Au-Dessus : Au-Dessus

Avantgardiste Black / Lithuania
(2015 - Witching Hour Productions)
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1. I

I am the shapeless sorrows that crawls out of your eyes
A senseless gaze that pierces through frightened skin
And puts minds into a lethargic sleep
Unseen wayfarer which brings life onto its knees
Freezes thoughts and takes away your fabled dreams
I‘m your prison and i‘m your escape

2. II

Slowly sinking... sinking all of us.. in this suffocating drought of thinking.
Choking on infective vanity stuffed in our throats everyday
All that’s left in memory reminds us freedom.
Freedom from foolishness and bliss of consciousness…
Ever felt so apart that you questioned your purpose in living ?
Ever thought is there a meaning in all that theater ?
Is there a place for me in this stall full of competing cattle ?
Are we meat for someone’s dinner? A sham for others to enjoy ?
When socially accepted becomes your choice and aim of life
Or a list full of double-faced creatures means more than to remain yourself.
Congrats! You are now one of them ! Take your step towards proclaimed ambition
Take a seat on a contrived throne. I hope this crown of thorns fulfills your existence.
And this feast adorned with promises and lies will be your gallows rope...

3. III

Running from your own shadow.
A reminder of what was in the past.
Deep inside between those dark contours.
Lied trust and passion to exist.
As time change its value, as different moments occur and disappear.
Care and hate melts into one as Shadow grows and change its shape.
Shattered mind looks back and questions. Why were you like that ?
Why now your thoughts, beliefs are different ?
Your soul tries to take a different path ?
Some say it’s natural, some say it’s odd. Say it’s wrong !
Not sure if dreaming or awake or on the way to the end.

4. IV

What once was whole, now needs healing
Last drops of sane flows fast...
I can‘t control this inner feeling,
These unbearable voices in my head.
Please stoooop !
Cease those deranged screams,
Stooop, and give me hope again.
I find myself trapped in these loud echoes,
Echoes made by me. Or is this me ?
These skies are crushing like concrete blocks
Every bit of thinking sinks in a delusion plague
Want to feel me? And to taste my pain ?
Gather around and watch me bleed..
Please stoooop !
Cease those deranged screams,
Stooop, and give me hope again.
I find myself trapped in these loud echoes,
Echoes made by me. Or is this me ?
I am stuck on a path to what comes next
Bludgeoned soul shrieks it‘s way out
Is there a meaning ? Is this the faith ?
Is this is the thing which will shut me down...

5. V

When curtain drops and all we see is just ugly act
Smiles comes up and eyes try to hide it‘s vain
Deceptive joy spreads it‘s curse and gathers filths to join this play
Play with just one actor and fancied fame
Filled with sadness that will show up later the next day
Slugs and maggots with human dnr
Crawls with different faces from frigid places
Their bodies smeared with pitch black dirt,
A shamefull color that represents their soul
Are we humans that can‘t cope with sharing talk
Hearing thoughts which were addressed to them
Where are those smiles when no one is looking
Where‘s that joy which was shown on stage yesterday.

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