Battlelore : Doombound

Symphonic Metal / Finland
(2011 - Napalm Records (AUT))
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I don't want you to feel
I don't want you to hear
I don't want you to know my name

I don't want you to feel
I don't want you to see
I don't want you to know my name
I don't want you to feel my shame

The aftermath of the battle
Still haunting in my dreams
Freed but still under veil of sleep
The Iron of the Flaming Star
The gloom with a naked blade
Slew him with pain blinding my eyes

The deep dark fate follows my path
The curse spoken out times ago

Hide behind these stains
Grief burdens my name
I am the Bloodstained
I am the kin of Ill-fate

The lands of wandering and despair
Struggling on and on
The day failed, the dark storm rose
Naked blade flashing in the night


It came from the skies
Iron of the Flaming Star
Remade in a time of sorrow
To cast the grief

I shall ablaze the skies
As I lay down my wrath
Upon your worthless lives
Pawns of the Gold-Worm

I wield the iron
Reforged for blood
I am not riding alone
Death is by my side
Black is the sword
For your filthy kin
Black is your last sight
Before you die

I wield the iron
There is nothing to lose
Thirst of my sword
Drives me forth
I wield the curse
Of death and tears
Ill is my fate
Until the end

It hungers glory
Hunt down the Golden
It yearns dragon's blood
Drink from its heart

It is prophesied
There will be a battle
Before the world's end
When the fallen heroes
Shall rise and breathe again
From the last dying light
And the Great Enemy
Faces the Iron of Death


Guidance shown by the stars
The way whispered by the winds
To the land of the legends
Land of Bow and Helm

Dread Helm!

In the midst of winter
They met again
Heroes' reunion
Rise of a dragon
Lights the fires of hell
To sear the black beasts

Brave and faithful Wardens of the South
Fought from his heart to bring silence to the dark
Grim and fierce Hunter of the North
Battled in hate to ease his pain
Until the shores of the Timeless Halls
Washes away his sorrow

Fear and death
For the hordes of Gorgoroth
Hope and freedom
For the men of Middle-earth



I heard the voice
Didn't see behind the words
I saw the faces
Loved ones, unknown to me
I was asleep
And I never really woke
I had a dream
Made for me, already dreamed

All the days faded away
Carried by the endless eclipse
Black light of those enchanting eyes
Made me forget, walk astray

Kadottaen toivonsa
Tuhottuna tahtonsa
Murtuneena rankona
Astun alas hautaansa

I tasted the wine
But I didn't taste the life
Even when I felt the warmth
I was frozen inside
I closed my eyes
To run away, to stop the pain
But in my mind
I was enchanted again

Blood of mine
Not sacred anymore
Enchanted tie
The line of life in disgrace

Silmäin kutsu kadotuksen
Valtoihinsa saanut mielen
Mukanansa hänet vieden
Sielunsa imien
Käärmehisen silmät katsso
Nujertaa hänet tahtoo
Mas kutsuu pimeyteen
Ikuiseen unehen


Minä longan tuonen toukan
Ja tapan madon manalan
Otan syöjän irti luusta
Otan ihmisen ihosta

Painan ma pajusta jonsen
Teen lepästä lennottimen
Jolia ammun tuonen toukan
Luskahutan luun purijan

Ammun hittoa kitahan
Paholaisen parran halki
Murtelen sisästä syöjän
Leukaluun levittelen

Vaan jollet tottele tuosta
Ellet heti jo herenne
Järsimästä jäytämästä
Hiien rakki taatamasta

Tuonne ma sun lähetän
Pahan vallan valkeahan
Vien sun hiilien sekahan
Alle ahjon ilmarisen

Veri virtaa varjon
Lihan syöjän, luun purijan
Viha väsyy kalmon
Varsi vaaran, terä pimeän

Palaa saat mato manalan
Kärventyä tuonen toukka
Hiien hiiliheltehessä
Kylpeä tuonen tulessa

Tulee turvat taivahasta
Avut hengen haltiasta
Vara vanhoista pyhistä
Turva luonnon tyttäristä

Herkeet siitä puremasta
Lempo raatamasta
Sepon pihtien välissä
Tuskaisen tuien seassa


Arise from the oblivion
Burn like no other before
Dare to face the olden gods
Feeble and drained coven
Unlight of your heart
Matching their might in immortality

Ashes and stone
First sight of the void
Breathe from my eternity
Grow stronger from their fear

This kingdom was never meant to last
As they carried the banners of the blind
Feed the faith of our false vision
Set the last stone on their road
True dark, reverse of the first light
Always there, behind the sun
Discordant in the song of creation
By the ghostly choir it is sung

Hear me, oh mighty first one
Reveal your golden light
Reek your poison to their lands
Seek their saviour and defile

Eyes of the wolf
Our ever burning fire
Under the darkened wings


Confused, frightened child
Run away into the wild
Leave your memories behind
Gone are the days of old

Come with me and live again
Into the light show me the way
Be my guide and I will follow
From the hide of my shadows

So close yet too far
They lived in the dark
The last blight was done
As they wandered as one

Same blood, same life
Under the black clouds
Spells and lies in disguise
Their fate was bound

Death and grief after all
The Dragon-Helm won't see the dawn
The curtain falling down on me
All is lost, I have nothing more

Filthy beast what have you done
She felt the poison on your tongue
Dark waters took her away
Is there a reason to see another day

Black sword of mine
You have danced a thousand times
Once more I'll ask you to feed
This time feed on me

This land learned their name
Saw their fall and took their graves
The doom and the shame
The fate of the betrayed


Those times of ruin
Men went astray
The remnants of battle and defeat
Lands laid waste
Outcasts hard of heart
Seven times seven men
Home is too far

We are like a pack of wolves
Ruling the woods
None shall pass and wander free
Without our eyes seeing
Our hands pointing the way
Haunting the woodlands

Men as wolves pillaging
Forgotten the honour and the pride
Men as wolves revenging
Feared among the other men

Evil roamed upon the borders of men
Deeds feeding hate in their hearts
A wayward man re-mended
A shadow lies before us

A darkened heart, betrayal in hate
The wolves were hunted to the last
The last of the wolves, captured and chained
Dragged through the lands of wandering and despair


I am the last of the Lords
Once great ruler of the lands
I am the Steadfast
The one in time to hold the specter

Under the curse
They'll live until the end
Their souls doomed to fail
As the darkness prevails
Under the curse
They'll live until the end
From the halls of the dead
They'll find their rest

I am the last of the Lords
Once known as a free man
Now I am a slave of the curse
Father of my dying kin

I am the last of the Lords

The fate is sealed
By the king of betrayers
The light is dying
For the house of the hero

The time has come
For the one and final sleep
To fulfill the curse
For the God of the Gods

The time has come
To watch your children die
To see them buried away
For the God of the Gods
They shall suffer
As the darkness prevails

Their journey begins
Beyond the light of the world
Their journey begins
Beyond the dark they dwelled in


In the skies no trace of light
This eternal night I call my own

Let me forget the dawn
Let me rise again without the fear
Let me forget the dawn
Let me linger behind the oblivion

The dragon flies across the skies
Forgotten dreams I call my own
I'll burn away the olden days
Undying flames I call my own

The vile tragedy revealed by the morn
The demon's hour, the reaper's call
I call my own

I bear the name of the Lords
A broken throne I call my own
Darkness deep lies within
The fallen kings I call my own

In darkness lie forgotten cries
This starless trail I call my own
The fate of man doombound and damned
These blackened lands I call my own

Hope and trust forever lost
The way of betrayal I call my own
The eerie chills deep-within
These wounds I bear
Yet I am fearless



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