Astarte (GRC) : Rise from Within

Melodic Black / Greece
(2000 - Black Lotus Records)
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No chosen path lies among their ways.
Inner emptiness must be fed by destiny.
Cut the fields of the heart
And wander to the sacred ways
Of rise and sorrow,
To the wastelands of strange shadows
To the forbidden roads that will bring
The wisdom of light and darkness.
Separate minds united by instinct,
Hanging between life and death.

I teach the language of the senses
I am the dark crown, free to explore against thee
I am the guardian of all hearts and souls
Nature will never betray the rise of the sun !

Velvet darkness knows our fears,
It stares upon us and whispers in our ears,
Unites the chasm of distance and loneliness
As words of past bring the air of tomorrow.


I wake to sleep and learn where to go
Forbidden roads raise my desire,
Guided by the merciful wisdom.
I am reborn to rape my future.
My eyes like a black mirror
Read the waterside of liquid lust.
I need enchantment, wonder and fantasy
To raise the origin... and evil trumpets.
Now I can see the waning light
Calls me, to enter the fearless domain.


Everlasting spirits
Chaotic options of extremes
Radiates the sharpness of Mystical Provocation.
The Last One of the Evil Prophets,
The final servant of celestial feast.


I wear a storm of tears,
Till the day my time will come.
The idol upon the iron mask
Will lie for the flesh beyond the truth.
In my secret will lies the truth.
My body shall die for you.
We shall join the distance among our eyes.

Miles became the messenger of distance and
The moon unites the domain of loneliness.

The brightest colors might join my way,
For the highest sorrows you are punished to eternal slavery.
Crowns made by human's wisdom of pain,
May become the way of the pagan path domain.
Nothing more than the white realms of destiny,
Nothing less than the black inflamed forest.


I fell that glory comes after a huge storm,
Without timeless pain we shall never be rewarded
For all those miles done, I have to know my image.
I wonder how long it will take to find myself.


Wondering hands, the trees !
The naked stones of grey beauty,
Gathered to kiss the ground's hunger.
Extatic hate upon man's reply.
The war against human instinct.
I summon the dirty blood of what we are covered.

Still I watch the sky
I see within a cry.
For what we fear !
For the why we leave !

Naked hands, the forgotten trees
Stare as I paint the last eagle.
The symbol of life
The black sign of the sky.
A last leaf of a tree,
The only breath left.

Questions have been made to give no answers
On the hill I gaze the fortress
Made by Nature's hands.

It stares useless for the weak ones,
But precious for those who know the way.

Still ! I watch the sky,
I see without wanting to cry.
For what we still believe,
For the reason we live.




Poseidon, god of the sea, release your wrath.
The depths of your kingdom reborn in Atlantis.
An old shipping fortress of land raised in your throne
Surrounded by the gloves of liquid enemy.

Undefeated forgotten reality
Is trembling under the sea.
Beyond my eyes reborn again
The lost existence of Atlantis.

A glorious city unable to resist Olympian's wrath.
Bloody and buried ! Bares her beauty to the sea.
Waves are howling as they pass through the ruins of ocean.
From the center of cosmos the judgment betrayed its status.

Eternal curse sended by Zeus upon his brother.
And the night scorns to change the tragedy.
Like the boat touches the shining line of the moon,
Like the music cries in its darkness.
We see the past engraved beneath the sea,
Trembling underneath the surface of delightful vision.
Years of kingship have died in your ocean cemetery.

At its depths life has died
Bleeding through thousands of years
And corrupts as the waves surround
The unfound mark of Poseidon.


In the existence of time the undefeated armies
Of the primordial keeper of reason and faith.
Time present and time past
Are both present in time future.
The divinely grace Faunus, Father of evolution,
Dethrones the mankind equilibrium.


Devoted to the unbitted threats,
For Errings the homicide of spreading growth over time.
Still, the virtuous of vivid aspects
Shall frame the dying status of tomorrow.
The sense faints, picturing powerless level.
Mightest universe reborn the Awaken Chaos.
Mass generations will shift in torture.
The prophecies of Chaos and Justice
Will never meet at once.
The wisdom of equality
Shall never roar up from the earth.


As the symbolic darknight inspires
The conventus of their spiritual union,
Inner lust turned into ashes
And the Devil's honor betrayed by the waning light.
Shaped thought comes halting forth, making
The symbols of innocence perplexing spiritual dullness.

The legacy of my rising hell
The conflict within my morbid innocence,
Banished and dragged by Devil's exhaltation.
Finally ! I reach the depths of my existence.

As the moon is diving in the purple waters of Earth,
The sun shows its first signs of the day.
The man touches the extremes of light.
A hidden strike is enough to possess his soul.

The conspiracy of mountain and air
Blow through the solitary night-walk
And the lightning rock of midnight sky,
Reflects the truth.

No key word suffers upon my icon.
Just a brutal change of my portrait.
I gaze beyond my mirror,
The iron sculpture that never looses identity.
For my status, I am dragged beyond my enthralled destiny.

For this hour they shall lead away
By the winds,
To segregate their futures,
But the strength of their minds will be
The fortress against their sorrow.

The old unseen serpent swallows up
The unholy triangle
Made in the fog.

The birth of death
The everlasting life for those who have kept
Their souls attached.

The spiritual passion shapes the shadow of within.
How easy their eyes follow the dark ring of the moon.
But how wasteful can become an untouched orama,
For the inner wisdom rises from within.

Rises from within...



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