Arise (SWE) : The Reckoning

Melodic Death Black / Sweden
(2010 - Regain Records)
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It's the beginning of the end today
I'm wasting my hate for you
Now this is hell
Feel the rush and agression storming upon you
When you're inside there's no way out

I hate you
I will break you down

It's your misery and your world will end
You are dead inside there's no regrets
Blinded by hate and frustration
It's a waste of time
Your final failure will break you down


Unpleasant touch
Tear out my eyes
Dead awakening
Bloodred mourning
A sense of guilt
Turned upside down
I found myself messed up again
Searching fоr an alibi but the memory is black
There is no return

In search por something to forget and leave
The story goes on and on
Total eclipse that's all I can see
I just can't tell you why

Still there is no memory of light
And still there is no memory of light

A deadly touch
The feeling gets so strong
Shut of the light
I will not return

No memory
No regrets at all
I will not return
The past is gone

I close the door
Never more
Can this go on like this?
Drowned into darkness I am gone

Rare is the moment now
Primitive mind
Rage through fear
What has been done?


Spit your blood
Tear out my inside
Cold within
Blackstained mind
What is this?
Dying of the heart
We are going down
The words are spoken now

Your heart is burning
Pulverise inside
The fear of losing all
What is left for you?
Can you explain the reason for you to be?
I am the one you hate
You love to bring me down

Blindead what is the reason to become alive?
Can you tell me what pain I've caused?
In this world I'm blind


All night long under the stars
What's going on?
It drives you crazy when you hear the sound

He is watching you
It tears your inside
He climbes inside you сlose your eyes
Shut op the light and pretend that you are dead
You are trapped in darkness and you cannot escape

So wasted so blind
They take you away
Fall to the ground
They are coming for you

What is left?
What is behind
Sleeping through night
The sound the voice you'll never forget


Nothing remains the same
I'm burning, I'm bleeding
I lost it for you
Feel the hate
My secret is a lie
There is no return
Crush the dream
My voice is inside


I am bitter
I' m sick of it all
I will destroy your dreams and bring it back to me
All is gone
I lost it for you there is no excuse
There is no reason for you tо beg

I cannot redeem what's in your hands
There is no return
There is no paradise in sight
Everything's lost
Gone for ages
It's a mess without sense
Nothing remains the same

Reaching for my senses
I've become unstable
What goes around fucker
The reckoning


I've been searching for something so bad
Wish I had to go somewhere
In my own world you cannot bring me down
Been on the run for so long
Crush the struggle within
Storming inside
I'm just a liar full оf shit

Something wild
Something сold
For my eyes to bleed
Something bad

Permanently deranged
Dirty creature
Get out of here
Leave it behind
Stucked to break free

I' ve been on the run
I've been there to break it down

I' ve been searching something bad
Wish I had to go somewhere
In my own world you cannot bring me down

Reclaiming the soul


I have searched some answers for this
But in the ehd my life is a mess
We all know what to say and what's wrong
And in the underground wе are lost and gone
I have heard it now and then
Waiting for something to create your end
Wasting my time
Disturbed by a fool
Bleeding (for) and serving a rotten soul

It's coming through
I can't realize what is true
You crazy fucker just leave me alone
What's left inside?
I can't leave it behind
In the end I know it will bring me down

Exclaim your hats
You don't what it's like
Wherever you'll go you will lose your fight
I don't know what the hell went be wrong
You told me the lie
Pretended you where strong
I have been there forever I guess
I feel your hate
It's a fucking mess
Take a look at your pain inside
Can't control yourself
Can't leave it behind


What a mess
It can't go on like this
What is the reason behind it all?
Lost denied destroyed
For something wicked you scream
Controlled by your thoughts
Moving towards the end
Deep inside your heart

The pain is alive
You are dead inside
The pain is alive
You cannot hide

Watch yourself slowly fading away
Fall to the ground
You are the one you feared to be
Everything is falling apart

Dead silence
Living in fear


Lost in a moment
Everything's mine
Wild for the evening
Wild for the night
I'm here to stay and you are my friend
The blackout is coming
But I won't fear the end

This will be the end of days
No tomorrow
Nothing at all
There will be no more light
No more dawn

No limits no regrets
Forget what is next
There is no truth
Prepare for the downfall
The end of it all

When I am dead I will not pretend
Beside there's no truth

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