Arise (SWE) : The Godly Work of Art

Melodic Death Black / Sweden
(2001 - Metal Blade Records)
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Welcome to my exhibition, welcome to my hell, upon the altar lies my human
sacrifice, distorted images I hunt to find.

One final body to finish up the artwork, violent art, the darker part.
New murder, new painting, it never gets done, heavy murders - a godly work
of art.

Colors created by blood, murder - I'm in it for the art, my sick brain eats me.
I'm feeding it with pain, my treasures I hide, but from myself I cannot run.

[Chorus] (x2)


Beyond TV-terror, human shutdown, selective mind.
A collective kind - so frail.
Magnetic senses, electrified, synthetic design.
Controls the time: Upgrade, Degenerate, Dehumanate, Manipulate.

All systems has gone corrupted.
Pulsating streams of light, sublime control, energetic visions.

The human mind - So frail. An organic core, inside a metal shell, human
flesh nailed on rails.
Upgrade, Degenerate, Dehumanate, Manipulate.


All systems has gone corrupted, generations for sale.


I feel the shivers running down my spine, it wakes the powers of my
My mind betrays me I'm leaping back in time.
All those memories left behind, In the torture chamber where I lived to be:
All my purity is left in greed. Can't take control, my ego burns me out,
everything seems so faded now.

I've seen it, believed it, but deep inside I know that something is wrong.
I've been it, I've lived it but now I know - my schizophrenia is gone.

Feels like I'm trapped between two worlds, the doors are locked in either
ways, I can hear my echo but there are no walls.
A sick brain in a tortured host.


But I have kept talking, not a soul is listening but me, starving inside,
dreaming of life.
Is my soul at a restingpoint?
Feels like I'm being torn apart.


Turn the sail after the wind, you take the easy way out.
Make the trend to your believe, a follower in all needs.
Your lack of independence shows your real face, a wannabe.
Why do you refuse to see?

You hide your face in your hands, your life is a delusion!

Scared to face reality, you wear your mask.
How can you still your hunger?
This way you never will.

You hide your face in your hands, your emotions are flattening.
You're running cowardly with the herd, your life is a delusion!

If god were (in) you'd be a priest. It's your soul that's leaking, ever
wanted to be a leader?
This way out you'll never win!



Freedom with a gunshot wound, you like to take it.
Know what your pay is for, ever tasted?
The pounding breath of war, don't you feel it?
The hatred's turned on you. The hatred's turned on you!
The hatred grows in you! You're a freak, just like others.
But you are weak, to break the strings that holds you. You would like to
have it.
The strength to control all, don't you know it. The target is aimed at
you. The target is aimed at you! You are the target now!

You need to feel it, adrenaline rush of war. You need to feed it,
the need to hate some more.

You feel your wings are spreading out, a sense of freedom.
You feel gods hands reaching down, you're a believer.
Reason, Over control. Can't find you heaven, and let your har ashore.
You like to hate us, this time you'll flood us all. We all know it.
This time you will lose control, this time you loose it all!



Fear of living - Afraid of dying, I fall deeper into my insanity.
Tied to the ground by the chains of this life. I'm doing my time, I'm doing
my time!

Screaming inside of my cell, burning in my personal hell. I must be
set free cause I'm burning up inside, this cage is far to small to find a
place to hide!

Trying to find a way out, trapped in this cage forever more.
Spellbound by my own little demon.
I'm doing my time, I'm doing my time!

[Chorus] (x2)

I'm cellbound, I'm cellbound. I'm cellbound.


I run to hide from myself but I can't stray from the path. I hide, in my
dreams I'm free to cleanse my guilt...
Bleeding, I search deep in my mind to find the answers... to satisfy.
I need my fuel injection to get the needles deeper within, my wounds are
turning inside-out, I need to get out of this body.
I fight a battle within me, to loose is to die and to win is to loose. I lie
to myself and to others, a perfect life... -yeah, a perfect lie.
I smile but inside I'm drowning, I hold my breath as I slip away, I burn, my
veins are on fire.
A burning pleasure, a deadly lust, my wounds are turning inside out.
I need to get out of this body!

There's a shadow following me, I feel the walls cave in behind me, I
am a shadow of my former self. I've trapped myself in this shell of guilt.

I search deep in my mind to find the answers... to satisfy. I need my fuel
injection to get the needles deeper within, the room keeps spinning
faster... faster.
No more waiting, no more hiding. This time my dreams will last forever, my
wounds are turning inside out. I need to get out of this body!



What do we know about our past? Abducted souls in a cold scipt-stone.
Buildings, structures - visions or insanity? A past abducted?

Our past abducted, vanished in the ruins! Our past rejected, a
greater mind disconnected!

Knowledge, intelligence selflearned and forgotten, ancient scripts of a
future civilasation?
Heyroglyphes speaking of forgotten intelligence, a past rejected?
Our past forgotten - abducted intelligence!?


Are you afraid of what the truth might say?
To dig up science instead of graves?
Supreme intelligence greater than all, our past reflected?



Lock me up from the rest of the world but I'm alive inside my head. Never to
tell the world what went wrong, only to save themselves.
Ahostile humanity, they make the truth, but the truth is lie.

Unleash a lie that will hold me down.
They pin me down with their demon eyes, the truth is lie, and will never let
me out.

I'm an experiment, a failure of science, hidden from the world.
My world is in me, inside these walls, at least I'm not immortal, the truth
lies buried within me.
They make the truth, but the truth is lie.


...and yet I'm not dead... ...I wish I was...
I do not exist, I do not live, don't even know if this is real.
I do not exist, I do not live. I would rather die.

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