Astarium : Wyrm of Melancholy

Symphonic Black / Russia
(2012 - Metallic Media)
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Waking up in solitude among the walls of rain,
You felt, that the heavy burden of life
Had interlaced round your neck by tight noose.
Listen attentively to knock of drops on glass,
They like million arrows are piercing your heart.

Chillness has absorbed muggy air.

The smoke of cigarets is filling room,
It only one brings facilitation to crushed soul.
But also in its wreath the phantoms had seemed -
Bodies which disgustingly were entwined by pain.
This prison is holding down your mind forever...

Emptiness has densely misted your forgotten lair.


Blizzard strengthened, piercing to the bones. Shoreless ocean of white outrage has absorbed all the world.
Veil has covered traitorously closing eyes. In you head just one desire - to lie down and never to rise.

Angry gusts of wind has erased road back. There is no place to hide from abandoned fury of elements!
You so long raved about freedom and now remained with it alone.

Accrued weariness trammeled feet. Reason is snatching every witless moment of this life with greed.
Effort over itself is providing every step. Figure, crawling through the snow, will disappear soon in trap.

Opposition proceeds... But what can insignificant life make before that which submits only to the highest,
Which was born in eternity, which creates and kills universe every instant? Forces are concluded.
You are understanding that game goes not by your rules. Only humility will help you to wait final.

Madness crept... The cold receded, but it's presage of your painful end.
Voice of death, conjoined with blizzard, howled burial song in snowy lands.

Forgot your stupid invocations! Shoreless ocean of white outrage has absorbed all the world...




Do you remember when autumn has gone away into haze of obscurity?
With new beginning it will return to sacrifice itself for the iced purity.

Do you forgive me, if your arrival will be last in thread of my destiny?
Converting voices to distant rumble, you didn't give me answers which I wanted to hear.

Breath of tireless life has slowed down. The autumn has drunk all paints,
Soon it will be shrouded by white veil. It is hard to believe, what nature has
Stoped time and began obeying new laws, preparing for coming...

When drops of rain will become white diamonds, blinding my eyes by splendour,
Time will come to falling down on knees before cold majesty of goddess winter!

Hail to white silence, to victory of ice!
Hail to appearance of fated sacrifice!
Hail to cold mournings, to reflected light!
Hail to blizzard roaring dirge for my ended life!


Night has called me into mysterious hall, where the sky disappeared in shaggy branches of ancient wood.
Crackle of pine needles under feet has gave out every motion of the feral inwardness, that was harboured here.

Standing too long smell is pervading in tension of cold air... Mould... Blood...
Blood was coagulated on clothing and flowed down along slashed hands.

Mad knocks of heart had immersed to condition of helpless meditator, as if thunder of shamanistic drum...

Get touch to primordial, awaken it from the dusk of centuries, need not be afraid!
There is no sense to run, the reason means nothing in this world, living under laws of nature.
To plunge in unknown, to give went to the hidden demons, that obey not to you,
That are latent by consciousness in the passages of our veins and black souls!

Fate has called me into mysterious hall, where it was prejudged to lose myself alone with imperious darkness.
Ugly stain of damnation had eaten in defenseless human interior, it is possible to whitewash with blood!

Meaning of life dissolved and now remained only one... Gallows... Noose...
The frail weak soul will not survive such burden... Death, be merciful...




Golden time is coming to the end, image of autumn devastation is stretching
Before your eyes - the wind is playing with sombre landscape of naked trees.
Leaves - black carpet is covering the recently pinched by cold ground.

As if bewitched you are coming into sacred place. In the temple of eternity your traces will remain
On thousand expired lives, which sometime trembled into breathing of wind. And now...
The final desire - to burn down in fire. But autumn denial sends them to decay.

Word of the preacher is told, and fateful lives are perpetrating great
Mass suicide, but it is only the beginning of their painful way.
In cold beams of the sun all around has seemed wasted and gave birth
To feeling of load in soul - grief about something that was lost forever.

Rustle of the blackened leaves as if anxious heartrending whisper is permeating into your ears.
They as believed, but in the Doomsday nobody ascended and were overthrown in dirt. And now...
The final desire - to burn down in fire. But autumn denial sends them to decay.
The final desire - to burn down in fire, but falling is dire. They must fade to grey.

The autumn smiled with scary deadly grin. Golden time is coming to the end...


Last epoch of this rotted through civilization...
Hopelessness and apathy have blossomed in the hearts of millions!

Death and cold will come together with nuclear winter,
Evisceration and eternal ice will wrap all of lifeless lands.
When white ash will outshine sky, those, who became
Haughty like pseudo-gods, will turn the feed for worms.

Being one of them, I don’t want to see this shame and horror,
Humanity drives last nail in the pulldown lid of it's coffin.
Let strong leave and nought will pass judgement to itself.
I knew that this time will come - Beginning of the new world!

Existence of the creation in endlessness will proceed without death, without time,
Without festering abscess on wonderful face of nature, without humanity!

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