Bathory : In Conspiracy with Satan - A Tribute to Bathory



The lies of Christ will lose
The ways of hell I chose
I drink the floating blood
Defy the fury of God

I have turned my back on Christ
To hell I have sacrificed
I have made love to the Pagan Queen
The gates of hell I have seen

I heard the angels cry
I watched the witches fly
I saw the clouds of death
Slowly blackening the sky

I read the book of spell
I chimed death's ancient bell
And when I die I have a place
Reserved in hell

In conspiracy with Satan

I ride the bloodstained goat
I let the brewage float
I have seen the reaper's face
And walked through eternal haze

I have kissed my master's hand
I have seen the children of the damned
I heard the demons call
And seen a thousand virgins fall


I summoned up the living dead
And demons in the skies
I drank from chalice warm and red
And watched the virgin die

Present at ungodly births in holy paradise
I spread eternal dark on earth
And raped mother of Christ
(Oh, mother of Christ)

C'mon baby raise your knife
Welcome darling to my sacrifice
(Oh, sacrifice)

Tie the angel to the altar
Sacrifice to Lord of hell
Let the warm blood torrent, baby
While the moonlight sets the night on spell

I saw the lightning strike in the skies
And heard you roar of pain
Oh, lift the knife and strike once more
Your blood is mixed with the rain

C'mon baby raise your knife
Welcome darling to my sacrifice
(Oh, sacrifice)


I close your eyes
And send you into vainly dreams
I reign your soul
The night engulf your painful screams

I watch you cry and
Twist your soul in agony
No prayers can save you now
From hell in eternity

I devastate your soul
And lacerate your mind
In sin I sanctify my
Sword to crush your spine

(I'm the) Reaper

You're too confused
You can't elude my misty eyes
No need to hang on
To your faith in love and life

Whatever I command
Your soul obeys my needs
You're like a zombie now
With a soul that burns and bleeds

There's not much left of you
Your soul belongs to me
Nothing can save you now
Or set your spirit free

(I'm the) Reaper

(Coming to take you)

I love the sight of having you
Down and open wide
The smell of a dead woman's flesh
Just drives me fucking wild

I have to got you in my grasp now
There is no need to escape
I'll penetrate you
Every virgin needs a rape

Just when you think you have
Gone through all that gives you pain
I'm coming back to you
To penetrate again

(I'm the Reaper)


Grant me the powers of thunder
And give me a sword forged in the raging Hell's fire
Lend me the eight legged black stallion of
Odin and I'll have my vengeance,
Oh, I'll kill with desire

Vengeance flows like boiling poison through my twisted Veins
Tonight I'll blood shed with wrath
And set the night on flames
Invincible in battle, wargods hear my deathwish cry
I'll laugh in the face of death, I into glory ride

Snarling breath upon your backs, I'm vengeance incarnate
Now it's time, the moment's come, stand up now, face my Hate
See the fire in my eyes, the final light you'll see
I send you to the darkness with
My sword of thunder and steel

I let the bodies lie in shame
I let mighty earth drink their blood
I turn my face to eternal sky
And praise my elders' God
Equimanthorn hear my Hail
You're the mighty four winds night and day
Steel in every warrior's heart and sword
The brave and wise in flesh and soul
Equimanthorn, Equimanthorn, Equimanthorn, Equimanthorn,
Equimanthorn, Equimanthorn, Equimanthorn, Equimanthorn


Orgy of silence
Conspiracy of peace
Only the sound
Of the cold northern breeze

Twinsun sink fading
Behind the black lake
Asleep is the mountains
Yet the night is awake

Strange is the night
Now black stars rise
And many moons circle
Through silent the night

Along the black mountainside scattered
By the campfires awaiting the dawn
Two times a hundred men in battles
Tried by the steel in the arrow axe and the sword

By battle worn hunger torn awakening
For the sun to break through the cold haze
And for the banners of Ebal to appear
On the hill in the suns first warm rays

The elder among the men looked deep into
The fire and spoke loud with pride
Tomorrow is a fine day to die

Now the morning advance from far east
Now the sun breaks through dust clouds and haze
Now a forest of spears appears on the hill
And steel shines bright in the suns first rays



I swear the oath of blood
And tear the virgin's flesh
I gash the wounds of heaven
And rides the wings of death

Tonight the cauldrons are filled
with brewage made of hate
Tonight we blasphemy
Possessed we desecrate

Tonight we raise our cups
And toast in an angels blood
Salute hell's victory
Despise the words of God


Eternal battlefields
No prisoners we take
We rape your sacred souls
Behind the seven gates

Tonight you all will hear
The angels cry of pain
And in the sky you will see
The all eternal flame

On earth you mortal fools
Obey the christian ways
But there is no mighty God
To hear your final prayers


Forks of lightning strikes in the sky
The sound of thunder rolls
Satan, chimes the bell of death
And beckon all your souls

Heaven's angels realizes
There is no place they can hide
Tonight the furnace gates of hell
Stands open wide

Black witch of beauty
Hovers around and cast her spells
Tonight a virgin's womb
Shall breed a son of hell



Down the vast hills in morning mist cold
Into the peaceful deep valley below.
Two thousand stallions foaming with hate
Carrying their masters towards their fate
Into the battle they ride
Two thousand men too young to die.

Coming from each side prepared for attack
Covered in dustclouds now there is no turning back
Once so peaceful valley echoes with cries
Cascades of blood and brains as the midday sun rise
Under a bloodred sky
None will live to face the night

Amidst the scattered limbs dead bodies
Finally comes to peace
While the stench of blood grows strong
In the mild midday breeze
Circling the sky the vultures wait to play their part
To descend of wings of death and feast from human hearts
The battle is lost still someone always wins
And now they descend on death's black wings


All dressed in gold and purple the beauty awaits the Night
Knowing what will satisfy
Aware of Her delight
The thought of young fresh blood makes the hours go so slow
But the yearn for eternal life
And beauty makes her hazelbrown eyes glow

Woman of Dark Desires
Woman of Eternal Beauty
Woman of Dark Desires
Elizabeth Bathory...

Now the hour is come, the time is right
For the feast to take its roll
And by the sunrise
60 bodies will be found raped from their blood and souls
The beauty patiently selects the victims for the night
Innocent blood will give eternal beauty eternal life

Woman of Dark Desires
Woman of Eternal Beauty
Woman of Dark Desires
Elizabeth Bathory...

Now the life you have lived have come
To light and unfold is your perversity.
Now the end is near still death is real
No more beauty or life for eternity
Cold walls entombs your secrets
But there's nothing you regret
Embrace death with a smile as the highlands face sunset

Woman of Dark Desires
Woman of Eternal Beauty
Woman of Dark Desires
Elizabeth Bathory...


When horny flames begins to rise
To burn your flesh and bone
That's when you realize you've never
Been so scared and alone

You start to cry you're gonna die
So pray for all your sins
The flames begins to reach too high
The fire burns and wins

Die in fire Die in fire
Die in fire Die in fire

You can't take the heat much longer
You can't stand the burning pain
The night is far too dark for angels
So light up the night with flames

Nothing really turns me on
Like seeing you burn to dust
But you are not alone to feel the heat
My body burns with lust

Die in fire Die in fire
Die in fire Die in fire

Now when your body burned to dust
Is spread by the midnight breeze
I gotta find another girl
To satisfy my needs

I'll tie her up and then once more
The all caressing flames
Shall rise again to light the night
And she will scream of pain

Die in fire Die in fire
Die in fire Die in fire

10. 13 CANDLES

Now the night lays dark and cold
Upon a world at sleep
Across he world sweeps a crimson haze
Now the virgin's seal is broken
The fertility rite is complete
And the seed is sown in a holy place

Born a child of the underworld
The fire and flame
Born a child of the underworld
Desire and pain
Born a child of the underworld
Evil prevail
Born a child of the underworld...

Now the day is slowly fading
The 12th night is comed
Prepare soon the virgin shall give birth
To the son of Satan, Child of Hell
Spread the news across the universe

Satan's child is born tonight by womb untouched and pure
All Hell rejoice the birth of the Son
Laced in sin
Child of Hell
The spirit of lust and pain
Baptised in sacred angel blood
Now Evil can prevail

Born a child of the underworld
The fire and flame
Born a child of the underworld
Desire and pain
Born a child of the underworld
Evil prevail
Born a child of the underworld...

So light the 13 Candles

So light the 13 Candles


God of Heaven, Hear my cries of anguish
I'm in pain
I've suffered a thousand deaths but I live on in vain

Death would greet with eternal sleep
My soul would come to peace
My life had ceased
The time was come
Can no-one hear my pleas

Lowered down in the moistly ground
Into the dark and cold
My heart's beat the only sound
Pain tears my limbs and soul

I scream for mercy
Hear my cries
Oh, Lord don't abandon me
I'm so tired
Grant me the eternal sleep

I tear at the lid I'm suffering
In a cold and nameless grave
If Hell is what awaits me
I feel no fright

Buried and forgotten
In a cold and nameless grave
If there's a God in heave
Hear my call from the grave...


Leave the world of mortals to walk
Into the mist to stalk unto the other side
Plains of otherness
The utter emptiness
Where time have ceased and dark and light collide
Crossing the river of death and water cold
Slowly walking up the bridge
The jewelled bridge I walk for what seems a lifetime
In the night it's jewels glow
There on the other side
On shore of no return
The one for me awaits
Cannot avoid the eyes
In which the fire burns
Comed this far it is too late

And He calls my name
First a whispering then louder
And he wants me to follow
And to Enter the Eternal Fire...

I walk this endless night
His eyes the only light
Repeatedly he whispers my name
Fingers move and twist
Through crimson thick dark mist
And voices cry of agony and pain
Close now to his kingdom
The bleak world dark and still
I follow the voice whispering my name
Approach the gate of sin
Opened up to let me in and there, He stand in flames
The price now I must pay for eternity my soul his claim
For years of pleasures, victory and gold
The one who stand in flames
Now rise and walk my way and reach out for my soul

And He calls my name
First a whispering then louder
And he wants me to follow
And to fall down. The Eternal Fire...

I stand at the jaws of the pit
The heat scorch my flesh
The fall seem never to end
My hair burn
My eyes can't see
The flames slowly eat my soul
The pain tears my mind
Hear my cries oh Lord
Have mercy oh Lord
This can't be
Raging flames all over me
Inferno of heat
Oh no, oh no, oh noooooo, noooooo, noooooo...


I gasp for air
I scream for sight
And fight against
Torment and dread
Calling the vengeance
I tear at the lid
And promise to raise
From the dead

Raise the dead (Raise the dead Raise the dead)

Black witch of beauty
All hell's necromancers
Give me the powers of hell
Mistress of curse
Reapers and vultures
Demons stand up
And chime the bell

Raise the dead (Raise the dead Raise the dead)

Suddenly powers comes
From within
Muscles and mind are
Filled with wrath
I burst out in frenzy
Powers of hell
And break up the
Tomb and the dark

Raise the dead (Raise the dead Raise the dead)


Haunting the cloudless black sky
Braver at night
Hidden as the lips of her c*nt
She is keeping out of sight

Dark as her closed eyelids
Her secret
She comes to you with a serpent's kiss
She has the power to foresee

She don't fear the flames
She smile at the fire
Whisper the words of spell
Without fear without fright

Born for burning...
Born for burning...
Born for burning...

She can't feel the pain
She gaze at the sky
In the greedy flames
She will burn tonight

The beauty burning
Like the moon at harvest
Her seared flesh falling apart
And feed the hungry flames

Where the flame still bite her thigh
She is not afraid to die
She will burn again tonight
(She will always burn)
But her spirit shall survive...

15. WAR

The bells of war doth chime tonight
And the heavens shake with fear
The earth commot the sky is in flames
The battle is ever near

(Troops of Hell tonight they storm
The walls they so despise
Heaven's gates are closing in
The night is filled with cries)

War, war, war

A crack of thunder, a smell of death
The wind of mayhem blows
Heaven in its final breath
And God lose all control

Prayers for mercy cries for help
Won't stop the blasphemy
Our troops emerge the sacred throne
And the victory is complete

War, war, war

(War, war, war)

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