Artillery : My Blood

Thrash Metal / Denmark
(2011 - Metal Mind Productions)



Look beyond the lost horizon
See what's lurking in the dark
You can follow if you want to
Open up your heart

Take a walk into the garden
Smell the flower of despair
Taste the bitter fruit of evil
But my child beware

Your innocence you will lose
There's no turning back
In life you must always choose
Forever you will be my blood

You'll see the world explode around you
You'll see the mountains falling, into the sea
But there must be no fear inside you
Deep within yourself you will find the key

Ride on the wings of an angel
Fight with the strenght of a lion
Ride on the wings of an angel
You will never surrender

And there will be someone to guide you
If you look deep enough you will find the spirit
Sometimes the darkness will surround you
You'll wander through the mud, you will find the light

My blood lives through you

Don't expect to find the answers
To the questions you will ask
Life is just a simple story
Turn the pages now

Your innocence you will lose
There's no turning back
In life you must always choose
Forever you will be my blood

Mit blod lives on forever
Mit blod lives on forever

And you must never find the truth
There is no holy man
That will lead you to salvation
The answers lie within yourself
Don't live on your knees
(It's better to)
Die for what you belive in


Behind the little boy's eyes name is written in blood
There is not a clue in sight, not a moment of clarity
Grew up to be a man behind the white fence
He rules and he stands
Frowning at the happy world outside
But inside his head it's dark

Just remember this
Everyone is a mother's son

Different colour different skin
Scarred for life there is no turning back
He lifts the blade over his head
Watch him intoxicated by his victims fear
He is about to deliver his attack
But inside his head it's dark

Just remember this
Everyone is a mother's son

Monster, the monster inside
Monster, we all live in fear
For the monster, the monster inside
Monster, the monster is near

Ready to kill, ready to strike
The screams so loud makes him high so high
He walks away in a perfect time
But he will return to the scene of the crime
But inside his head it's dark


The sun no longer shines as bright as it
Use to do
The world no longer breath as easy as it
Used to do

We're trapped inside
These are dark days
We're left behind
In so many ways
We're burnt alive
These are dark days
Are coming for us now

The water is no longer running as smoothly as it
Used to do
And the air is not as clear as it
Used to be

See the stone is bleeding
Hear the wicked thunder
Fell the earth is shaking
The whole world's going under

Our time is slowly running
It's burning under our feet
See the creatures in pain
And we will not return again


Death is life

I bow down in the dust of what we came from
Silly rules of life determinate my deathstyle
I can see the lies of what you came from
So easy to read like a spoiled child

My sorrow ends within my wicked silence
Two fisted and bitter to the better end
So come out of your closet, and take what you've been givin
I will stand alone and I will not repend

If life is real then death is an illusion
If pain is life I'm lost in life's confussion
If life is real then death is an illusion
If love is hope then love is what we choose from now

With a wire straight from hell's foaming mouth
I will cut off my own head and hold it in my hand
Stand on the mountain of hate and desire
I will defeat my inner self with a raging fire

See the crucifix in flames
I will level with my pain
See the crucifix in flames
I will connect you in chains
In chains

Like a butterfly with wings burnt and soiled
I taste the ugly fruit of self deceit
No man alive will push me off my throne
I am the only one, who will defeit me

I will defeat my innerself with a raging fire


Got no religion, got no excuse
It's my own decision, won't take no abuse
Got my own way of living, your life I despise
Nothing I could be giving, change the look in my eyes

Got no distractions, got a one track mind
Noone ever told me, what I needed to find
If you can't understand me, then I just don't care
Do you want me to be, when there's nothing we share
When there's nothing we share

I ain't giving in, to all your goddamm rules
I'm gonna win, I don't listen to fools

I know you wanna judge me, you are all the same
Those you can't understand, always take all the blame
But I just don't buy, course I know the score
Something never change, we've all heard it before

I'm changing the rules




Raise your hands
Bang your head
Scream it out

Are you ready to kill
Can you take this mutha down
Are you in for the thrill
We're gonna demolitious this town

Can you reach for the sky
And sing this song out loud
Are you prepared to die
And go out with a shout

Have you sent it all
Do you feel you can stand the heat
Can you take the fall
Or do you not accept defeat

It goes round and round
Get into the pit
It goes round and round
Get into the shit


"This is the moment I've been waiting for
This is all that fills my life this is my dream
I'm in this corner with my back to the wall
Only me I am alone this is all I want"

Marching into oblivion, no fear only hate
Our god is merciless and iron made
Mankind on it's knees, we provide security
Instead you choose to live on your own misery

Running into battles totally unknown
This battlefield is our sacred home
It's time to unleash this beast of war
It's time to slay this ungodly whore

That's why I got
Warrior blood
It's in my soul and in my heart

As brothers we stand
Blood on blood hand in hand
Like lions we bite
Back to back side by side

It's in my bones it's in my soul
I will feed my heart with this 'till I get old
From generation to generation to generation...
It's the bloodline you can't kill


So you head out, on a journey with no help at all
The words that they speak, you don't hear
Prepared to survive, and rise not to fall
The screams so loud fall on deaf ears

What were you thinking a minimalist's lie
You just sit there and wait in the cold
Outside there is hope strangers passing you by
Left with yourself and your soul

It's life in the death zone
The strong will survive
It's the sound of the death drome
You gamble with your life

You climb the mountain alone
You stand on the mountain alone
You die on that mountain alone
You made your mark
Concealed in the dark

Condemed to the ice god you just sit there
Frozen even into your soul
What morals exists out there in the cold?
Death on the mountain you're sold


And I was walking on the edge of a dream
I heard a rumbling voice deep inside of me
"Will you carry on with this foolish life
And keep twisting around the blade of a knife"
I heard the demons screaming
I looked the devil in the eye

As I was climbing up the ladder to the heavens
A simple voice was calling
Do you believe in God?
The once so simple truth now broken and distorted
A different voice was calling
Can you forgive yourself?

Falling down
Into the flaming sea
Falling down
What will it be
Falling down
Into the flaming sea
Falling down
It's the end of eternity

And it was easy for me to speak the words
I could lie and cheat
Forever forever forever
Denial sneaking in jumping me from behind
"Will you ever bow down to me"
Never never never

I am my own God I'm not like you


Into Satans armpit I will crawl to seek my vengeance
The ressurection of his evil world
The sailor lost at sea,
Look for the sun and moon to guide me
I am that sailor I am his vengeance

The great the great will always be
Great the great will always be
Great the great will always stand
We will hunt you down

A timebomb set to blow, destroy all that you know
The decadence of the western world

So walk with me on the brink of time
I will liberate you from sin and your life of crime
Walk with me on the sands of time
Roll the heads of vanity roll it out of line
How will you live your life, sweet sister
How will you live it now
Who will you run to now dear brother
Who will you run to now

Into Satans armpit I will crawl to seek my vengeance
A simple way of thinking a simple way of life
Now we can conquer all the world

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