Avatar (SWE) : Thoughts of No Tomorrow

Industrial Metal / Sweden
(2006 - Gain Music Entertainment)
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A feeling of powerlessness
In a world arranged
Still the power is ours
For the world to change
With a collective choice
To let hear our voice
An extensive decision
Of a vital mission

But in-between is a wall
Standing thin but tall
With a printed line of text
Telling you what to do next
And ever ringing mantra
Repeating in one's head
Affecting your life
Until you drop dead

You are what you have
You are what you do
But furthermore
What others think of you

And so we fear the release
Would make our own worth decrease
We are bound to the wall
(Waiting for it to fall)
With indecision to act
The wall remains intact
We are bound to the wall
(Awaiting a hero's call)

The fear we plant in the morning's breeze
We get to feed on - On our knees
Traditional traits carried on through generations
And keep reflecting on our relations
Was Earth made to be a court of law?
Or an endless game of self conviction?
A risky place where no-one's safe
From one another - Foe and brother

We're below the freezing point
Point zero - The ice is burning in your eyes
You'll go blind - You're blind
Blinded by the pain you see
It sets me free

(The gates open)
(To a brighter world)
The lament of a dying kind
The slaves of mind - Stand aligned
Who suffers through all kinds of pain
For peace - but all in vain


Never asked for a helping hand
But that's all I want from you
Never expected you to understand
Never knew what this would do

Inside the frames of the pain
We're expected to feel
Inside a cage to separate us
From what's real

Never heard a word you said
But I'll gladly tell you my tale
While you cut of my head
And put it up for sale

The bastard's breed is crying
Dying and fading away
Rotting remains - Buried alive
I'll die today
Don't need you to help me
I'm just a shell
I'm just a vast memory
And I bid you farewell

Cry baby
Cry for all the things life has done wrong to you
Tell me - Why did you deserve it?
No-one cares because no-one's there for you


You'll die with fear in your eyes
Praying - Begging for a merciful death
Suffer 'til the last drops of blood
In your hopeless position - This is the best that I've got

Suffer - Just like you made me do
Just like you made me feel
The bleeding has stopped
But the scars won't heal
There just ain't enough pain
To punish you the way you deserve
In those ways I need
The hour is late and your time is up
You better run 'cause this day is mine

Die! This one wish and for this I'll fight
A single man's army - The victims revenge
Rape! Your evil seed's planted and grown tall
You'll fall and I'll be the last one standing

There's a war going on and you're the loser
There's an end of this and it's now
It is now - You're going down

Shivering - Shaking - Breaking down in tears
And all that you see is my smile
Now that you're gone and I dance on your grave
Maybe my soul will rest for a while


The horn call - And we fall
Into a hell handmade for us
Bloodletting - Forgetting
Your heart in a killing with no cause
Don't think! Obey!
Leave your body! Mind's astray

Bombs falling - Bullets flying
Ignore the wounded crying
Just kill! No innocence
Forget your dreams of justice
Holy and brave!
Lost heroes of long lost fame
Unholy flood
Smile through the storm of blood

Collective disorder - Far by madness' border
Chaos of human hatred - Kneel for the open gate
Your brother has become your enemy
Charging the systems massive battery

I'm ordered to the first line
I'll die now - Goodbye now
They'll say I'm lost in action
I'm gone now - Farewell now

Die in a war of empty lies
By the hands of your reflection
Lose your mind in Hellish cries
Shot but killed from suffocation
Your bunker is your grave
You were gone before it ended
The price to be the brave
Turned into war's descendant


Look at me - Into the eyes of a stranger
If they see us heads will roll
Look at you - Your life's a failure
And the dolls have taken control

I'm alive and your ending shines
I've never felt before that life's this grand
'Though blood is drawn - I chase the dawn
The view is pretty from where I stand
On the battlefield - You'll be my shield
I'd like to love you but you turn to sand
I choose to be your enemy
I'm just pretty if you understand

Slaughter me - I'm in need of killings
And tender love is all we need
Slaughter me - So I can lose the feelings
That caresses me until I bleed

They masturbate - Just want to mate
Seeing your face - They seal your fate
They've tried to love - I'll rise above
You fall to the ground deep below
You're my rock star fantasy
You're everything I want to be
You are my star
My way of saying 'I hate myself'

Pray for me - He won't hear me
He's to busy being a God
Pray to me - No salvation is easy
When you're caught up loving a fraud


You little creep
Time after time
You prove that you're blind
Don't try to think
Shut the fuck up
I want you to stop

Open your mind for my heart to enter
Embrace the wind
Don't fear the light
Open the gate - The battle can start
Embrace my sin
Or get out of my sight

You will kneel before it
My shining star
Won't it mean shit?

Force fed
With your commands
You nag and you nag
You'll kneel and you'll beg
Please don't
Just listen to me
Hear what I say
This is the way

No more
I'll bite the hand
Enough is enough
This got to stop
It's over
I am my own
No longer your slave
Free to walk away


I'm not the only one who has looked to the stars
In peace, In fear, In wonder, Inside

I'm everything you're not
I'm everything you want
I'm everything you've been
I'm everything you've seen

I'm not the only one but I'm also a part
Of you, Of us, Of nothing, Of time

Time bound by your thoughts

Traveling through nothing
Living in my lie
A door has opened to the ocean's heart
We're all within
Drops of water tied to the streams
No-one can win

Why do you tend to fear all the things I love?
The dark, The void, The depths, The end

It's coming anyway
It's coming our way
It's coming to your door
It's you it's coming for

Why do you tend to fear to show what you hide?
From me, From Us, From nothing, From time


There's nothing here to see
There's nothing here for me
There's nothing here to win
There's only what's within
You are the only one just like everyone else
One wave, One thought, One world, One loss

Time is nothing but an empty void
Time bound by your thoughts


Fly out of your cage
Leave eighteen years of pain behind
And feel the wind under your wings
Victim of life - You're free now

Breathe the clean air - Sweet smell of death
Sundown is here - Another one rises

Pain - Sweet pain
You're too much for me
Pain - Sweet pain
You'll set me free

Nothing is to stay
You wander on
You couldn't wait
Please wait for me

I ask the stars
Where have you gone?
What's in the next world?
Will we ever meet again?

Like a bird flying to the moon
You never reached it - Your hunger was your doom
Doomed to live or forced to die
In this cage you were entrapped
What did you see when your dreams held you wake?
What did you say to the ghosts in your head?

You've drowned in your own blood and tears
Once you have jumped there is no way back

All these illusions - Trying to make it right
But it feels wrong - Wrong to say goodbye
My beloved stranger - Nobody knew what happened
I hope you can tell me later
I don't mourn your death - I just don't know why
You were always close but still so far away


You look so different
When you're dead and gone
And when you're dead and gone
I'm alone

(I) To hold you - To feel you
(Feel)Be with you - Inside of you
(Your) Never felt this alive (Pain)
{We} I hold you - I am you
(Are) We are one
(The) My blood runs through (Same)
Your veins - The skinner

To smell you was not enough
Just to hear and watch
Just to kiss and touch
Not enough

Skin you to be inside of you
Try to find the beauty within
My feelings are sincere and true
Just for you

Never smile - Never cry - Never again
Never smile - Never cry - Never again
Do you feel the same? (Can you feel the pain?)


10 - SANE?



Do they dream? - These machines have eyes
I'm floating - I'm falling - I'm controlled!
A new way to fade away - Rebuilt and falling apart
Failure - Frustration, Fading suns burn out

I'm asleep in a stream of consciousness
Mourning the broken rays of a sun
That I've tried to reach since day one

It's just a vanishing dream
Between the ports of sorrow
And the gates of Hell
Am I alone in here?
Inside its program
Suffocate the last ones
Who look at the stars

I try to hide in a safe place
Hide from their faces
Eyes watching me
Alive to die for what's greater
Plastic creator
My river runs free
Beneath my feet - Bodies
Make up the gear wheels
That keep me alive
Choked on the shit that they feed me
And as they kill me
I'll die with a smile

Weren't we supposed to dream?
Then why is all I see these shadows?
Just fucking shadows!
Imprisoned within imaginary walls
Built with lies and false promises
For the sheep that follow
Who am I?
A peasant given life to choke in this lie
All these borders and lines you've drawn in my mind
Am I still alive?

I'm asleep in a stream of consciousness
Mourning the broken rays of a sun
That I've tried to reach since day one

I'm playing their game
Just punishing myself
For trying to stay alive
Access denied
I'm not the only one inside my mind
My price tag is my birthright
For their profit they force me to fight

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