Arsonists Get All The Girls : Hits from the Bow

Deathcore / USA
(2006 - Process Records)
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You want it all the time
So smooth to me
With us all on the other line
Powerhousing bills as well as
Conspiracy's they write
Of our time management
Come now
The board is clean
For a new conspiracy
I'll never love a demon child
For the rest of my days
The logic of a slut wearing a white dress
Never made sense to me

So i
Face the facts of time
Oh its so great
Shes so great
(you'll never understand)
These walls are closed
(the logic of lust)
This mind is expansive
(you'll never understand)
There is just time
(the logic of lust)
"be you me"
Claims the queen to the king

This feud
Was to last
Until blood spilt
Onto one or the others gowns
Making me
(liar liar hypocrite)
Count the days
In my room
With the mind
Of drawing
And the touch of craft
That was so intent
To demean my corridor
And unleash colours to all
This is the taste of passing
Same as the taste of
Stressing over body placement

You walk down the streets so clean
The red lights glimmer in your eyes
I can never forgive the stains left
Behind in a back alley hotel room



Pestilence will only lead you in a big pile of your most stunning action
As he did seek the truth until its all uncovered
Slam the book so the courtyard sings our fate in time it will just ring
Let me set the stage for you all
This is nothing new to see or hear
They have always been there , its just a matter of acknowledgement

They claimed free the slaves, when all they did was work them all to death
Loomed in the air instead of different potency today i say
Crying to me fact or fiction? But only waiting for my decision
Well it is it is it is
Fiction for christs sake fiction on your part fact in life as for now
As for now fuck that
Give them back to him or the flies lord shall have
His vengeance weigh down charisma for these bodies
They burn now have red meat


Its the time to see the climax
Of the buldgefull souls
Caught in battle
As we all get sucked into
This mess and judge
Blatent savagery seen by blind eyes
Endless fox holes filled to the brim
Taken back into an unconscience state
And pop that beligerent bubble
Prance along that filthy beggar that you are

Now i'm
Eager to displease her

Rise above and blast yourself out of here
Take cover and don't get hit
Nothing will protect you from the air raids
Tonight is your last chance

I will put it where
I will stick it there
For the sake of warm
Deep wounds

So i get my transportation
Dump the investigation
I grab a drink
Enjoying the buldge battle
On the lines
On the snow
Both of them and i
Stuck in one
Eye to eye

Stand before the firing squad
Remove the blindfold and see whats before you
This is the path that we have chosen
Now accept your bitter fate baby
For the sake of the music

Go, step back, take aim, and pull the trigger


For my sake
Shave everything you see
She had a big forth coming
For what was said at the press confrence
For what he saw in the rest room office
Shit blood
Everywhere on everything
Cum stains
Everywhere on everything
Forget the shave
Do it though anyway
But pierce the heart
Just as the glare pierced you and i
In the ghetto times
The better times
Of those who calim and addicts
Familiar faces
Worn out places
They can't be erased
In no time they see


Ripped and torn apart
I'll tear your insides out with my decomposing mandibles
I move so slowly towards you moaning
Preparing for the feast that lies ahead of me
I can't taste or feel any pain but my jaws ache for your flesh it smells so delightful
Your body will appease me and i always search for more

I was just sitting here when you burst in, i saw my neighbor peeking on me i hope he tells someone now you mutilated me unlikely though didn't see much flow until black now that i'm over you can move on to the next house.

Quenchless shall remain decay riddles this lifeless body nothing will stop me in my search for the freshest of human flesh your body's carcass shall remain on the blood soaked flood maggots lace this meal a freash set for this fetid kig

Faceless in time now i will join you lets go devour the next victim a neighbor i take it i would not doubt it but you knew i would frantically feast with you

My body thrashes in delight your last words fall upon hollow caverns a dying whim, to make it quick oh, how quickly i am to oblige i divulge in your flesh as your skin ripped off

Frantically feast on flesh and bone by day we feast by night we will see the blood fills my lifeless veins and renews my hunger still the world the eternal buffet


(lyrics not avaliable)


Well excuse me i set the bomb to clean
Didnt think of life the only thought of correction left in a white suite with white wine in hand
This is my way the best plan

Its with being drunk am i right? Pounds can't tell the difference when fused together
Shave the five 'o clock shadow and leave behind the silhouette at hand the disguise is very much our own its tangible to the ghost like a hanging morse code in the air i'll pull you out ony when i wanna figure it out

We'll figure the ghost it's tangible to you then you think upon light years
Pain mistaking by making it worse off than it should ever have to be
Stoped him stopped it
Babbled on and on about changing this and that
Fistfull of chalk and quarters i'm the new teacher now won't hesitate to put on paper that you're life will suck you and demons will sort you out

Desert, destroy, now in the colors and shapes are gone
I will never go back there


Take a look around you but don't look back
Your surroundings have never been better
A whisper alone, a city is destroyed
Secret societies never reveal their true nature
But we could see your foundation, exposed
Battered threads and cocky burnt holes
You ran into the safe house alone
And set it on fire, all ablaze

Throwing the waste
From my mouth
Onto you again and again
You throw yours onto me
I just wash it off
And hope to the lord
You know what you're doing
To dismay your species

For the last time i remain
In the light about a situation
So this receding begins now
Right in my foe
Right where i was comfortable

You know this is about you
You turned your back on us
Abused everything for personal gain
Everything was a straight up lie
I have no respect for you
For a two bit low life
Your false facade
Has worn itself through
Nothing will return
To the way it once was
You have wasted your chance
Don't try to come back

Once again i'm here
Debating which route to take
In this situation
I descend to the right side
As you see "the wrong"
Wrongful vote
Rightful grudge
Until we die


By the time you read this
We will be gone
And not to be seen soon
Only if it was as easy
Bent kness
For some
Wet eyes
To deface the
Pact of dying
In the lesser
Pews for that fact

Stuck in the pews
Death around
This is no sanctuary
For mine eyes, for thine eyes
This was too much

Face the crowd
Then bow down to your knee
Then take out what you need
This was you and you need just as much

Break for this we
We will not let you rest

Your dreams wont come true
Slow manifestations
Turned into salt statues
This can't be the end
For what was it
That you said

Forsaken was the path
The path of wanderers
You did nothing but mame it
Yet you claim i was it
I made it thus far

For the clothes on your back
You would destroy

You were put down
And it was the best (my test)


Fisting society
To become the one on top
The most wet
The most respected
Yet we all hate each other anyway
Can't stand the decit from allies
That were in the light
With intent to be in the dark
When we face it
We face the ways of success

You can dance around the truth all you want
But it wont change the outcome
Your fan clubs exist only in shelled minds
They can't see whats going on
When you lie straight to their face
About how much you love them

Face the love they gave you
You were not sent from the future
To ever save anyone of us
We can deal with it on our own
We dance around a light
That most will never see nor feel
But we see (into darkness)

Face the facts of dismal acts
As i spread my wings to leave
All this in the dust
All this in old and older news

Even the will
The will of the gods
Will not save you
You are too far in
All of you
You and your friends
Chose to manifest some sin

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