Azagatel : The Horned God

Pagan Black / Portugal
(2005 - Self-Produced)
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Las palabras


Where am I
Another world, another time, another dimension
Through time I passing by, inside the Depths
Surround by the dark, a light is growing in me
Inside of me, inside of me
A voice surrounds my dreams and all the time I've lost forever
But once again a silent form grow upon the shore
Deeper though unknown
To hope light years of drowning
In the cosmos of lonely
I was lost from your world
Into the mazes of delusion
Into the vast halls of the night
Did you see me enter?
In your fragile dreams
Violent visions in a broken mind
Under the rain of falling Knifes
I saw myself in there
They be tortured me my own life, I cannot understand the reason why
For how long can I go on with this pain inside and these pictures of a burning past
Blow away the forms, all lies and misery all these pictures of a burning hell
Fantasy becomes reality once more and the shadows grow in the other side


Filled with ancient pride
No mortal one has ever seen
The horse on with I ride, the horse on with I coming

The Horned God is on my way
Gaia will be my guide
Pan knows the path I go…
… The great wolf to fight…
The great wolf comes to fight with me

Sunset beyond the great vast Ocean
I'm longing for the night
To break into the sand and darkness
Then will be my light
… Beginning of my wandering
Thought coldness and grim ice
To find the one I'm searching for and blaze him between his eyes
Before the sun again will rise

I'm the one, fire burns down the Christian houses
And show me the way with its light
My ancestors are with in this wandering olds
Into the darkest of the night

Why you call my name
Between the sand and the darkness of life
Now the wind of despair above the mountains he will coming

The time I walking into path alone inside
The coming of a raging storm alone in
And by the devil we will walk in the middle of night
Lucifer light is guiding my path
A longing wandering of the sea is only blood
Alone I am alive

I am into the battlefields
Across the land we are with steel
The swords on high, the heads are all crushed
The Pan Red Source gives me
Light, Soul by Soul
The horned God?

We march we kill
Around the land
The force of death now takes my hands
The Christians down in the ground
The Pan red source gives me
Full of hate
All churches burn


Long ago, the sun goes down
The Great Spirit
Earth sun sky and the sea
Growing among the time (in the dark)

King of kings
Remember the time when I walking
Into your path of lies
The Pan light reverses my path to true (a new life)
…and I rise
My new soul
All the fears upon my control
Walking for a new life
Lost before
Come to another dream, to another path, to another place
Where I living alone in the dark
Come to the underworld, to the emptiness, to the other side
You'll find the truth about your own

The time is come to attack the land
With the spirit of fire my kingdom comes
The dreams before the cosmic times
All the ancients' arrival by my side

Spirits of Forests
Follow me
Across the river to the seas
Waves are crushing but water is blood
Spirits of hunger
Come to me

I am ear in the dark
Crushing and killing Christians
Breed I breed all the air
Suffocating and despair
Crush I crush all the priests
Blood by blood, flesh by flesh
Ancient ones come again
Destroy all this cynical and disease
Turn again the sea blue, the grass green and the animals live again…..


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