage and steel are your key
Those with glory shine like stars
The highest prize is to ride with victory

So many souls follow the path
Trusting their magic and blades
There has to be more than that
Fight with your heart or fail

Ages of war and sorrow
One needs much to survive
Danger hiding in the darkness around us
Your sword is the only law
Brave enough to challenge your enemy?
Never underestimate the power of evil
Those creatures are born to kill
Trust your blades and black blood will spill

Path of ancient gods of war
Will lead me to victory
Carrying the blades of death
I am the Swordmaster

For the honor of your knighthood
Ride with pride into your quest
Never doubt to raise your sword
For the justice which shall be done
Believe in your destiny
You are the warrior soul
Without fear against your enemy
The flame inside you will never fade

Fight for your king and brothers
We shall trust in you
Ride towards the eternal struggle of good and evil
Be aware, the enemy is strong
They are after your soul
Remember what you have learned
Let your sword be your destiny

Pray your gods if you fight against me
There won't be another dawn in your sight
My blades are thirsty for blood
Thirsty for blood and ready to fight

Path of ancient gods of war
Will lead me to victory
Carrying the blades of death
I am the Swordmaster


The Grey Wizard, Mala Olorin
Who has born in Timeless Halls
From the first race of Iluvatar
Spirit older than the world itself

Humble servant of valar
Lived in gardens of Lorien
Higher being turned to flesh and blood
One of the Five Wizards
Came to help the people of Arda
To raise light over Sauron's might

Mithrandir, one of the august
The Grey Wizard beyond the sea
Chosen to carry his knowledge
For the mortal world so weak
Great shape of the spirit eternal
Fought thousands of years for peace
His way to defeat the darkness
His work, written in history

Gandalf the old wizard
Pilgrim from Undying Lands
Great were his journeys in Arda
Journeys against all evil
Death of Smaug the Dragon
Fellowship of the Ring
Slayer of Moria's demon
True gift from the halls of gods

After the duel in dwarven caves
The Grey Wizard rose again
In a colours of radiant white
Now it's his time to ride
To the final fields of glory


Deadly wardog without fear
Ramming through the battlefields
Mighty heroes and kings of men
Will be dead by this beast, insane
Skin of stone and bones of steel
Shredded bodies and blood will spill
There are no allies there are no mates
When this demon is out in rage

My bestial servants, now go
with hate and destruction

Twelve feet high and weight of stone
Crushing enemies' head and bones
No mercy you get from him
When he's here it's time to kill!

Beast of war with lust for battle
All the enemies' like a helpless cattle
Blades, arrows and hammers of war
All useless and this beast wants more

Raging goblin is out from hell
Deadly berserker of chaos and mayhem
With wargutteral and stench of death
he will come and crust your head
Your dead corpse eaten by ghouls
Flesh and brain there's left only bones
Only sun can stop this plague
But in the darkness you can feel his hate

Rage of Goblins!

Black blooded, red eyed and hateful in nature
Dwellers of darkness with lust for blood
They kill for pleasure and without reason
The rage of goblins will crush you down


Land of the Gods
Home for their human forms
You see the same stars
From their distant realm
mystic path you sail
To reach their presence
One part of mortal world
Creation, the Great Song

There's a land beyond the great sea
The final place of read harmony
To the shores of a far-away realm
Those lands my dream and my destiny
From the elven bay of Lhun
Our great journey shall begin
West our ships are heeding
To the harbour of the far away land divine

Over the deep waters
Facing the thundering winds
May Ulmo be on my side
All the way to the Enchanted Isles

Sailing the magical ships
A journey over the sea
Straight Road along the elves
Beyond the Spheres of the world

Somewhere behind the horizon
Two realms of Undying Lands
Valinor home of the Valar
Eldamar the elven domain

Without fear to the unknown sea
Forward with full sails
White ships of elven wood
Catching the fair wind
Soon I shall see my ream
The fate I truly believed
Land of magic and fantasy
Place for my final rest

Farewell my mortal friends
My time with you will be over
Hail the home of gods
Share my joy when I'm gone

Sailing the magical ships
A journey over the sea
Straight Road along the elves
Beyond the Sphere of the world

Over the deep waters
Facing the thundering winds
May Ulmo be on my side
All the way to the Enchanted Isles

Shall I ever see that coast
Kingdoms of Tirion and Alqualonde
Heart of the higher races
The realm of the gods, my eternal home


To the other side of known world
To the places where time doesn't exist

You see all of it, you have seen nothing
All is too much to understand
Only the higher minds so blackened and ill
Can travel beyond his thoughts

In the tower of damned darkness
The Lord of chaos, the witch of the eye
Holding the keys into the shadows
Watching over green lands
learning the ways of goodness
To prevent those shades of light
Light and its people in Arda
Weak fools, enemy forever
Enemy forever!

Gates of shadow, doors for demons
Demons of nether and void
Infernal landscapes and abyssic essence
Insane to the mind of a man
The world of unknown, enchanted domain
Fields of nightmare and fear
Like haunted dreams, darken realms
Homeland for the demonic beings

If you go, you may drown like a stone
Lose your soul and die a thousand times
Known evil is nothing there
And nothing is just the beginning


The southern end of the Misty Mountains
Waters of Entwash and Limlight
There it stands, the mighty wood of great age
Hiding secrets from the early years
Once so green and great that it reached
All over the Eriador
Huge tracts of lost lands
Beleriand covered by this great vast forest

Creatures hiding in the deepest shadows
Keeping the darkest ones away
Great guardians, fathers of woods
Defending their ancient pride
Long ago they wandered the land
Nowadays there's left only a few
Others crushed by the armies of unlight

In Fangorn there lives the eldest one
The eldest of the ents
This forest named after him
Fangorn, Treebeard

The guardian of his lands
The oldest being in Arda
So much evil he has seen
So much shadows in his dreams
With his heart full of grief
He trusts and still believes
To his kingdom so serene
For his entlings and him

Hear me my fellow ents
It's time to march into the battle
The evil has raped our lands too much
So many brothers gone by the darkness

Every orc under the banner of the hand
Will be crushed by our hate and anger
Every Uruk who stands against our power
Will be teared apart form his life
The white hand of Saruman
All his glory soon beaten down
All the walls and towers of Isengard
Destroyed by the entish wrath
Die, die uruk-hai!

The war is over and all is silent
Ravens fly to Isengard
Tall creatures with the shape of a tree
Marching north with victory
Their work is now finished
Ents have crushed their enemy
Dead uruk's every where
Reign of Saruman gone for good


Green shades of the elven wood
Covers her face so pale
Those eyes like a stars in the night
Her hair like a golden flame
Gods of wisdom and fortune
Have blessed her with their gifts
no earthly creature can ever reach
A beauty like hers
Young elven knights come to her
There's so much love to share
But still she's awaiting the one
The one with a mortal way

They meet in the shadows
No eyes will see their embrace
Again she's awaiting he to come
She's so desperate her heart can't lay

The evil has lurked in the realm
Dark creatures have come with the death
When black blade reaches her heart
And all the life is gone
He has lost his everything
Pain and agony, that's all left now on
Way of the fate is cruel
Through tears he curses his gods

With grief he left those woods
His sorrow turns to hate
By his blood he swears the oath
He will fight it's never too late

All his sacrifices
Can't be for nothing
Way of the sword
Is the price they'll have to pay
Her endless beauty
Stays forever in his heart
Her soul now in Mandos
But his love will never be gone


Khazad-dum the dwarven mansion
The mighty fortress of Durin's folk
Durin and Deathless, dwarven-king
The First of the seven Fathers
After the bane of Beleriand
Naugrim from Nogrod and Belegost
Came and moved into these caves
Greatest of the dwraven halls

Caves and catacombs forever
Caverns too much for the years of a man
Dwarves can find the way together
To get lost will cost you your life

Majestie stronghold of Aule's people
Treasures from he darkest deeps
Grey-gleam, known as Mithril
Sacred metal shaped into a magical weapons

Weapons! magical weapons! Weapons!

Through the five ages of Stars
Through the three ages of Sun
Another world so far below
Hidden kingdom, the realm of their own
Mahal's tribe so mighty and old
Delving tunnels under the ground
Huge network of caves and deeps
To the western side of mountainline

Caves and catacombs forever
Caverns too much for the years of a man
Dwarves can find the way together
To get lost will cost your life

The gates of Khazad-dum were closed
During the War of elves and Sauron
None shall pass in those years
World of their own under the stone
Deeper and deeper they delved
Shine of Mithril made them blind
In depths there lied the danger
The Band of Khazad-dum


The Dark Enemy, a god called Morgoth
Hide himself in the pit of Angband
Evil jewels of his mind took a shape
Great wyrms were born

When it storms look up to the sky
To the battlefields those dragons will fly
Mighty claws for their furious fights
You shall never forget that sight

The winged ones swept the land below
With the thundering winds they destroy
Those with the breath of fire and flame
Burn the earth and all on their way
Their strength far greater than man's
And their lore grows forever and ever
Eyes with a magical gaze
When they scream lands and mountains will quake

Ride with the dragons high on the sky
Fight with your sword and lance
In battle, hear their fearless warcry
The enemy will have no chance

So beautiful in the light of the moon
Dance of the wings through the sky
Over the green lands below
Heading towards eternal grace
Forever these dragons will fly
Time has no power to touch them
Thousands of years they'll sleep like stones
In their caves full of treasures and gold
Many heroes have faced their destiny
Be aware, better leave these worms alone
Masters of magic, servants of steel
Dragonslayers and dwarven warmachine
Armies of man have fought so many years
Defending their lands on the battlefields

;歌词由 添加 Morticia - 修改此歌词