Axel Rudi Pell : Between the Walls

Heavy Mélodique / Allemagne
(1994 - Steamhammer / SPV)
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Hearts of stone with faces of angels
Terrorize you with no soul.
You can't hide from the course of
The trigger,
Shots in the night leaves your blood
Runnin' cold.
Bullets fly over and over,
Remorseless desires,
They don't care if you see
If you live or you die.
You can't hide if you're chosen the victim
You won't be sacrificed
Can't escape from the screams and
The anger,
You can tell by the look in their eyes.
Shoot your mouth again,
Can't get away from it, it's the talk
Of the guns.
Get me outta here,
'Cause you can't turn your back
From the talk of the guns.
Lost in the race, you're caught in
The war zone,
Standing in the line of fire,
One foot in the grave, the other is runnin'
The last words you hear "hang 'em higher".


Just a lonely hunter always
Searching for another prey,
Or another rival.
He's a cold assassin in a modern
Time of senseless hate,
It's all about survival.
Vicious and cold, with a passion to
Rule and control,
In for the kill, with a hunger to
Take your mind and soul,
Don't let go.
Get it out, reign of the warrior,
Get it out, it's the reign of the
Get it out, the fight of the warrior,
Get it out, it's the fight of the
Enter in to battle, more casualities
Lie just ahead,
'Cause you fight 'til the end.
Malicious contentment, on the
front line of no man's land,
Hunt you down again.


You been riding hard and you've
Seen the face of heaven,
The lawman has no mercy on your soul.
One kiss and you're gone, just like a
Timeless rebel,
From an age of unsung stories told.
So divine this life you live with
Shattered lies,
It's all the price you pay when you're
Living for the night.
Hear the cry, hear you callin',
Hear the cry, cry of the gypsy.
Hang 'em high if you catch him,
Hear the cry...
You can play the game, tho you
Sacrifice contentment,
Always haunted by demons from the past.
When your pride is gone you'll be
Praying that it's not too late,
'Cause you know that it won't last.
In your eyes no fear to demoralize,
The heat is rising, rising from the night.


Here i go and make my final stand,
Very far away there's the promised land.
The eagle came down and took me away,
Puts me down in a hole i can't see
The light of day.
Oohoh riding on the wings of wonder
Can you feel, the fire from down

Oh hoho - hoho
Oh hoho - hoho

Oh hoho, dreamin' of the casbah
The wizard prays in his unbroken rules
With tears in his eyes for a ship of fools
Then we sailed away and the sun
Turned black,
We saw the eyes of the lost and
We're never comin' back.


Oh so long, hide your faces from the sun
From the distance i hear you callin',
'cause you're on the run.
You're one out of millions and
There's no place that you call home,
(It's) an endless turnin' circle,
Nobody cared where you're comin' from
Where are you runnin' to, escape
From yesterday
Is this the price you have to pay.
Can't see the sun around, you're
Hidin' in the cave
And if you don't care more, it will
Take you to the grave
You're an outlaw
Undercover in the night
You're an outlaw
There's no heart to jump
You're an outlaw
Broken hero in the night
You're an outlaw
Running wild
Hear me screaming, it's agony and fear,
Shadows in the darkness, there's no
"Life" to appear
I can't go on without love, i'm lost
Behind the wall
I'm the guy who rides the devil,
For whom the bells toll..


Take off your hat, kick off your shoes
I know you ain't going anywhere
Look around, all your time you're singing your blues
I know you ain't going anywhere

You've always been a good friend of mine
But you always say farewell
And the only time that you're satisfied
Is with your feet in the wishing well

Throw down your gun, you might shoot yourself
Or is that what you're trying to do?
Put up a fight, you believe to be right
And some day the sun will shine through

You've always got something to hide
Something you just can't tell
And the only time that you're satisfied
Is with your feet in the wishing well

But i know what you're wishing for
It's love in a peaceful world
It's love in a peaceful world
And some love in a peaceful world

You've always been a good friend of mine
But you always say farewell
And the only time that you're satisfied
Is with your feet in the wishing well


Hangin' out on the street with a
Face full of tears
I couldn't understand why
He puts me down in a hole i don't
Know where to go
That's tearin' at my soul
Endless pains goin' far too long
Broken souls could never be so
Strong - again
I'm an innocent child
Hear me calling
(I'm an) innocent child
Hear me calling
The nice guy was calling, he taught
Us not to fear,
And don't go cryin' to others
He was bad to the bone with a heart
Made of stone
Naked bodies all alone


Bounded by the middle of a dream,
Is it real or just a nightmare?
Lost behind the shadow of the night,
Revelation of a new world, i'll take you there
Try to fight the walls from closin' in,
You can sense the reaper callin'.
Don't close your eyes or you'll be
Next in line,
Nowhere to go when you're fallin'.
Your times' comin' near,
There's nothing to fear.
Between the walls, between the walls,
In the line of fire, between the walls,
Takes you down to the wire.
Losing ground of life and fantasy
With no footsteps to follow.
The light above might be the only way,
'Cause darkness only brings you



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