Arsonists Get All The Girls : Motherland

Deathcore / Etats-Unis
(2011 - Century Media)
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This has to be the most foolish criminal in the system
I have the power to alter lives and fall the hammer
It's a premortal suffering I behold and only mine
Bring them to me dead or barely breathing
I'll grind away all layers of purity they had
Instinctively tie the knot as they fall
And lock them in frantic eyes and spin them around
Corruption as corrupt gets black tie black drab
I am the reaper of your future
Your years have become a ratio to yourself
Take a step in front of me son,
And see the flesh that became rise to fall
It's all, It's all confined to the space
To the space between the mechanisms in your brain
Live to tell, live to spread, the terror I've become
Has existence only in the dead
I will drown you in your years
Time will become a window your nest life's souvenir
Say goodbye to sunlight say goodbye to everything
Yes you have met me here
Your right ill never enjoy the light of day again again
Fear me cause this ones like me that you see in your sleep
We've already been locked in tight, in condemnation
I've begun, I've begun to edge my corrosion in
Your hands shake in agreement
I've already treated this life of mine as temporary
I'll see it to the end
Its the likes of me that we only have
Time to kill and time to die
Intentions range with variety and connotations
We're both morbid men to the death
We're both morbid men to the death.


Faces of the likely imagined childhood
Carousel around her carousel to pieces, pieces
This white knuckle bound dream is
Screamed to halt so suddenly
In hunt for closure we ride, day and night
She's panting the rapture
One stroke to define everything
In feverish color she constructs her multiverse
Manic ties to lead this multiplicity in stride
An error of a lifetime she let herself go
This light will always remain the same to us, to everything
I haven't the faintest of ideas
Of how to stop myself
You've got to recede back to the skies of life
And waterless lungs
The siren is calling you to your death
Thankfully her lover for the ocean
Keeps her in place
I've only got one last piece of work in line to,
To usher in the new era
Shew offer to redefine your color, your pride,
Your everything
Its already to late for those men they'll forever be fucked
She's the kind of blade you didn't know existed
You've already bled out to her before you even met
This monopoly is held and she's in league with nature
The unfolding of her spectrum has thoughts for us.


I've been told I can meet you
But I'll have to be sent into false pretense
Once the fog rolls in we'll stay for the night
Hear me
One day to fear my life
I will quarter myself from my questions
I'll await a misdirection and search my dreams
Answers lay undone forbidden
Not in this skin
Doesn't it bother me to the bone
Lately it's become distraction
Besides the pressure
To only owe death a smaller fee
Moments pass and I'm still here
I've been stalked to this plain
What were the last words spoken
To create impulse in your skull
Was there some place we agreed
You've got to check the radio
Your impression
Will be longest to scar
The griffins will be
The watchers of the world
And mine will protect me form
In reveries your lips seem stitched
Who used the needles
Who has you sewn shut
I cant bear it
I can barely hear you anymore
There's only time between us
To only feel suspended
To only feel like you never chose death
To only feel suspended
To only feel like you never chose death
Without me
You can run
Away from this world
A searcher you've become
A man to not be found




Belonging to the state
An in congruent dialect of presence
Failed to explain reasons
Held under faith laid dormant
To wash the world away
It revealed itself in day mare believing
A child's mind has long been deceased
If there's anything I can promise
They'll never be the same
It becomes a horror we'll be the last ones standing
It becomes a horror taking grip on the earth
All the pieces seem to fit me
I'll be the change that this world needs
It's a happening of distorted youth
I found the key to local providence
In time I beheld a truth so fervently
Indoctrination among defeat
Shallow tides ground me without escape
But I'll bear my fucking teeth
In the light of absence you can taste
I am not your mentor in this place
it's an ampule love to watch things burn
Watch things burn
I can be the inference
I can be the monstrous truth
Understate me
It becomes a horror of mass descent
Laced and trapped with coercion
When this lesson becomes an infection
You wont know until it's all around us
All this
It came to me a new breed of tragedy
Rid everything the hardship of reason
I have institutionalized them
It came to me
Among the centuries
That taught us to breath
I seek a new kind of human difference


Leagues of bleached disease
Lay at the helm of iron appendage
We'll never vocalize the
Words that summoned us to life
A slow line drip of fact to fiction
Seeps though crack in pantomime
We dragged our lives
In our frozen bags behind us
My pages turned by fingers of ice
Blur sets the stage under city light closer and closer
I saw as they watched in confusion
And it comes within inches of hemorrhaging
A slow glow of metropolitan
Chokes the fear out of me
We'll never make it off this train alive
Would you haven't an opinion
Your thoughts construed my amnesty
Sentries of the old held paperweights
To sop their breathing
I've only been 11 years but I've never felt so alive
it's the drink that keeps on giving
A temporary vitality
Whats says the ones that threw the bottles
Sprinting from fragmenting
The glacial backdrop leaves me
With a sting of longing
Though this ice storm it predicates sleeplessness
Lock the door behind you
Cause it may be the last ride we aver take
Bury me alive, I'll never forget what
They gave us
Sleep predicates sleeplessness
It's never ending


Only in the night will he race the land he
Bears as king
In his timeless reign
Stalking mountainside for servant prey
On the crescent he will rest
Outcast from normal walk of life
Normalcy resides beside terrored face
In love will he sow himself
Don't you bow, don't you bow
Don't you bow down to the king
In times of pride he'll find
His lineage of salvaged eyes
Waiting for the war to die




I'm dry mouthed and wide eyed
My liver starts to pulsate
It feels like blades have internal reckoning
A mass confusion of sorts springs
From whence it came gurgling
I have been taken for a fool for the,
The last time
I need oxygen my limbs feel as if
They're icing over
My pulse quickens and is constricting
Every reason holds temporary thoughts of it
What I've begun to feel
But my tainted mind has different plans for me
In decision takes seconds off my time
Vision turns to red
I stand lurched to one side with
Odds against me contemplating
I'm fading faster after every thought
Is registered
I've never choked on a scream
Or ever thought I would
Hands cool to the touch
Clamber for a respective positive
If they'll ever take me alive
That moment lies in wake
I'd give anything for that moment
It's like waiting for incoming tide
Burn me alive
Anything but this mutagen
Death from inside
I can feel everything inside me wither,
Wither and die
A certain gravity is holding onto my skin tight
Coherence left it's imprint
The round around me softens
I can still feel a will to live, will to live
But my eyes will not grant the access
It's colder that before
It comes to shape, comes to shape
I tried to get out alive with out variable
But that seemed so song ago
It seems years ago


Portal of entry gravity
The sands of time
Differently in this place, in this quest
I've been armed to the teeth for weeks
And it not even light enough to suffer
Backwards to front with no direction
Polar shift begun years ago
And I in fatal time, I've just arrived
I've relied on myself
In the life that lays behind me
But this place has no mercy
Wraiths and the bodies of troubled dead
Stack we at the heals of marble floor
Beckoning, beckoning for m breath
They want me to run
Adding to the thrill of their hunt
Shield the voltage
A starlit sanctuary of arcane
What becomes those who wander
This place, what becomes of them,
What becomes of them
What becomes a person in this place
Handful of life
Slipping though my fingertips
I'll never leave this place
This life's been stopped
And split to fraction
it's only fair to
Give them what they've asked for
A hunt, thy caught me alive
I feel the trickle down my spine
Memory was only mine to give
But was torn from me so reluctantly
Years torn from me
Handful of life slipping
Through my fingertips
I'll never leave this place,
This life's been stopped and
Split to fraction
It's only fair to give them what
They asked for
Priorities elude me what was my purpose here
I fell beyond the hands of life
Hands controlled are not unto me unto me
A breath of irrelevance makes me
Captive to the arcane


And it's round in the ground work above us
A disorderly natural time
The dregs of humanity's for bearers
Would have you believe
My families ties to this world
To my heart
Hold dear to the debt of nativity
Rooted blood, a head without thorns
No mindless intake and
No god for you to blame
Were all from the stars
We grow fond of solidarity
I'm one
I'm one
I'm one less for you to take


Substance a pull attack on brain stem
Depicting cross sensation, cross sensation
I can feel the shrieking crowd
The colored rain
I've begun scanning across myself
This life for where it ever came
The 6th layer of things grow slower on me
Living in image, in false light
Slowed by simply breathing
Brings me to curious grin and fools of sweat
Watch me disappear into social gathering
And change the weather with it
I palm the night's emotions
On the forefront of my own hand
Jagged quotations can bring
A jaded man to his knees
Perceptive insults push me back to the depths of origin
I have become solid light and whisper
Myself between those who linger
Inside their lungs setting fire
To every word I wanted to hear
A dance with internal necromancy
Domino effect to mass depression
I am the light behind eyes
Of all the ministry a passion inside us
Warts to re unearthed it may be looked down upon
But it's for those who've lost the map
And dwell with in themselves


I stutter as the world outside me
Came to our doorstep in the rain
Harbored though violence
The sky holds contempt for me with snarled up
Suppressed yourself
Suppression is the only answer
To times like this
So the rain came crashing down
With revenge in its gaze unlike
Something I have seen before
And I felt a friction in the air begin to rise
Atmosphere berates my courage through
Thick and thin it made no difference to it
At times I wish for the lucid dreams
But receive no less than ignorance
I, I ventured out to what seems apocalypse
A step forward reveals
An exponential makeshift of panic
They sky bleeds a disgrace upon all patrons
And we look upwards in distress
And we look upwards in distress
And the rain sank like daggers
Into the earth
My hair lifts and my skin dances on edge
My pupils dialate to distance
Because the sources
Introduced itself in cursive horror,
My consciousness convulsed merciless
It's merciless
It personified me
It personified me so perfectly
Blank is the word
For portrait I see
And its difference is likely visionary
To what we've ever looked for
And what we've ever found
I have been sent into a working machine again
A glance at the wretched
Sends me
Sends me into a place I haven't
Been in years
A place without fear.

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