Artillery : By Inheritance

Thrash Metal / Denmark
(1990 - Roadrunner Records)
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He once appeared
A harmless threat
A leader wrapped in linen.
United fools, bewitched by words,
In pact with ignorance.

A powermind, dictating thoughts,
that leads toward his dream
To free the world, fanatically
Religious slavery.

Khomaniak - your holy war is a tragedy
Fataliac - won't your God let you see

And lead by this, insane old man
From shah to battlefield
No one's too young, to fight and die
For what this man believes

Someone must die, insanity's alive
Spreads with disease, the virus increase

A voice in my ear says - "Khomaniac"
Your killing is pointless - "Fataliac"
The war is eternal - "Khomaniac"
The outcome infernal

That voice in my ear says - "Khomaniac"
Your killing is pointless - "Fataliac"
The war is eternal - "Khomaniac"
The outcome infernal - So die


So free
You feel when you've done your deeds late at night
So be
'Cause soon there's no shelter no place to hide

All screams
But voices don't have effect on your mind
All dreams
Of times when you weren't commited to crime

Won't lift a finger for you - R.I.P.
There's nothin' no one can do - R.I.P.
Six feet beneath the clay - R.I.P.
a price we all have to pay - R.I.P.

Got caught and separated from previous thoughts
You fought
You never were good acceptin' a loss

You know
When you've clone bad things you must take the blame
'Cause we can't live with someone like you

You see
There's no such thing as neglectin' a crime
Once free
Your capture was just a question of time


It's something inside
It's hard to put your finger on
There's no reason to hide
So be proud you're in control

Not everyone can
You're one of a few
Neglected by man
No one really knew

The seekers of force, turned their heads away
Bid on the wrong horse, were only led astray
Mentally controlled, powers beyond reach
You keep it untold, all you do is tease

It's mine - by inheritance
Noone can take it away
Why play - why take the chance?
Why not just make them pay?

An invesible touch, developed in time
And if things get too much
You change it with your mind
It's not to be seen
No one is to know
It starts like a dream, then you let it grow

It's like the rain
You can't prevent from falling down on your face
It's not like pain
You can't ignore it, still there is no trace it's capturing
Reaching for you
There's nothing that you can do
You can feel the ice from inside of you

You've got no remorse, once you've increased your prey
No sense of divorce
When you hear them pray
It's easy as hell
No need to try hard
So why won't you tell "no"
You always state


All of your life
You idolized them
Those men with pride
Want to be like them
Never alone
All parts of a team
No course of their own
It sounds like a dream

You're not worth a damn
Take orders - is all that you can
They'll teach you ev'ry rule
Bombfood - you're nothing but a tool

made up your mind
The papers were signed
Recruited and paid
For wastin' your time
The sweat and the blood
A price you must pay
Work for your country
With nothing to say
The sergeant commands
To act like a rock
You had to admit
You ran out of luck
It's not out of lust
It's not even need
One thing's for sure
Rocks don't bleed

Grenades are hammering down on your head
You lie in your hole, you wish were dead
Your partner lies splattered all over the place
There's no recognition he once had a face
You want you had stayed at home with your mum
But you are out here equipped with a gun
You're feelin' so helpless but what can you do
'Cause you volunteered, the blame is on you

Out in the fields, where battles are fought
As ordered above, not one human thought
You sit in your hole, just waiting for death

The enemy cause, an eternal threat
Why don't you go home, why don't you just leave?
Why not work for things in which you believe?
The orders you take, won't do you no good
So why don't you split, you ain't nothin' but bombfood!


Human, I can read your mind
Stranger, from your eyes don't weep
Clear your thoughts
Ease your mind

Don't believe a word
Unless it's proven true
You might just catch a spell
Damnation upon you

Teacher, learnin' from the card
Preacher, lovin' you is so damn hard
And the tales, that you tell

Liar, your brain is runnin' wild
Crier, elemental child
Sinner, playin' with your thoughts
Winner, are you feeling lost?

Solve the maze
Case the haze


Do somethin', keep things apart
There's one thing, hidin' in your heart
Wanting freedom, keen for control
No one helps you, do as you're told

Life in bondage - work at their command
Feel like a blind man - just waiting for a hand
Life in bondage - can you feel the chain?
Work forever - 'cause you're never free again

No courage
You've got no guts
Plainday rhythm
You've grabbed by the nuts
Never breakin'
Can't even try
Fear has got you
Through your wife's cry

If you wanna be a free man then you'd better think again
'Cause you have joined the other fools
You're counting money while your life is fading out

That comes from sticking to the rules

You're weak and soft to the core
Your wife ain't nothing but a whore
Get paid, feel rich for a day
Face it, it's no use you pray


When young
There's so many questions to ask
You grow and you have learn things so fast
As kid, everything looks like a dream
Somehow, dreams are not what they seem

You need the learnin'
You need to to know
There is but one way that you can go

At school, there's so many words to be read
You fool, nothing is learned from your bed
Don't you know we're all equal at first
You'll feel, the lack of knowledge like thirst

You talk, but your words they don't make no sense
Why try, when you are not feelin' no tense
You'll flunk, your effort is layin' too low
You punk, you're just too stupid to know


We've got to get it together
You bring the winea andwe'll bring the weather
We haven't come to be clever
Lets make it now cause this could be never

We're gonna Razamataz ya tonight
We're gonna razamanaz ya all night
Razamataz razamanaz, up on your feet
Let's see ya dance, dance, dance

Now that we've come to a showdown
We won't allow you a second to slow down
The moment has come to deliver
You as the taker, and we as the giver

We're gonna Razamataz ya tonight
We're gonna razamanaz ya all night
Razamataz razamanaz, up on your feet
Let's see ya dance, dance, dance

All of the world loves a raver
We're playin for ravers who savor the flavor
You all appear calm and collected
Razamanazin' you never expected

We're gonna Razamataz ya tonight
We're gonna razamanaz ya all night
Razamataz razamanaz, up on your feet
Let's see ya dance, dance, dance
We're gonna Razamataz ya tonight
We're gonna razamanaz ya all night
Razamataz razamanaz, up on your feet
Let's see ya dance, dance, dance


It just isn't what you do - that - leads you where you are
Excuses I have heard - over - from you
If you really would you - might just have a chance
If you really could - you - might just have a hope
Your life - your song - isn't worth a damn
So go - escape - do the best you can

This place looks so familiar, you've been here before
Every little brick you know, you're back once more
Struggling hard to keep away, from this your private hell
Knowing it's no use to kry, escaping from this spell

All through the years, fighting to survive
Find yourself a manhole, and breathe to stay alive
All things that you could have done, pounding in your head
Now you're back where you belong, wishin' you were dead

All you want is to stay away
All you get are glints of the past
You know from this smell of decay
You know that you're back in the trash

And when the night comes, the gutter is your bed
And when the sun shines, you'll try to hide your head
There's just no help here, no one looks your way
There ain't no welfare, the question is: Will you survive the day?

You just can't ignore the fact, that you are sinkin' slow
Everyonr around you can see you've lost the glow
There's no point in actin', you can't hide it anymore
You're vulnerable to eyes, they look at you and you feel sore

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