Atheist : Jupiter

Technical Death / USA
(2010 - Season Of Mist)
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Second to Sun, second to sun
Like jupiter, we are the ones
All atoms, report to the sun...we are the ones.
Like jupiter we are the ones, all atoms report to the sun, We are the ones!

The grandest performance, next in line to enormous.
Epicureans say it the senses,
Over reason to finish the sentence.
Gods and fear, glass ceiling above and below.
Why are we here, you were so sure
We thought you would don't know!

And belief split to 4 like a cross on the floor
It split front, back and side from side, Like a cross Front, back, side to side Like a cross!
They called it god! I say the sun!
You call it god, I'll worship the sun,
Without all her fire there won't be anyone.

Second to Sun.

I wanna live like the red spot
Winds 11,000 miles per hour, red red hot!
I want my storm to never, ever end!


The process never wavers for you
The agenda is clear.

Feed on your precious, fictitious glide
Nothing's ever true for you.
Stain your kin with decisions
A thought for you to review
Can't find a frame large enough
Built to surround the 3 of you.

It's coming, moments away oh it's coming I say!
Not charming, deplorable and just alarming, I say
Maddening, on so many levels it's saddening, I say
It's coming, any day now approaching, I say.

Not for me to just disagree.
Not just something to do.
Like a mouse on a wheel I feel
I can't run far enough from you.

Do you feel when the knife cuts in
That you're somehow more alive than you've ever been?
Almost....Maybe? Maybe? Never!
Your fictitious glide is forever.


Fraud woven into cloth
Draped upon the have not's.
Tried to secrify, while you close your eyes.

So they continue..same criminal, different venue.
Hide the cardinal file, you lied you pedophile.
You know what you've done, and you know they were molested
Step upon this soul you should most surely be arrested.

Immuned behind the cross.
Innocence of many forever lost.
Rights and privilege, over sacrilege.
Felon for all to see.
Please tell me why this man is walking free?
Fraud upon the cloth, fraud upon the cloth!

You knew all along and you facilitated priests.
A predator, a little child, you hypocrite, you beast!
No other court in the world, would allow any man to escape
The participation and cover up,
Of a little child who was raped.

Fraudulent, the fraudulent cloth,
Fraudulent the fraudulent cloth


Free flight to a field of happenstance...
And the air is cold
Clutch tight to the appetite for the starving
Hesitations soul.

Another flight to the bluest skies,
Maybe I could just electrify.
To warm up a little happenstance
To light my revolution on fire!

Live, and Live Again
Grass to plant to tree
Live and Live Again
Caterpillar to wings.

I did, I am, I will Live Again
I did, I am, I will Live Again!

It's the rise, it's the high noon, it's the sunset
It's the tide, when the moonlights beaming just right.
It's the rise, it's the high noon, it's the sunset
It's the side of a mountain, with a cloud ride
Live and Live Again
Grass to plant to tree
Live and Live Again
Caterpillar to wings
I did, I am, I will Live Again!
I did I am I will Live Again!


The illness prolific, let the wordsmith begin.
Haste with reservation, neither chi or Zen
Could create quite the conflict.
All are not know and not seen.

Eclipsed in the credit of creation.
A murky at best running stream
Of these men who claim contact,
By pointing their limbs to the sky.
They were so special and chosen,
To place all this fear in disguise of
Jesus Faux King Christ.

A martyr symbolic to this very day
A scapegoat for most I am sorry to say.
Hundreds of years, of serving up fire
Enough to manipulate, not to inspire
Jesus Faux King Christ!
Taxless and corporate in "Gambino" ways
A pleasant umbrella just do what he says.

Our evolution proved, that all else is fraud
The sun and the moon is what I call god.
The madness horrific, let your wordplay end.
You've got no reservation, all just earth on the mend
That's what creates your little conflict.

Your ticket to ride has expired.
Your owed no credit for creation,
Just blame for the shame you've conspired.
To be all these men who have contact.
You point all your hopes to the sky
You are not special or chosen
Just fear in disguise of Jesus Faux King Christ!


Slow, Strong and steady, that's who wins this race
The end carries little confetti, thank evolution,
I love the pace,
The proportion, the sustain in the space of the now.
It's not how you die, it's how you live your life.
It's not how you try, you just do it!
Suffice it to say in the space of the now!

Slow down!
Tortoise the titan, Tortoise is the titan...Slow down!!!

Hate? Pass me
Addict? Run past me.
Liar? Trust me, you won't likely finish this race!
User? Fly past me
Abuser? Run far from me! Run!

Slow down
Tortoise the titan, Tortoise is the titan...Slow Down!


Have you seen the size of my paws?
The largest in all the land
Do you fear my bi-cuspid display?
On my rear hands I stand!
Didn't it make you want to compromise?
Picking a path of a moth in the corner
Sit in a puddle of dry aspirations
Just enough to maybe try.

So useless stuck to the ceiling
Making your spine just liquefy.
When the beast, do as beasts do, don't let them past you!
Have you heard the sound of my roar?
I'll deliver it on command
Seems piss down your leg is your option
Make a stand, take a stand!

Didn't it make you feel you've euthanized
Picking the path of the moth in the corner?
Ticking the clock like their can't be tomorrow
Not about just getting by
Focus not on your own resurrection
Crooked's the crack? You don't comply!


I feel so outside, of the realms of the stitching.
So very inside, arms frailing and kicking
Symbolically I'm taking hold
Harmonically my soul is sold to me
I was the highest bidder, dripping blood on the dark side
In my veins not a quitter.

First and second and third person
First and second and third person!

Once seemed like mountains, proceed to the fountains
Of the angriest youth, you could ever imagine.
7300 sunsets have passed since we last tapped that fountain
That mountain of anger has grown a brain with thought,
And reason.
No better sight than before my eyes.
It's as though history repeats itself..again.

Much different this time
Better form, better fitting.
An angle from up high, born when I first listen.
Historically it has been told,
hHarmonically your soul is sold to old.
I was the highest bidder, dripping blood on the dark side
In my veins not a quitter

First and second, and third person
First and second and third person!

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