Bathtub Shitter : Lifetime Shitlist

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1. Introduction - Sea Of Filth

Born There And Go Back
We Must Be Going Down On The River
To The Sea Of Filth In The end

Reborn Here And Repeat A Sin
Meeting Place Of All The Things
Our Great Space
Called Sea Of Filth
Large Rest Room

Be With Shits

2. Fuck Hip Raper

Innumberable Loose Ass
Imitation On Commercialism
Mindcontrol By Fake Stink
Why Can Your Ass Accept It ?

Don't Make A Joke
Their Songs Are Street Music
Only Running After Hip, Crazy To Make A Money
This Stink Is Born From Their Perfume
But I Think It Is Better Than Our Piss
Don't Make A Shit
Their Styles Are In Big Business

Ignorance, This Hole Is Not For Insertion
It's For Outlet

Invadeing To Our Hip With Television
Their Underground Manner Needs Money And Pussy Cat
Fuck Hip Raper
Don't Knock At Our Door, We Have Iron Ass

Fuck Hip Raper, Don't Know The Meaning Of Squat
We Have Iron Ass To Keep The Blood Of The Shitting

3. What Color Is Yours

Think Again
What Color Is Yours ?

Don't Matter Your Skin Is White, Black Or Yellow
Keep The Brown In Your Bowels
Why Are They In Trouble ? What Is Difference ?
It's Nearly Color Of The Earth

Shit !!!

4. Control Of Own Hole

Harmful Shits, Pain Of Belly
Is It For The Earth Or Own Ego ?
What Can You Born?

Desideratum Or Disappointment
Don't Forget Shitting On Unkown Distance
For Next Generation

In Given Life, Put For Dying
Is It For Money Or Harmony ?
Foolish Production

We Must Confront
To Keep The Control Of Own Hole
In A Garden Of Litter
In A Burden Of Life

Defecation Or Disposable Marker
Why Don't You Are
That Act Will Be Distress
Of Your Descendant

Persist Poor Shit

Control Of Own Hole

5. Sausage For Souse

Countless Tributaries Of A River
Where Is It Going ?
I Drink And Thinking About It
But Really Need Snack
And My Blood Vessel Wants Beer
Why Am I Drinking ?
Repeat It And Thinking Again
And Really Need A Snack

Parched Ground Wants Rain
My Body Needs Alot Of Beer In Summer

What Is Temperance ?
What Is Riotous ?
What Is Good Behavior Of Beer ?

And Autumn Comes To Call The Harvest Season
I'll Know
My Blood Vessel Is Going To The Intestines
To Make Sausage

Drink And Eat
Sausage For Souse
In Toilet
Drink In Congratulation Every Morning

Sober Lifes Will Stop My Bowels
Sottish Vision Will Make Nice Dish

6. One One One

One, One, One,
You Have Shat On A Stroll With Me
Bow Wow, Bow,
That Cleaning Was My Job For Fifteen Years

Piss For Own Territory
You Were Free To Shit
On The Park, On My Bed, Everywhere
This Collar Was Not To Bind
Wanted To Feel Vibration Of Your Shitting
Every Time

I Can't Clean Anymore When Your Gone
Held Your Final Excreta Tight

Please Shit Me Again, One, One, One,
Please Call Me Forever By Your Bow Wow

Memories Were Too much Of Your Good Shit
In My Mind
Never Forget, Fuck You Dearly
My Daily Work Was That
I Follow You To Clean After Your Call
Could You Understand Only Bread In My Using Word ?
You Have Eaten It To Give Me Shit

Not Position Of Master And House Dog
We Were Best Freinds In The Name Of Shit

7. Fireworks

Why Is The Night Sky An Exquisite Extent ?
It Looks Like You Of My Mind
Thinking Of You, Crawling On Some Illusions
Can't Breathe, Is My love In Air Pollution?
Sorry For My Selfishness

I'm Aware That I'm Tiny Existence In This Wide Sky
Try To Do Big Shit As Possible
making From Me, I'll Stop Your Ear
Don't Listen, I Say Loving With Explosion
Kill Your Silence

Look Up ! Fuck Up ! Shoot Up ! Fireworks !

For You To Kill The Sad Songs, If I'm Anywhere
In This Sky, Look For Answer, Give Me Reason

The Morning Comes, I'll Be Shitting Open That Door Casually
But Midnight Comes, I Wanna Shoot It More Than Shits

Hope It Reaches You, And Emit A Flash
I Kill Ya, I Love Ya, I Need Ya, I Shit Ya
I Found As Words As Number Of Star
If You're Man, Could You Understand ?

Voiceless Shooting, Is It Self-Satisfaction ?
Last Words From Me, An Impulse Of The Moment

If I Could Hold You Under The Fireworks Again
We Would Leave A Shit Of You And Me

No Piss, Peace Is On masturbation, Fuck Me

8. No Stayer


9. Be Shatter Proof

Out Of Line, All Was Split your Your Stool
What's Union ?
Fuck This Situation, Be Shatter Proof

Are You In Good or Bad Condition Today ?
We Are not In Same Place
But If The Stool Needs One, Call It Peace

Fuck Shits Of Division

10. Meaningful Parade

Walking Our Several Ways Slowly
Digestion Under Reason, This Intestine Is So Long
Lost Yourself To Work For Business Everyday
Who Is In War, Who Is in love, Where Am I ?
Probably We Know Where Is Goal Of This Way
But Wandering In The Body To Find Own Exit
Only Going Dwon By The Law Of Gravitation
This Bowels Is A Winding Path, Is It Life ?

I Shitted And Who Died, Who Is Next ?
Pace Of Parade

Such Is Life, Mean The Shitting Is End

Pavement For Shitter

True Goal, Gate To The Hell
Don't Feel Them And Don't See Yet
Our Asshole Is On Unseen Place
If There Is Goal, Lets Walk

Meaningful Parade

If You Could Walk By Youself
Please Find Your Final Rest Room

11. Lifetime Shitlist


12. Escapism To Refresh

Are You Assless Man ?

You Always Act As A Constipated Man
You Must Act On A majority Opinion
Hide And Take A Shit With Complain
Stresses Stop Active Bowels
Fall Into Gloom By A Closed Door
Paying For Toilet To Kill Your Stress
Mistook Ease For Happiness
You're Not To Eat Other Of Your Superior

Dash Into A toilet An Refresh
Escapism To Shit With Detonation

Pain Of Life Under Pressure
Open This Door Ajar To Lessen It

If You Feel Blood With Wide Ass
It Seems The Fighting Slave
If You're Singing With That Hole
It Seems Silly Consumer

Endless Way In Rest Room
Endless War Of This World

What Are We Running Away From ?
Need Few times To Refresh
And Get An Escapism In This Room

13. Hot Shit Hits Maximum

Hot, Hot, Hot

I Wish This Happening
Is The Beginning Of Something
Hot Like The Volcano
It Will Be The Earth
Hot Like A Shit

Max and Wish Gratefully
It's The Beginning From The Bowels
Hot Hope

14. Holy Song For You

It's Like A Whisper Of A Bird
It's Like Stairway To heaven
It's Like Smell Of Money
It's Like Holy Song For You

Breeze From The Hole, Deadly Poison
If You Need Help, Must Take Money Out
Breeze From The Hole, Snore Of The God
If You Hear It, Must Take Money Out

Is His Ass Singing ? God Bless Him
Eat His Dear Book, Good Noise Be Born
Lies From His Mouth, Stink From His Ass
His Speech Is Heaven Without Gasmask

Even Flower Of Low Price Gives You Good Smell
If Someone Is In Trouble About Your Wind
Are You Happy ? Are You Happy ?

Holy Song For Yourself
Holy Song For Yourself

Holy Scum

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